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  1. i heard they said. we need to have diploma in hotel management ...
  2. my mom's fren told me. MAS steward and stewardess works untill age of 40 only. after 40 u r retire. am i rite ,sanjay thanker?
  3. cool highest ranking of cabin crew. so his salary must be almost the same as a pilot
  4. so do u know which school offer that course? mas did offer that course to us juz like the cadet pilot..?
  5. juz like driving a BUS...all life in ur hands so DUN PLAY PLAY
  6. wat to do? every 1 have some route to MAS we dun have
  7. last tuesday i take start cruise and have my holiday at langkawi ..i saw the lima air show... but i didnt enter the exhibition coz dun have time...wasted man
  8. any 1 of u know how to get it? i saw an advertisement . at victoria international college. we can finish the course in 2 months 1 month only rm 380 and the registration fees is rm 130... 1 week got 2 class... WOW...fast and cheap...we can get a job after the 2 months course? what did they learn? if it's good maybe i will use my long term holiday to study it..unfortunately...only for 18 and above..again
  9. i need to do a decision... now i'm 17 dunno wanna go for part time job or study A level..coz i cant go for cadet now. only 18 and above can get it. so wat will u choose if u am i. Any 1 of u guess help me get into MAS or AK cadet pilot? from wat i know if u know moer ppl inside MAS>..the chances for u to get in is higher...
  10. i tot now u r cadet d... haih...WHO CAN HELP ME??
  11. i'm still 16 now..this dec only 17...juz finish my SPM...
  12. hey next year june i'm still 17 ...dec on 18...can i go for it?
  13. i saw the transmile web site d. but i prefer working with MH
  14. theres pro's and cons on cargo and also passenger. ??? means?
  15. yeah...but malaysia company must support malaysian ma.... haha juz joking. i cant find the form for Air Asia cadet pilot...
  16. oh... so transmile is not the same company as MAS cargo la? which 1 u prefer? cargo plane or pessenger plane?
  17. wat is transmile?? from the photo i cant see 1 chinese also...
  18. why indonesian? the CEO love indonesian? do u know where to get their cadet form?
  19. 100 of A320? wow... means to get AK cadet is much more easier than MH? when is AK going to fly to manchester ?next year?
  20. oh...no wonder looks familiar... haha... So after a few years...when u r a pilot pls remember me...help get into cadet pilot too... i know u all wil say i'm fool but this is wat the expereince ppl said...get to know some pilot and ask them to help u... i have a fren same age wit me...he is guanranteed will work for mas at the engineer because his uncle work at there dunno wat pangkat..
  21. all of u work in the same place(mas) ? really wish to work with u o too...
  22. walter sim is Capten Walter.. The Ex. MH and EK Capten?
  23. cool...after he retired ....u must be the 1 who replace him..haha btw...u r chinese rite? female or male? ur name and ur pic make me confuse...dunno is male or female...haha
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