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  1. Thanks norman. Good stuff
  2. I seen 320 doing circuits around my area before during night.
  3. Wow nice stuff here.Good luck to all that have already send in their application. i have to wait another 1 more year only 17 this year.=(
  4. If im not mistaken it will start at 9am tomorrow.Correct me if im wrong. I will be going over tomorrow.Hope so see you guys there. This is my contact number 012-3122510.
  5. I will visit the air carnival most probally on friday or saturday.looking foward to see MW booth in progress.Congrats MW.
  6. Hey i remember this place...this was the spot me and tze shan waited to see landings of the MD-11 but it was in the night time so abit scary...
  7. Hi issac,welcome to mw... 9M-TAZ looks nice...
  8. Hi Capt,Attan Thanks for sharing...wonder what analog camera u use last time?SLR?
  9. I think they will settle down all the old ones...then only there will be new intake
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