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  1. You can. It's called Enrich Transfer iirc. You need to log in to your wife's Enrich website to see the option. Chargeable though.
  2. Earlier can only log in after multiple tries and could not open the "My Activities" page. Kept getting server reset errors. A lot better now though.
  3. and the enrich website is down (for me) at the moment
  4. oneworld only next year? that is disappointing...
  5. And it's down again.. now can't even get into the login page
  6. wow dropped down to page 4.. I am having difficulties redeeming award flights on Enrich Online. Page comes out with an error when you click to go to "Choose Your Flight Route". Anyone have the same problem or is this isolated?
  7. honestly hope this is true and MH surprises us with a Nov 2012 join date. Going to places where MH has no presence is really making it difficult to maintain Enrich as a primary FFP.
  8. not sure whether MAS does it but some organizations (airline/hotels) carry points worth as a debt in their books (something akin to stock). Maybe the delay of points crediting is to work the accounts.
  9. if you look at the previous post with a picture, 3 exec directors were listed with a total remuneration for 2011 less than 500k = 1 501k to 1m = 1 2.5m to 3m = 1 . --> this was my question Notice the very big jump from the first 2 exec directors and the final exec director... I am very curious about that. and "paid" includes Benefit in Kind...
  10. i wonder which exec director got paid RM3m
  11. Yeah. That is the name TheStar used... http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/1/12/nation/20120112124640&sec=nation
  12. if you read it .. it's not a first offence. They likely have been watching him.
  13. The decision to switch the stopover on MAS’ only US route to Tokyo could be an alliance response. MAS will have the benefit of having a partner in Tokyo from late next year, when it enters oneworld. JAL is a oneworld member. Considering the article is date 12 Jan 2012, is it a typo or something yet unannounced on MH's oneworld membership?
  14. if you are in KL, it is better to head to Enrich Centre KL Sentral. The staff there at least still services customers.
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