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  1. Thanks guys for your comments! Pieter/Ignatius, here is an example of the catering on Kingfisher. Breakfast - scrambled eggs, garlic bread, chicken cutlet, croissant, fruit cuts, along with tea/coffee Dinner - Butter chicken, dal, rice, salad, gulab jamun (Indian dessert dish) plus tea/coffee - Vivek Jetlite 737-800 VT-SJH in new colours Emirates A330-200 A6-EAD - Vivek
  2. Congratulations, Chaity on the achievement! Some amazing shots from your collection - Vivek
  3. Cabin shot of Kingfisher A320 VT-KFC We have just departed from MAA on our way to BOM. If you look at the image carefully, you can see the eastern coast of India in the IFE map. - Vivek
  4. Thanks Chee Yong Shanghai Airlines B737-800 B-5396 - Vivek
  5. Nice tail shot of the Jetstar A320. Different angle..... - Vivek
  6. Excellent shots T Azahan and Simon!!! Lovely details Looks like there is a lot of heat haze though. What have been the temperatures in and around KUL recently? - Vivek
  7. CX Cargo B747-412 (BCF) B-HKJ - Vivek
  8. Nice shot of the Martinair Cargo, Chaity!! - Vivek
  9. Hey Sneeze, thats OK bro! I had a great time in HKG Thanks for your help in getting me to Sha Lo Wan and back. And nice to meet you - ground to air Excellent shot there! Better weather than when I was up there. The views from the Ngong Ping cable car are fantastic. BTW your shot is now Top of 24 hours on Anet! Congratulations.... - Vivek
  10. A view of The Pier at Chek Lap Kok airport. - Vivek
  11. Nice crisp shots, Liew!!!! Keep it up... - Vivek
  12. Thanks Simon! Look at the comments some people have put below the photo BTW, here's another one.... Cabin shot of CX A330-300 B-LAB. Flew on this bird back to BOM. - Vivek
  13. No, in fact the flight was absolutely full... I clicked this shot while de-boarding the plane at HKG. I allowed everyone else to leave, so that I could get a clean cabin. I was the last person to get off the aircraft - Vivek
  14. Thanks for your comments guys! Here's a cabin shot of CX 747-400 B-HUD. I flew on this bird from BOM to HKG. - Vivek
  15. Thanks Simon! Here's a few more from HKG. Donghai Airline B737-300F B-2898 Overview of HKG Terminal 1 Overview of HKG Terminal 2 - Vivek
  16. My first photo from HKG on Anet! A big thanks to Sneeze for all his help in getting me to the spotting location (and back!) Lufthansa 747-430 D-ABVR operating LH 739 to FRA - Vivek
  17. Superb shots! Any idea why does this aircraft have the British flag painted on the starboard side winglet, and the Malaysian flag painted on the port side winglet? The aircraft bears Malaysian registration, isn't it? - Vivek
  18. Thanks Pieter! Yes, that symbol reminds me of the old white n blue livery of Aeroflot. I wish I get to catch their IL-96 atleast once before they withdraw the BOM service - Vivek
  19. Aeroflot 767-300ER VP-BAZ "N. Nekrasov" - Vivek
  20. Great to see the 738 in action in MH's fleet. :-) Any pics of the interiors so far? Also, any idea about the inflight product? (IFE, seat colours, etc) - Vivek
  21. Thanks guys for all your comments! Here's one more. Finnair used to operate A340-300s to BOM till last year. Here is OH-LQA departing for HEL as AY 30. P.S. Look at the two neighbours parked in the background! - Vivek
  22. Oh yes! At BOM, especially after the recent terror attacks, spotting has become a real nightmare. The cops are posted all over our spotting place. If they see us there, they chase us away immediately. We were lucky to spot for an hour last weekend without any trouble. - Vivek
  23. Hi Pieter, No, these photos were clicked last weekend. - Vivek Air India A330-200 VT-IWA Click on the thumbnail below for a 1400 pixel wide view Yemenia B737-800 7O-ADQ - Vivek
  24. These days, Finnair operates the MD-11 to BOM. Needless to say, we are super-excited at seeing one of the very few passenger tri-holers - Vivek
  25. Nice shot T.Y. Bob LEE! Is this a regular flight from RVN via AMD? I remember seeing a Finnair 757 at AMD a couple of years ago (April 2006), and was surprised Here is a shot that I had clicked: http://myaviation.net/?pid=00731364 - Vivek
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