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  1. Awesome, seems like printed material ? If I may ask, where did you snap this from ? Silver lining is at least MAS can now say they're out of the red
  2. So is the "swish" now phased out ? Or is this new all blue scheme just for A380 ?
  3. Thanks for that ! Probably the 1st time I've regretted installing an ad blocker But the new scheme is certainly NOT for me !! Even worse than the "swish" IMHO. This is too sterile, I was really hoping they would go in the steps of their "water color" adverts which was really vibrant and inviting
  4. Not really since FY still isn't as established as MH yet in S'wak / Sabah. Quite a "by-stander" analysis by OSK since they haven't taken into account the new domestic airline MH is setting up
  5. What East Malaysia needs is a proper Pan-Borneo "Highway". With most major airports being half an hour from the city centre (KCH, BTU, MYY etc) there is little impetus to fly since the period one even leaves the house till he/she steps into the plane will have taken nearly more than an hour. 30 minutes travelling to airport, 10 minutes check in + security check, 30 minutes in departure lounge .. .then 30 minute flight BTU-MYY and another 30 minutes just traveling from destination airport. So a total traveling time of 2 hour 10 minutes by "air" ... while driving takes 2 hours 20 minutes Even for longer distances such as BTU-KCH , if a couple more bridges were built the distance could be cut to about 400Km by road instead of the current 600+km.
  6. Quite surprised they've been no leaks yet on the cabin interior yet. Fingers crossed its not because there's nothing to showoff
  7. someone should compile a list of all these failures and publish them to remind the gov that someone does remember !
  8. Not much difference from most of the A380 operators. I guess only those traveling in F have the most to lose. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for some game changing cabin offerings from MH tho. My hopes are for them to crush
  9. Firstly I admit ignorance on my part and offer my apologies if this question is crude/ill mannered. However I've been curious about : 1) How much these Haj flights cost to the passenger 2) Are the planes reconfigured to an all economy seating ? If not how will Tabung Haji or MH decide who gets the premium seats ? 3) What are the meals served onboard ? 4) Is there different attire for the cabin crew? 5) Are the cockpit crew restricted to a certain religion? 6) Is it "halal" to make a profit on these flights? or is MH doing this as a "duty" I'm sure part of this info is listed somewhere in MAS's annual share report but I'd much prefer to hear what the insiders have to say instead of just raw numbers
  10. Anybody remember the green Saeaga Airlines ? At least that lasted about 2-3 years. One wonders how different the skies would be today if the Gov supported this private airline instead of then HICOM owned AirAsia Link
  11. Source. Old livery still looks pretty good on the a380
  12. Agreed that the KLIA Express is way too expensive. If 2 people are traveling, taxi's are not only cheaper, but they take you right to where you want to be ! The "Express" instead drops you off at a station which isn't even connected to the monorail which is a 15 minute walk / climb away.
  13. Surprised that no PR from MH so far. Hoping AK dosen't get a say in the interior, and MH still gets to splurge
  14. maybe build them a stadium while they're at it ?
  15. can't blame them since almost all corporate material now has the slogan , "MH is for Malaysian Hospitality" followed by "MH more than just an airline code"
  16. out of curiosity, would there be any compensation offered when such a directive is given? (grounding) either for this case or any other type ie: DC10, A310's etc
  17. if it does happen in KUL, I will finally be able to join after 6 years on this site my flight (MH1/3 ?) back will be arriving evening of 25/6 from Heathrow
  18. I'm still doing an undergrad in engineering , but I believe the issues you are referring to are confined in the manufacturing process ? can't quite imagine changes - however minor - being put onto a finalized design. The amount of paperwork of even adding a screw feature must be humongous !
  19. I like the "no time frame because we will do a good job" , begging the question ... Did no one take notes while building KLIA 1 ? They are after all building on the SAME plot AGAIN.
  20. just wondering, with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong attending the British Royal wedding today ... which airport would DiRaja 1 use in M'sia ?
  21. pressurization is a constant process, so such a small hole + low attitude (below 10k feet) would not cause the rapid decompression seen in movies. the stray bullet seems plausible but then the hole is on the top of the plane ? a falling bullet would not have enough velocity to penetrate the fuselage, let alone a shotgun slug !
  22. Personally I'm neutral with this livery. Just not something I'd point out to someone while waiting at the airport. Anybody knows the interior of this aircraft ?
  23. probably the most cost effective plane of its class ... but where will Lotus be flying to with this ?
  24. seems the RMAF birds have yet to complete their mission ?
  25. A quick google search places the complete set at $106k Canadian. Seems like a very reasonable price for a fix based sim, about the price of a Audi A4 in Malaysia. I will definitely pay for a go !!
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