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  1. Woah! Never knew Air Asia X flies to Kuching under Air Asia?
  2. Woah! Looks like 9M-AJG is tailed heavy from the photo.
  3. Are the A330 & B777 charter flight? I thought MAS no longer bring in the bigger birds to Kuching?
  4. Is this B777-200 a special flight? Very rare nowadays to see heavies in KIA.
  5. If this is true, then it has really been a tragic year for MAS & Malaysia. 2 commercial aircraft lost in the space of a few months! My heartfelt condolences to all the families!
  6. Yeah I was there too this morning. Surprise to see huge number of people there. I was number 3800+ something to check in around 11:30am. Quite a lot of stuffs still need to be sorted out. International arrival will be a long, long walk. Then up the escalator, through the sky-bridge, down the escalator & lastly down another escalator just to get to immigration. Furthest gate takes about 20 mins to get to from the satellite building after the sky-bridge.
  7. Anyone going for the public opening day this 27th? I'm planning to be there to see for myself the RM4.5 billion terminal!
  8. Prayers to all families of those involved. We should not speculate as this will not help those in pain at the moment wondering what has happened to their loved ones. We should support them in prayers. Sad day indeed for Malaysians.
  9. I always wonder where is this Obs hill, Din? Nice catch though.
  10. I heard before they had intention to turn KLIA into a space hub! So maybe in anticipation one day they may have space ships landing in KLIA.......
  11. Good spot you've found there Benjamin. Next time I know where to go to when in Changi Airport.
  12. Did not know JAL B787 flying again? Good catch flee. Hopefully next year I can join you guys!
  13. Gavin, which airline own this particular simulator, or it is Airbus'? Wish I have the chance to fly in one of these.
  14. So sad! Then we'll have less choices to fly KCH-SIN route.
  15. Hopefully after casting my vote when I'm flying back to KL will at least get a either A330 or B747 upgrade from B737-800...fingers crossed
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