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  1. the story ive heard from MAS staff and its own Turnaround dept : " the problem with MAS is not that it is run by idiots. Actually, the management , staff and AJ all know what needs to be done to improve MAS. However, at the end of the day, everything needs to be signed and approved by some higher up in gomen. These fellas know nothing bout running an airline, but get to call all the shots. This is the most frustrating thing. Knowing what needs to be done, but not being allowed to because of government interference watching out for their own private interests. "
  2. at over 600 planes on order for Lion Air, thats comparable to the industry giants Delta, AA, Lufthansa, etc.. of course, Lion Air's is all narrowbodies, but still a feat given that the LCC leaders of today, eg. Ryanair, Southwest, dont even have as much on their order books. Think this is all a reflection of the future of economic growth being in SEA. Will be interesting to see these two giants Lion Air and AirAsia X duke it out in the near future. May the best airline win. Now waiting for AirAsia's PR response. Maybe topping up with another order of 300 airplanes from Bombardier C Seris? kekekkee....
  3. what is the point of maintaining the batavia brand? i hope it doesnt turn into some freak hybrid mandala tiger. ugliest permanent livery in the world. the whole point of airasia doing acquisition is to fast expand the airasia image. thats why the vietnam jv didnt work out, cause vietnam gomen didnt allow airasia name, and tony would not compromise. so i dont see why tony will compromise on this either. for now he will say, yeah yeah batavia remain. then slowly after one year or so, he will change it. just like how he say AA hq never truly move to jakarta. and then now Air Asia Asean is there.
  4. i think i actuallyt prefer this eurowhite finnairish livery without the "low cost carrier stripes"
  5. What happened to the old junior club or what not? Anyway, Im thikning we may see a new livery soon. https://skyrider.airasia.com/default.aspx?sb
  6. GO GO AirAsia dominate the world.
  7. AJ is not the biggest problem. even if he knows what to do, he is answerable to GOMEN (malay slang for government). GOMEN who doesnt know s#1t about running an airline yet they get to approve AJ actions.
  8. Raymond, for MH no point getting 777-300ER. Those airlines have already utilized their aircraft to the point that further efficiency can only be achieved by getting new aircraft. We cant even fully utilize our 777-200s whats the point of getting 777-300s will be more waste of taxpayers money.
  9. What a bad name!! Lion air still ok. wings air fine..space air??? no consultant in indonesia is it? maybe we malaysian should step in...after all we have many sultans of con.
  10. this is what vietnam airlines's color should have been. proud patriotic red.
  11. Why only the Haj product? Why cant it be all their products?
  12. Sorry to detract from the issue, but Tony your latest A330 livery of Now Everyone Can Fly to Malaysia is fugly as hell. Returning to the issue at hand, Tony why not paint one of your aircraft in a smear campaign against MAHB? Use the aircraft body to voice your struggle to the world. I am guessing this plane will be banned from Malaysia, but AirAsia is big now good move on moving to Jakarta, hope you will get less bs from the Indons.
  13. LOL. its truly malaysian. reflects how I drive on the road.
  14. The Tiger stripes is to reference our football muda team. but it doubles as mockery to Tiger Airways.nothing to do with malayan airways
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