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  1. Heh heh, in March I have 2 seats free one-way to Bali, in May 2 seats free both ways to Solo and and in August 3 seats free both ways to Bandung. Airport taxes need to be paid though. Just hope I'll be free on those days.
  2. Excellent pics, Pieter despite the lousy weather.
  3. Thanks for the fuel burn tip, TK. Happy Xmas and New Year and hope to see more pics from you soon. Heard you'll be flying the reindeer until year-end :-)
  4. Attan

    KKIA Nov 2004

    Looks like it skidded off the rwy after landing and the nosewheel sunk into the soft grass. Which airport?
  5. Certainly superb shots there. Aircraft looks pretty new. My favourite's the nacelle shot with the reflections.
  6. Of course I fear something will go wrong with my aircraft all the time, especially the C172 - old aircraft, radio cuts off when hot, spark plug fouls up, etc., etc. but then who can afford a brand new aircraft? So I make it a habit to look around for possible landing sites every now and then (although crossing over the Malaysian jungle makes it impossible to find any landing site), don't push the engine too hard, don't idle too long, practice forced landings regularly, watch the temperature and pressure frequently and above everything else be alert to changes in the engine sound. Other than that be calm and enjoy the scenery and the flight. I was in a BA B742 once in Bahrain when engine #2 had a big bang during the takeoff run after V1. The guy on the window seat told me he saw a long flame shooting out of the engine tailpipe and then nothing. I could only hear a loud thump from my aisle seat. We circled for ages (fuel dumping, I guess) before landing back at Bahrain. The announcement that we were returning to Bahrain was made about 20 minutes before we landed. There was no panic (I think most of the pax were not even aware of what happened). The landing was well executed and I saw a blackened rear end of the engine when I disembarked. We continued our flight to SIN on SQ instead. Oh by the way, the Bukit Nanas "cable car" was only a chair lift if I remember correctly. I used to walk over during lunch from my office and take the ride. The scary part was when you had to wait in front of the chair as it comes from behind you and scooped you up. The chair barely got my whole bum on it when it lifted off. I had to shift my ass quickly before it slipped off from the chair. I still wonder how the kids managed that. I guess skiers use it all the time.
  7. Yup, that A330 before touchdown shot with the rainclouds framing it is dramatic. Thanks Delwin.
  8. Thanks so much TK for the fuel planning guide. Would you be able to give burn rates for de-rated climb to (say) FL300, then cruise burn rate at FL330 and descent burn rate? It will help us greatly for planning most flights. Hope someone from AK can put up something like that for the A320 too. This could be your aircraft at VIE. It was taken on my trip to Gothenburg last year.
  9. Will MAB give us a special site with armchairs and cabanas in exchange for taking care of their perimeter fences? Here's an interesting development in Manchester according to www.aviationtoday.com . Airplane 'Spotters' Could Be Extra Resource to Help Security Airport Security Report: They hang around airports or just beyond the fence observing aircraft, making written notes and taking photos with a telephoto lens. They keep track of arrival and departure times, the schedules of individual craft, and share this information with others like them. But they're definitely not terrorists. They're "spotters" -- aviation enthusiasts who spend much of their leisure time observing planes. Generally, they're tolerated by airport management. Sometimes they're hassled. But no one in the United States appears to have given much thought to officially encouraging spotters so they can report unusual or suspicious goings-on. On the other hand, there has been outreach to spotters in the United Kingdom (UK). The Greater Manchester Police (GMP), for example, has been working with spotters at Manchester Airport (MAN) in the UK for the last 12 months, a GMP spokesman tells Airport Security Report. As part of a general community outreach initiative dubbed "Operation Chimera," that effort includes posters displayed around the airport, a special phone line for spotters, and twice-yearly meetings between airport representatives and spotters. Although there are spotters in both the United States and Europe, Airport Security Report's informal survey of spotter Web sites indicates there is more organized spotter activity in Europe. But in keeping with the UK's tight-lipped policies on security matters, spokesmen with both MAN and the UK Department for Transport (DFT) declare that they cannot discuss anything related to aviation security (Airport Security Report, Nov. 16, p. 3). Then again, the situation in Manchester appears to be way ahead of spotter-airport relations anywhere in the United States. Far from being considered as potential partners in airport security, U.S. spotters are often regarded with suspicion. Former UK-resident Geoff Cook, who now lives in Newport, R.I., and carries on with his hobby at both T.F. Green Airport (PVD) in Warwick, R.I., and Boston Logan Int'l (BOS), says that he and his fellow spotters have long been known to airport security staff. But after 9/11, "all of a sudden we were vermin."
  10. Well said, TK. No matter how bad those pics look now, they make good memories years from now.
  11. Can't remember the flt no. but it was captained by Ganjoor, an Indian expatriate who used to eat "sirih" in the cockpit. Both flight crew were apparently shot dead in flight by an unknown person or persons. No detailed report was made public. The aircraft went down at Tanjong Kupang in Johor. I lost 3 friends in that flight.
  12. TK Thanks for the CONTRAIL series of pics. Really love them. Read somewhere that in high altitudes fine "supercooled water droplets" exist below freezing point but doesn't turn to ice. When the air is disturbed by vortices these droplets then turn into ice crystals. Similarly these droplets when they come into contact with cold metal such as an aircraft skin will turn into the powdery "rime ice".
  13. Hi Mohd Yohan Nice to have you in the forum.
  14. Thanks, TK. Added all that to my notes. Owe you a lunch
  15. Thanks for the shots Imran. Looks like the Emirates planned their A380 debut much much better than MH. What a shame....Mana Ada Style (MAS).
  16. Hello Teo How can I forget a hardcore aviation fan like you! Yeah, I don't regularly update my website except for progress on my A320 Home Cockpit. Last post Nov 3 2005. What's your present location?
  17. Hi TK Don't call me "Mr." lah. I feel so old already "Attan" will do. Thanks for the explanation on the AP takeoff settings. Too bad I can't arm my LNAV/VNAV in MSFS - it's either ON or OFF. So in EWR Newark Seven, you use HDG SEL to make the first turn. Do you then (1) activate the LNAV and use it for the second turn (at 4 DME ILS) or (2) you turn the HDG knob or (3) "wack" the yoke manually? When you wrote "Set CLIMB thrust" in the FMA, is there a "CLB" button on your glareshield? or is it set by sliding your throttle levers forward? Sorry for asking all this but I'm an Airbus driver Nice to hear your R/T recording, you sound perfectly clear but I can't say the same for your Captain lah. A few more questions : At what level do you activate your Yaw Damper and when do you disengage it? Do you switch off your APU after engine start? and when do you put it back on? (before or after landing?) Are all your PACKS off during takeoff and landing? Your B777 equipped with EFB? Don't worry I swear I won't say anything outside this forum to anybody. I also have a flightsimmer friend in Stockholm who's building this B737 cockpit at home (see pic). I'll tell him that you go to ARL often.
  18. Hi Walter & Ibrahim Thanks for the clarification and the pointer to the flightsim room. You guys make this site very very useful and informative indeed! Happy landings.
  19. Thanks a million, TK. I must confess I'll have severe withdrawal symptoms if and when you ever stop uploading those pics. Indirectly we should thank the Captains too for not being petty about the camera use. Just some quick questions: What IAS do you set for your autothrottle before takeoff? With your autothrottle armed for takeoff, do you put the speed button on before or after the takeoff? (I presume you activate TOGA for takeoff). If it is after the takeoff, when exactly do you put it on and what if the actual IAS has exceeded the speed you set earlier? What heading is set on the AP for takeoff? Runway heading or the first leg after takeoff? Thanks and many happy landings.
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