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  1. i heard they said. we need to have diploma in hotel management ...
  2. my mom's fren told me. MAS steward and stewardess works untill age of 40 only. after 40 u r retire. am i rite ,sanjay thanker?
  3. cool highest ranking of cabin crew. so his salary must be almost the same as a pilot
  4. so do u know which school offer that course? mas did offer that course to us juz like the cadet pilot..?
  5. juz like driving a BUS...all life in ur hands so DUN PLAY PLAY
  6. wat to do? every 1 have some route to MAS we dun have
  7. last tuesday i take start cruise and have my holiday at langkawi ..i saw the lima air show... but i didnt enter the exhibition coz dun have time...wasted man
  8. any 1 of u know how to get it? i saw an advertisement . at victoria international college. we can finish the course in 2 months 1 month only rm 380 and the registration fees is rm 130... 1 week got 2 class... WOW...fast and cheap...we can get a job after the 2 months course? what did they learn? if it's good maybe i will use my long term holiday to study it..unfortunately...only for 18 and above..again
  9. i need to do a decision... now i'm 17 dunno wanna go for part time job or study A level..coz i cant go for cadet now. only 18 and above can get it. so wat will u choose if u am i. Any 1 of u guess help me get into MAS or AK cadet pilot? from wat i know if u know moer ppl inside MAS>..the chances for u to get in is higher...
  10. i tot now u r cadet d... haih...WHO CAN HELP ME??
  11. i'm still 16 now..this dec only 17...juz finish my SPM...
  12. hey next year june i'm still 17 ...dec on 18...can i go for it?
  13. i saw the transmile web site d. but i prefer working with MH
  14. theres pro's and cons on cargo and also passenger. ??? means?
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