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  1. Just ditch those Bombardier rolling stocks and get the Crystal Movers
  2. Ek has the feed for pax throughout the flight. Watching it especially on descent punching through the clouds is mesmerising
  3. A strangely quiet move by Airasia. BTU SIN is now bookable with the inaugural on the 27th Dec. 4 times weekly.
  4. The heliconia livery was too heavy for them to lug around. But good exposure to the brand
  5. Thai Lion is getting the A330. So we know where OD sits in the Lion Group universe
  6. Rusdi makes too much money from Lion Indo that he doesn't care what happens to OD. He's probably just using it to disrupt MH and the AirAsia group.
  7. Exactly. As with all other marketing tools out there, it may not work on us, but it works on others. If the cost of attaining a 5 star status is still manageable, why not? MH needs all the help they can get.
  8. From the teaser, it's a 738. Wonder how many operational 738s they have now. A couple of flights got delayed and cancelled this morning
  9. Saw a couple of Malindo planes being boarded and deplaned via buses at B17 - B23 just now. Buses are their own, in Batik Malaysia livery.
  10. Norwegian Bangkok Oslo Bangkok EUR319/RM1558 Travel Period Oct Nov 17. Although with add ons the fare will be near those ME3 promo fares
  11. Iranian ATC must be overwhelmed now. They are doing a stellar job in coordinating all those traffic suddenly appearing overnight
  12. Batik Malaysia. But with the wording Operated By Malindo Air. Wonder what is taking them so long to change it
  13. Service wise they're ok. On long flights you will get sandwich and juice/packed milo in eco while in business (european style) you will get a proper meal. (Nasi Goreng/Omelette) Reliability is a hit and miss though
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