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  1. tarmizi...hi...azlan here...i'm in wellington...been here for a few months already...ingat takda geng spotting, tapi kena turun wellington la pulak kan...anyway, kalau ke christchurch, maybe bleh jumpa...nice meeting you here!
  2. waaa....pian....nice catch! camera terbaek! lens terbaek!
  3. *imagining how the mat salleh will pronounce the TAMING SARI* teheheeee...hope they will relive it!
  4. this documentary very superb! should really watch it! especially the evening show ending for the elite at the QUEBEC airshow part...Simply SUPERB! wish malaysia also got a team like that...i said TEAM...not one man show macam SUBANG haritu...all sukhois! uuuhhhh...POWER!
  5. waaaa...you guys really had a fun outing...and sure the bulis didnt have that much fun with all you hiding behind the bushes! nice one there! ahahaa...and the shots...purely amazing stuff! here's to more great years to come! keep em posted!
  6. WALAWEH...champion la uncle! when can join?
  7. walaweh...great shots uncle...like the 'berbaris' one!
  8. Photos. Some assignments to cover! Thanks raj.
  9. Greetings fellow MWingers. I am in search of any Privateers out there, or even clubs, who are willing to rent out their aircraft (with their own pilot, of course). I am looking more towards single-prop or at least Robinson sized helis. Maximum two hours flying. Around Klang Valley. Do PM if you have any contact out there. PS: I need contacts other than Subang Flying Club. Got that one already. Thanks peeps.
  10. Greetings fellow MWingers. This is my suggestion. Since this issue of the authority not allowing us to utilise the designated area for spotting has been going around for so long, this is my suggestion. First: If we are to look closely at this issue, its not a matter of tresspassing anyone's interest, be it from the spotters side and even the authority. The spotter is only doing what they WANT to do best and the authority is also doing what they NEED to do best! So there is no need for warrants or letters going around here. Second: The demand of plane watching/spotting, which thanks to hobbyist and the media promoting it, has been increasing greatly in number by the day, is generating quite a popularity not just in KLIA but other airport as well. Third: The earlier planning of the KLIA has also incorporated designated areas for 'SPOTTING', not just within the context of photographers but also as a family activity, such as the so-called "oservation hill" and others. Fourth: With the latest incidences of national threats and security, obvious enough,it is of utmost importance that the airport authority to also beef up their SURVEILANCE and VIGILITY in any case of untoward incidences. Therefore, rather than letting SPOTTERS to roam around freely within the vicinity of the airport, which can cause quite a problem, like the second issue highlighted, cordon off these people to a certain area, like the third issue highlighted, and let the AUTHORITY, have more or less like a BEATBASE for better security control, like the fourth issue highlighted! This will definitely make the whole activity and place better! For example, spotters can go to Observation Hill which has a PASUKAN GERAKAN AM officer constantly manning the BEATBASE 24/7 thus ensuring that the place is firstly clean of any rubbish, then clean of any possible untoward incident, like anyone trying to carry RPG to attack any of KLIA facilities (which I think in this case is totally out of the question) and lastly as a checkpoint for those officers in their PERONDA doing their round within the perimeter road of KLIA itself! By doing so, it is not only appreciating the needs of the SPOTTERS BUT ALSO MAKING THE JOB OF THE SECURITY OFFICERS EASIER, like the first issue highlighted. Who knows, the OFFICER could be so interested about the activity that goes within the area that he might join in the FUN as well! Hope this does not fall to deaf ears! Thank you.
  11. waahh...KLM Eendraht Cargo...syok syok... (Note to self: bila ntah nak pegi spotting ni... )
  12. waaahhh...heard that during the OB's inauguration ceremony, there was a 5km SECURITY PERIMETER setup...level 1 security stuff I guess...so if OB comes to Malaysia...encik 'beredar' pun kena beredar jugak la nampaknya...wahahaaa... spotters duduk tepi jalan lagi la jangan harap...but I guess anjung tinjau would be a good place isn't it...since its kinda close to BungaRaya...
  13. wah simon...spotting eh this sunday? ...parents flying back from jakarta,one in MAS at 1800hrs, another one in Air Asia at 1830hrs, and then a1 somemore! waahhh...going to be an interesting sunday at klia! will contact you! definitely! jom ramai ramai kita kasi gegar itu KLIA! ...beredar beredar! wahahaaaa...
  14. nice...seriously...for all out there...join this flight...really worth your money...flight controls,real bird's eye view...although i did not follow amin on his flight, but i'm sure through MY EXPERIENCE these will be some of the amazing pictures that AMIN will bring and you guys can look forward to! Amin...sky's not the limit anymore! Up AMIN SKIT!
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