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  1. SIA and Air Asia has just posted their fully sponsor cadet pilot advert in the star paper today.I have posted it in my blog.check it out at FLY GOSH
  2. Most probably they will open up their cadet pilot program again in 2011 as Asian airlines have started to recruit again.Next month there will be a Cathay pacific cadet pilot interview for Malaysians in Kuala lumpur and Jetstar Asia as well as Air Asia has just open up their cadet pilot program.You can see more for details at http://flygosh.blogspot.com/
  3. hi, 1) Was from Malaysian flying Academy 2) Graduated in jan 2010 this year and have no luck in getting any pilot job ever since 3) i have a degree in IT and formerly a cabin crew 4) currently working with a malaysian mainboard listed company while waiting 5) next plan, what can we do except to wait for the industry to get better
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