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  1. Nice shot you got there dude! Can I have some info about those 747 with blue and white paint on the first shot?
  2. Will it happen on MH someday in the future if current condition turns worse?
  3. sure~ tumpang gives off less CO2 emission, environmental friendly huh? xD
  4. Yup, sharp eyes you got there SV, some of the photos on top are from Gimpo Intl, somehow those photos seems to rearrange themselves when I upload, so it mess up with the timeline. My flight were from BKI >A330-200> Incheon >Bus> Gimpo >A300-600> Jeju >A300-600> Gimpo >Bus> Incheon >A330-200> BKI Flight from KKIA to Incheon was KE674, around 12am on 20/12/2009 while the returning flight was KE673, around 6pm (+9 GMT)on 26/12/2009
  5. Hi there, just returned from my trip to Korea. As usual, I had taken some aviation photography that I think is worth to share. No professional photographer nor good camera here. Just some hit and run photos. Looking around... A KAL 737 took off Busy traffic around Jeju International Asiana A300 final approach Arrival KAL A300-600 turbofan KAL 747 final approach at Incheon International KAL 747 on gate KAL A330 which I'm travel with to and from Kota Kinabalu
  6. lol but honestly, I'm not too optimistic on new team even though its backed by Lotus.
  7. And I think the main reason is for economic purpose?
  8. That is Mojave I guess? The graveyard for aircraft.
  9. but there is good example though, Russian Knight? Swift?
  10. but F-5 seems kidda..... Americanish.... Singaporish.... Still prefer Eastern stuff, Mig-29 will do for me.
  11. I bet it will be something start with 1 as said *staring at 1Malaysia F1 team* Hope it will looks somewhat like this Ignore the graphic, not MSFS afterall. Name it Stripes of Glory =D
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