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  1. PM MW admin to change your name before they approach you.
  2. wilson, yea they shout at me over the grass field, ask me to leave special guest
  3. wilson , i should have join u at beach spot i was there anyway, but didnt c u me too woke up at 6 sumthing but i do my spotting at moo moo spot till AHO departed walter, fedex smoky landing with me
  4. today i went to moo moo spot, and kenna halau by police
  5. no more XAB when i back pen this this weekend
  6. yup at the moo moo spot silver bullet take off TF-AMD at diff angle
  7. went to spotting that day together with yong, loh, and yusoff. Learnt alot from them decided to share my close up shot on KLM , eventhough it isnt perfect enough. So enlighten me please for improvement
  8. any happening this weekend? im going back for trimester break
  9. ak still serving their domestic route with 733? thought fully airbus in operation
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