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  1. Time to continue. [/size] MH triple. I think the B777 is the most beautiful plane on earth at the moment. Xiamen 737 Our own jumbo Fellow jumbo, from Jeddah I guess. I must include SQ everytime I post. I've been waiting for this World Cup hosts. Come on Deutchland, where is the on the nose football? Last but not least Foxtrot manChester united for the second time. BTW Jonathan, cannot come this Saturday, banyak kenduri kahwin. I think I'll come on Sunday 4th of June. I'll bring the stuff there and then.
  2. Sorry I can't help much Pieter. All I know it was parked in the cargo section of the airport. Can anybody help?
  3. I hope this post is not too late. I went spotting again last Saturday afternoon. Jonathan was there too and I was hoping to tumpang his thread. Since maybe he is busy with other things here are my shots. I really like this one. Jonathan said later he missed this Chinese airline. So this is for him. After that went behind 32L. My first shot, everybody's favourite, Foxtrot Charlie aka MUFC. Youngest brother followed. Don't forget older brother from Seattle. MH Triple. Then came our neighbours, From SIngapore. From Brunei Darussalam. Followed by the pigeon from Indonesia. Many of the passengers were already aware of the earthquake back home. To be continued........
  4. TK looks great in that luminous yellow outfit.
  5. I did not know that there's a limit for the number of pictures for every post. So the following pictures had to wait until now. Here they are : [/size] The hibiscus on its way to touch down. The World Cup hosts arrived appropriately with a football on its nose. On its way to touch down. I had to go home after that as it was getting dark and the thunders were giving warning sounds. I hope to come back there soon.
  6. Went spotting between 3 and 6 pm on Thursday 25th May 2006. The weather was hazy and bad for photography. So I have to apologise first. First stop the Observation Hill. Nobody was there. This Maskargo TF-ARN just arrived. Why not 9M something? Brother Putrajaya followed. It was then I decided the haze will not help with the tele shots. So I moved behing 14L. Caught this 330, but since I cought not determine the airline decided to move again. You can see how bad the haze was. A view of the control tower from my new spot To this place. My first catch here is this AK bus AFE Followed coincidently by youngest brother AFF The first MH 330 came, MKH Followed by MKR Then Singapore came, 9V-SRN Followed by Hongkong Lat followed My first surprise, a Merpati 737 PK-HBY, don't know what series. Don't forget Yati MMJ AAD All MH from here, MQN MKW MMD MRF MRF ever some wild bananas MQD Majlis Kerja Tertinggi AK's first Airbus, AFA MH again, MKE Followed by MPD To be continued.........
  7. (Had to shoot in manual mode, 1/160s f5 ISO 640!! noise level has been reduced by neat image) YM TK, for shots in manual mode those are superb! Normally I only use manual when shooting stationary aircraft.
  8. Good news as far as spotters are concerned!
  9. Fairul, I really loved the F-50 pics, especially the tail one. I really miss the F-50. Flew one in 1992 Pelangi Air from Padang to Subang with a brief stop at Pekan Baru (is the name correct?). Very prone to turbulence, though.
  10. Thanks Attan. Hope to meet you one day.
  11. While looking at the pics I took on 7th May 2006 behind Runway 32L I saw this red light under the MH 734. Can somebody tell what is it? Naturally not a "red eye".
  12. Thanks, Capt. Radzi, I admire your shots in A.Net very much. But please don't compare qourselves to Siths and Jedis, ok. I mean we are all friends here. I am a Star Wars fan myself, so where should we place those prosumer and compact users? Should we call them Ewoks or Sand People?
  13. Sorry, I meant "MY", not "TM"
  14. I started airplane spotting about 6 months ago but only managed to post pics yesterday after some tution by Sifu Jonathan.
  15. Norman, I was standing on my scooter. I always come to KLIA with that horse to save petrol and toll fees . Still the top of the fence was initialy visible as seen in the "que" pic. So I had to crop the bottom part of the pic and there you are.
  16. Here are some more pics taken on Sunday 7th May 2006. Are they very large. Somebody tell me how to trim them down. http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j141/maa...ustairborne.jpg MH 330 airborne. http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j141/maa...ILANKANA330.jpg Sri Lankan 330 http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j141/maarof/MHA330.jpg MH 330 about to turn to 32L http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j141/maarof/AKAFF.jpg AK's latest baby bus. http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j141/maarof/SIA9V-SVG.jpg SQ 777 for Leech. I think SVG stands for Singapore Very Good!
  17. Liau, like Norman hinted I use a Canon. Model 350D. I was lucky that day as the sun was bright, so the depth of field was thick to focus all 4 planes lining up in tandem.
  18. [siThanks brothers. I hope to send more pics. Just for laughs look at the "Mind Our English" in The Star today. You can find it too at TheStarOnline.com.my. I have somethng for us all there.
  19. The 744 was my first ever photo post to MW. This second photo was taken behind 32 L before I met Jonathan at Weather Station. I hope AK passengers learn to que in line like the planes here.
  20. I was beside Jonathan when I took this photo. Notice the black bird?
  21. The sentence or question should be "Can anybody threaten AirAsia?"
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