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  1. There was a rumor saying that a senior f/o put some pictures on the internet and was 'downgraded' to Junior f/o status in ANA IIRC. I believed LeeCh's thread was deleted some time around that incident few years back.. correct me if im wrong just trying to recall whatever I 'remember' TK, glad to see the thread being revived. Great shots as always and keep up the good job please
  2. WOW surprising to see this beauty presenting at the airport back home!
  3. That's a dumb move regardless of what was the actual reason behind it for him to take such a big risk. He would have his professional carrier admired by thousands and thousands of people wrapped up immediately
  4. Just realized that I'm gonna miss LIMA again this time, by 5 days
  5. Do I also see some extra demands in technical crews here?
  6. I've personally seen the new business class seats and I didn't feel good and comfy by looking at it.. and seat in their 773ER is a joke!
  7. Somehow I don't get the point to shout and indirectly embarrass those cabin crews on board, especially the 'cameraman'. It's not their fault either
  8. somehow the economy class seat looks more comfy than the business class to me
  9. Flew on the CRJ couple times with Delta connection and it's a powerful jet .. glad that it made it
  10. it says "Just before liftoff, the tyre beneath the right wing burst." I don't really get it. It bursts while taking off, and they did continue the journey? I mean how would they know it was merely tyre bursting and it didn't harm any other parts of the aircraft?
  11. guys i have a quick question. how do i get to changi beach from Bugis? I know that SBS 9,19,89 buses do go to Changi beach, but I dont know where else do they go so I have no idea where to hop on. edit: Ive got the info.
  12. Is anyone around Subang? Aerosvit 767 readied for push back..for test flight perhaps
  13. No no, I was referring to the new baby mentioned by Eugene koh.
  14. Nice to see you posting here bro! I was thinking to go back for the Open Day but did not make it..
  15. At least one goes to Aerosvit Ukraine Airlines
  16. Ive seen it in the hangar at SZB 2 days back..most probably still in here for pre-service mod.
  17. Glad to meet some of you guys in SZB. I recognized a few familiar faces who appeared in some of the group photos here before.. and Ian i was surprised that you could actually recognize me! Anyways I was the 'men-in-black' guy with Tajul. Spotting in black is defnitely a bad idea..as it was an impromptu one and if anyone happens to pass by skypark today, the C-32B and our 9M-MXA are parked together there for the event with Hillary Clinton
  18. Wong are you with MAS now too? By the way, anyone heading to Subang for arrival of our new white chic?
  19. Capt may I know which particular building it is located at? Maybe I could slip in and have a peep during lunch time in SZB.
  20. Do I smell some job opportunities for Aerospace Engineers? Mama I will study hard!
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