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  1. Correct. Parked at bay B52 as of today.
  2. My PayPal promo miles haven't been credited more than a month after booking completed. Not much, but still. Anyone else with the same issue? Uncertain of how to claim thru the website.
  3. Wow truly an old timer. Is that when they started serving peanuts? Should be black right?
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't there 2 versions of the red-white livery? One with the red 'malaysian' title and the other one black with full 'malaysian airline system' as above?
  5. 1. Fokker F27 (N32180) parked at the apron beside hangar 01 2. Cessna 172 (9M-YAR) parked beside the fokker 3. Cessna 172 (9M-YAQ) stored inside the workshop. 3. CF6-50 (courtesy of MAS engineering trg dept) is also stored inside the workshop in front of the b737 simulator. hope that answers your question.
  6. Beautiful shots! How I wish to see the widebodies all year long at TGG.
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