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  1. Alex J.


    wow really? cant wait for that.. em any idea for me to edit the 1st post so that i can attach in the photo from http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6167021&nseq=1 ? i cant c any eedit link at #1 post
  2. Alex J.


    By after 5-10 years or maybe 20 years.. most prob they got to repaint for keep update to all..
  3. Alex J.


    ya agree.. but then it will seem promoting the driver then the racing brand or other sponsor. Unless Michelle Shumacher legand.. By the way.. if sponser ferrari will be more cool right?
  4. Alex J.


    haha.. if taxi at f1 speed can straight away take off.. haha.. ya me too.. cant wait for that.. hehe..
  5. Alex J.


    Alright.. no problem.. sharing is caring.. haha.. em correct too.. maybe too many sponsor until have body of aircraft have to be paint.. haha.. haha... funny..
  6. Alex J.


    Welcome everyone.. em for me is alright just not really agree with the paint of helmet at the nose.. weird... and if you c more detail u can c one of tire(not landing gear is the paint) under the body (bally) forward and another one is at the aft (bridgestone).. i dont know who design this paint but no comment... haha.. maybe AFW still in Franch Toulouse..
  7. Alex J.


    Hi guys, here are the aircraft model of coming 9M-AFW 1 of AK fleet. All of the body painted with AT&T William in conjunction of AT&T William Sponsorship. Notice the nose of the aircraft. Look a like the helmet of the driver.. Congrets.. but sorry too because quality of my picture too bad. Handphone camera.. huhuhu.. AFW in Jetphotos.net
  8. oh..forget to add.. source from there..
  9. Hi all, here is some picture of the 1st airbus320 for Thai AirAsia. Em generally not much difference. Sorry for the late upload. The arrival is on 21 Oct 2007. Enjoy
  10. before i start read this topic, can i know wat is ATC and what use is that?thanks..
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