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  1. I've booked flight to go spotting the Red Arrows at KL. Do you know at which area/airport they will perform display? Thanks and hope to see you guys soon.
  2. If the venue is KUL/SZB then it will be my 3rd trip to Malaysia the 1st half of 2015! Hope that the organizing committee would discover a cool location
  3. I was shocked when reading this tragic news. How come all these disasters fell down on MH within these last months! My deepest condolences to the families of crew and passengers of MH017 and my share of the sorrow that you Malaysians feel right now.
  4. We 3 VN guys are on the way to Malaysia tomorrow (KUL-BKI-KUL). Hope to get a ride or guidelines to arrive at the Lakeside. We stay at Myhotel KL Sentral. See you soon.
  5. MSN 4415 (Ex PAL) VN-A690 MSN 4504 (Ex PAL) VN-A691 MSN 4907 (Ex PAL) VN-A692 MSN 2745 (GECAS ex. Hamburg Airways) VN-A679 Currently MSN2745 is still in SZB on temp reg as EI-ERR. Plan is Wednesday, awaiting a new cowling. (From VietJet Air's pilot source)
  6. Sorry Julius. I read your message this morning. The bare A320 has already left SZB last night. The "Go VISA" will depart today (7/6), hope you guys can shoot this one. http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d91/locnvvn/Aviation/VJA_10152397759956005_899910054020071218_o_zps28cdb0bb.jpg http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d91/locnvvn/Aviation/VJA_10152397760156005_8767088966040887757_o_zpsed46bbad.jpg
  7. FYI, there are actually at SZB 2 VietJet leased aircraft which will depart this evening or tomorrow morning. They are at AIROD tarmac. https://www.facebook.com/jacob.thomsen/posts/pcb.10152397761551005/
  8. TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – An Air Asia budget flight carrying 133 passengers on their way to Malaysia was forced to turn back to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport after a fire broke out in an engine Friday. After flight AK1519 took off at 9:46 a.m. on its way to Kota Kinabalu in the East-Malaysian state of Sabah, the pilot noticed engine No.2 was burning, reports said. He decided to turn back immediately, allowing the plane to land at Taoyuan at 10:10 a.m. The passengers disembarked safely and were offered a meal before a different plane was arranged to take them to Malaysia, reports said. Passengers interviewed by reporters said they had seen no flames, but they had the impression that the plane was not flying as high as it should. The crew said only that there was a problem, but did not give any explanations, leaving passengers unaware there had been major trouble, reports said. Many did not understand the situation until after they had landed back in Taoyuan, according to reporters. The cause of the fire alert was still under investigation, but it was Air Asia which had to bear ultimate responsibility, the airport authorities said. http://www.taiwannews.com.tw/etn/news_content.php?id=2424730
  9. I got this Thai Navy's Dornier 238 yesterday when just arrived to the location http://www.flickr.com/photos/55566695@N00/12623232773/in/set-72157623879699660/
  10. Hi folks, I'll arrive to SIN midnight today but will not go to the airshow till first public day 15th. I'll fly SIN-KUL on 17th in the afternoon and back to SGN on Tuesday 18 afternoon. If anybody goes spotting at SZB or KUL morning 18(rare chance!), I'd be very happy to see you there. Is spotting at KUL along the road of the weather station possible now? Thks for your info.
  11. I personally like Malaysian food incl. nasi lemak and the picture shown by Chef Wan is really unappetizing. I hope this will be rectified very soon. Perhaps we should fly on MAS long-haul flights to enjoy good food, my wife and daughter who have travelled return flights SGN-KUL-CDG enjoy very much the food onboard (B772 at that time). Let's have a look of F and C meals prepared for MAS A380 CDG-KUL, no mentioning about Y-class meals nor nasi-lemak however :-) http://english.astroawani.com/videos/show/in-focus/sky-dining-on-board-a-a380-14334
  12. Hon Kit, I remember from last year poll & conversation that MW anniversary will follow a cycle of 1 year Malaysia/ 1 year abroad. This year venue is in Malaysia but it could be elsewhere than KL area?
  13. Waiping, when will you fly to KUL for the anniversary, 27/6 or 28/6? I'm about to book AK flights to BKI but may wait for your flight schedule. Return flights cost only 298MYR incl seat selection
  14. Flee, with pleasure having a ride to SZB with you. As for BKI it's too far away but I may try if I can get cheap airfares and Clarence is there :-)
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