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  1. Actually I planned to take a shot of it rotating opposite the Spooky Spot and really went there for it. But suddenly realised I left something at the Hotel. Luckily I rushed back just in time to get a shot of this Etihad 777 about to rev its powerful engines up. Any 777 is a beauty.
  2. I went to Oscar Hotel today to get what? Yes, Etihad B777-ER. Here comes...
  3. I think your avatar is not acceptable.
  4. There are others which simply use 'Air' like Air Asia, Silk Air and Air Nippon.
  5. I went to TGG in April 2006 and upgrading works were in full swing. According to the taxi driver that drove me to town the works should been finished more than 4 years ago but the change of state government to the opposition halted them. Now that the state has been wrested back by the federal ruling party the works restarted.
  6. We've got Jonathan, Kevin, L..., Maarof, Norman, O..., and Pieter already. So who is going to claim this one?
  7. So the early bird caught the plane. Last minute family errands prevented me from going. Nice pics Capt.. I hope to catch it later.
  8. Less than 25 hours from now!
  9. Nice meeting new friends up there on the hill including you. Nice sequence pictures there, Kianhong!
  10. Where are you guys? Still spotting? Here's just a teaser from me.
  11. Insya Allah (God Willing), I'll be there too.
  12. Announcing the arrival of Etihad... station manager Thanks for this Jonathan, maybe you can show the picture of me pushing open the Hotel gate too! Do you recognize them? For a change you are letting brightsiders stand in front.
  13. Pieter, I left immediately after getting the Etihad touchdown. Maybe the other guys who later went to the Spooky spot got your KLMs.
  14. I think there was a problem with photobucket. Please don't mind me beginning the show.. It's a bird.... It's a plane... It's ETIHAD! I leave it to the sifus now...
  15. I checked with the KLIA website. ETA is 1330. Just to make sure be there at 1300.
  16. I am submitting my leave form, just to make sure!
  17. I am really looking forward to that!
  18. You can contact the local Tabung Haji.
  19. My contribution, a Biman tail taken from Oscar Hotel on 7th January 2007.
  20. A few days ago it was an Indonesian ferry, and now a plane.
  21. Thanks for the correction, Ewan. For the confusion about the mango why not just call it 'mangga' as we normally do. It solves all pronouncation problems. Well, for 'Tengku Mahkota' and 'Raja Muda', well Johor I think has or had both. How's that?
  22. Hafiez, although I've left Kelantan for more than 30 years I think I have to correct you there. Tigo sa mah = 3 pieces for RM0.50 So RM1.50 = tigo mah Although RM1.00 should be 'duo mah' they prefer to call it 'seghia'. So RM2.00 = duo ghia That conludes the class for today. For further classes do ask the real Kelantanese.
  23. I have my Kelantan memories. I spent my secondary education in a residential school, so I had Kelantanese friends and learned a bit of Kelantanese myself. My friends also had the tendency of turning English words and names to Kelantanese. For example "what" is "wok" and agent 007 is pronounced as "Jays Bore". I am sure after 21 movies he is not one. So I felt confident when I was posted to Kelantan. One day I went to the market to buy fish. I asked the lady "ni gapo?" She replied "tigo sa mah". I know "tigo" is three as I am from Negeri Sembilan. But what is "sa mah"? So I procuded one ringgit and asked for three fish. She returned .50 cents. I later learned that "sa mah" means "one gold" and the value is .50 cents. I don't know whether the value stands now.
  24. Norman, so I guess you are short sighted, just like me. Why not use double vision spectacles. That way you don't have to take off your specs when you read, view the camera LCD or do computer work. They may cost a few hundred RMs more but its worth it.
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