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  1. Although true , after discussing with peers; it may bust stabilisation criteria(for safety) for the operators if a steep glideslope were to be introduced. Its up to Malaysian and Singaporean aviation authority as well as the operators to have a middle ground to have this sorted.
  2. Flying below the radar is possible, navaids will still work. You can still fly the plane. Turn off the sqwak and circuit braker all the coms. But flying towards andaman sea would be highly unlikely caus of terains.so the ac has to climb to a safe altitude.and if u fly high ull b in the radar. The thing is we dont know if the ac did a 180 turn back or just a turn seemingly turning towards a 180 turn.as mentioned earlier by a poster, south of igari there is no one looking there.
  3. Dad went to BNE yesterday morning. The airport security was tight till bags were told to open and checked one by one. When dad conducted briefing at KUL, few crew broke down. They also broke down while on board n while meal services was going on. Dad knew all the crew well on MH 370 ,working with them all this while. Most of the crew felt the loss. I heard this morning on light anud easy a crew by the name of Carol was telling that "media were talking about tech crew n pax. Why no one talking about cabin crew. Dont the have families n friends too". Still being optimistic over this. Hopeing for some good news. My family and I may be just family members to MAS family but we too feel the loss and grief. Could not imagine how those effected feel.
  4. If i am not mistaken i think i know the guy. I really hope he is fine.
  5. Jack, any idea which batch is he from? if i m not mistaken my last single engine flight was on 9M-SKZ...i Sincerely hope for the best for this guy, hope he gets well soon.
  6. Did anyone notice the MH's A388's First class pics r out?
  7. Based on what i have read,i believe that what some are trying to say is,wont it be much more profitable to sell real gcc seats rather then using fc seats.i mean if Mh is looking for more pax it might have a better chance of more then 12 seats then just 12.Not to mention Mh could use these aircraft to destinations where fc is most of the time zero.So mh makes money both sides and not really leaving the aircraft dormant if not in service for a certain period of time. Furthermore if at all mh is not really interested in fc or gcc service on this particular route (for religious reasons) it would be more logical to make it all ey. I am not known on what did mh agreed with the Saudi government regarding the seats on a weeks basis, so i could be wrong here.If at all Mh is looking to only take up rich middle eastern i believe that mh would have just maintained their current configuration, but form what i see its a combination of both to pick up pax from around SEA. What i wrote here is just based on different views and nothing more. Haansel FYI for those whom dont know. gcc=Biz Class
  8. hmmm interesting ... shame thought that it did not manage to materialize...would have been a good hardware to use on some routes specially for the LR's...
  9. Well as the topic says... Did MAS had intentions to get B773 about 10 yrs ago... were they one of the launch costumers... here's the pic which created the question... http://www.airliners.net/photo/Boeing/Boeing-777-367/0011046/L/&sid=5d38ba9323f148820e4591eb27a79766 =D
  10. hey there...... just askin out of curiosity........ whats the maximum flight hours for a fully loaded A330-300 caus wiki said that it could go up to 10,460km(this is based on no head wind or tail wind) n i checked it using the Google Maps Distance Calculator, it could go up to Stockholm nonstop. kind regards, Haansel.....
  11. Is there any chances that Malaysia Airlines would operate an additional flight to the effected European ports to clear the passengers back-lock?From what I heard All London flights are all full even before the volcano incident.South African Airways is currently operating 1 B747-400 additional flight from the usual A340-300 n A340-600 just to clear the passengers back-lock based on Airliners net Forums.Posted this just to clear my doubt. Kind Regards, Haansel
  12. They should if they want to keep up with the rest of the world........
  13. I m not really Sure of First class though but The current Golden Club Class and Economy seats in T7's n 747s will be the same, but the Economy seats will be slightly enhanced if i am not mistaken cause the Economy seats seats in the B737-800s are going to be fitted with PTVs if i am not mistaken.
  14. hi there, Good day to you too.Mmmmmm yes this question I wonder too for the A330-200s has the capability to do so many types of routs such as New Zealand ,Cairo,New York,Chicago,Huston,San Fransisco),Mexico, Vancouver and Toronto, Cairns and many many more. But for now Malaysia Airlines is currently concentrating mainly on Asian routs.Why Malaysia Airlines did not acquire B737-700s, is simply because They want to generate the maximum payload from the routes,thats why they have the option of changing to B737-900s.Although the Range is there and the passenger capacity is there,but currently It is not really needing it.The B747-400s are Brand new, About 5 yrs old or so. Normally airlines decide to replace the aircraft after average of 8 to 15 years. But for Cargo airlines, they'll go all the way to 20 years if i m not mistaken cause they use the B747-200s,300s n 400s (the converted from Passenger to cargo) or till the performance goes a little out dated.Airbus is currently at crisis about the A380 and from what I have heard , The A380F is either stalled or scraped.So its highly unlikely that MASKargo will acquire A380F.This is all Based on what i heard and read,so correct me if i am wrong.Have a good day Yall........ Kind regards, Haansel.
  15. Yes I agree on the B744s but on the B772 and A330 sleeping on the ground i will have to disagree.This is because MAS made sure that the aircraft rotation is tight especially for the A330.If one A330 screw's up in maintenance the whole flight timetable is also screwed. 2 days ago MH operated to Denpasar on a B777 from the normal scheduled A330 rotation.To my believe the B777s and A330's are not sleeping on the ground .MH is currently holding 11 B747s and if i m not mistaken 3 or so are on the tarmac due to the recession.Based on the numbers of pax on 6 A380 and and 11 B747 it would bring to a balance. Plus MAS ordered the plane based on the current time which was around the year 2000 to 2001 (correct me if i am wrong) where air travel was at its peek.MAS also planed to scrap the plane orders but had crossed the point of no return. According to some insiders most probably not all 6 will utilized by MH.1 or more would be leased to another carrier.Also as it was told in this forum that the flights where the A380 would fly is London, Sydney and Amsterdam which also i m not mistaken.Based on current situation MH will avoid committing to new aircrafts till its 100% flawless or up to expectation. That is why MH did not lease the A330-300E and commit to the B787s or the A350s.MH saw the investment of utilizing the A330-300E for the next 15 years or so simply because, MH does not need to re train MH pilots,Cabin Crew and Maintenance crew for retraining them costs them money and time which is very valuable to Airline carriers. To my view MH should attain A330-200s for flights to Athens,Madrid,Zurich,Vienna,Newark,Toronto,Huston,Mexico city,San Fransisco, Vancouver,Nagoya, Fukuoka and Cairns . But its more a less like the question of the topic rite? So there are things that we (non airline workers/admin) don't know what works behind the curtains .This is my stop. Till then Correct me if the information i have given is in proper. Kind regards, Haansel Ananth Boss Ill second that
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