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  1. Not the best of shots (screwed up the settings, too noisy and vivid) but hey..! Anyone got a shot of that fella who stood on his car roof at the other end of the crowd?
  2. Very, very nice shot of the Retrojet, Fauzi!
  3. My last trip to AKL (last Spring) only cost me RM1.4k (return trip) via SIN on JQ . The short transit at Changi was a dealbreaker for me as I'm not a fan of stopping at BNE/SYD/MEL for few hours after an 8 hour flight from KUL/SIN. I would rather stop for 2-3 hours at Changi (closer to home anyway hehe..) and then get on my 10+ hour flight to AKL. KUL-SIN-AKL almost feel like a direct flight to me What's your itinerary going to be like in AKL, Meor? It is going to be autumn by then and expect (almost) daily rainfall in North Island.
  4. From Royal Brunei Airlines to Royal Budget Airlines....
  5. First it was the Pacific Wave (some of their aircraft are still sporting the Pacific Wave though), now they are changing the colour from teal to black. I'm going to miss the teal coloured theme after this
  6. Oh my, you are right! How in the world did I confuse myself when I flew on their 737-800 only last week haha! Yup - it is the Panasonic X-series for both MH 738 and A330E Meredith, Jimbo, Fairul, Julius, you are most welcome. I am glad that you enjoyed viewing the photos - there's more to come though so stay-tuned
  7. Part 3 (cont'd) Brand spanking new galley equipments there They look like something out a laboratory, very clinical-looking too.. The Upper Deck galley Economy Class row 74 - 81, Main Deck Last shot of the cabin before I take my seat Like their new 737-800 and A330-300, this A380 is fitted with Thales entertainment system and Economy Class passengers' screen is measured at 10.6 inches. Generous legroom even for a 6 footer like me. AUX and USB port available Overhead hardware Looking through a window over those huge wings. One could possible play badminton on it. This A380 is Malaysia Airlines' first aircraft to have the external camera view feature - an interesting addition and must be a cool sight during take-off and landing. Pushback from C17 at 12:09 PM Pre-flight safety demonstration by the crews. It was conducted manually as the new safety video has yet to be installed into the system - trust everything will be in order for their inaugural KUL-LHR flight on 1 July. Deploying flap 1+F the take-off while taxiing to Runway 32 Right Some muscle-flexing by the beast. Speedbrake test before the take-off. To be continued..
  8. Part 3 - Boarding the Aircraft Considering that I was one of the first few who boarded the aircraft, might as well explore it inside out! First stop, the First Class. The First Class inside the main deck of MH A380 with 1‐2‐1 seat formation. Total of 8 seats with enclosed monument (4 individual seats and 2 double seats). Seat pitch of 89 inches and bed width of 40 inches. Full flat bed length of 87 inches. Individual 23-inch IFE screen, shell mounted, largest in Malaysia Airlines fleet with wide-screen aspect ratio of 16:9. Equipped with 115VAC PED power supply and USB port. Next up, the Business Class (in the Upper Deck). Sorry, no photos of the staircase.. Total of 66 seats in the Business Class (33 double assembly), with seat pitch of 74 inches. Full flat-bed length of about 72 inches. Individual 17-inch IFE screen, seatback mounted, largest in Malaysia Airlines Business Class with wide-screen aspect ratio of 16:9. Like the First Class, these seats are also quipped with 115VAC PED power supply and USB port. And last but not least, the Economy Class. A little stretching going on there, I see Looks like she's gearing herself up to receive the 400+ passengers for this flight. Economy class at the Main Deck of this A380, sporting a 3-4-3 layout. Each of these seats comes with individual 10.6-in IFE wide screen. Economy class at the Upper Deck with seating configuration of 2-4-2. Was a little late to snap a passenger-free shot inside this part of the aircraft, by the time I finish touring both the First and Business Class, most passengers have taken their seats.
  9. Part 2 of the Joyride experience: Almost carnival-like atmosphere at Gate C17, with cameramen and members of the media interviewing guests. Smile! You're on camera! Spot-the-blogger contest! Hehe.. Pre-flight event on the mezzanine floor. The lucky winners of #myBigFlight contest View of the satellite building from mezzanine floor. The eager-beavers, all can't wait for the boarding. T-minus 15 minutes for boarding. The crews of MH 5488 9M-MNA sits patiently on the apron, waiting for her passengers to board. Pintu perlepasan C17 untuk penerbangan Malaysia MH 5488 ke Kuala Lumpur (yes, you read that right - KUL! One can't help but feel a sense of pride that radiates around all MH crews. This pride shines through in the eyes and smiles of everyone today. (Edit: probably not all ) As usual, the crews will board the aircraft first after the boarding announcement was made by the ground staff. See you later in the aircraft, ladies! Boarding time! More to come! Stay-tuned..
  10. After looking at the aircraft safety card yesterday, I highly doubt so hehe.. But who knows?
  11. As promised, here are more photos from today's #myBigFlight joyride event But before I begin, here's a copy of the electronic invitation that I received from MH couple of days ago. I was jumping with joy upon receiving this piece and have been counting my days for the big flight since then. Anyway, it is the agenda details that I would like share most from this piece - I hope it will find you well as you view the following photos: And so it begins, a journey of epic proportions for both myself and Malaysia Airlines. Yeehaw~ Parking signage for #myBigFlight participants are strategically placed, and easy to spot from a distance too. Park and hop! KLIA was surprisingly mundane this morning at 9:00 AM despite the mid-term break for school-goers and Umrah season. Bloggers unite! Sesi kenal-mengenal dan bergambar for the bloggers. That is one neat looking lanyard there, MH. And the splash of blue on the ticket is certainly a refreshing sight. Off to Satellite Terminal, we go, onboard the KLIA Aerotrain Gate C17.. Gate C17.. Where's gate C17..? Ah, more signage! Thanks, MH. I'm liking this blue already. So pleasing to the eye. PS. I still miss the red though.. And I'm sure many of us too.. That's all for tonight, folks. I will be posting more photos tomorrow, so stay-tuned!
  12. Hi everyone, It was an honour for me to be invited over by Malaysia Airlines for their #myBigFlight event today. To the wonderful people at Malaysia Airlines, many thanks for having me in this exclusive event and it was indeed a truly remarkable experience, end to end. Folks, I'm bad at words so I'll just let the photos do the talking. Pardon the sub-standard photos (I'm no travel blogger or member of the media ) but I do hope you will enjoy them nonetheless . A little teaser, to start with.. More to come. Stay tuned..
  13. The Star Operator: New Zealand - Air Force Plane: Boeing 757-2K2 Registration: NZ7571 Airliners.net
  14. Now that D7 is considering to pull CHC out of its route, and rumour has it that MH is looking into giving AKL the boot (rumour sahaja, mind you), probably it is high time for NZ to consider KUL for their ASEAN hub? I'd take NZ anytime over MH/D7 or JQ (KUL-SIN-AKL)
  15. Wah, I hope they will deploy the Dreamliner for their SIN-AKL-SIN route
  16. And F-WWOW's arrival on 14R in '05, witnessed by us jakuns at WX
  17. Greetings, my fellow MWingers, I was at 32L with most of the spotters who are anxiously waiting to witness the inaugural arrival of Emirates A380 to KUL. I somehow manage to catch a glimpse of this giant with 3 nautical miles to spare and then I realised, she's heading to 32R! Got myself into the car and sped my way to the Observation Hill (by now I already know I will miss the landing action). These photos aren't the best of my shots, but it was satisfying nonetheless. Happy viewing! Trust my fellow spotters will post their shots soon Arrived just as scheduled, exactly 2:55 PM! Taxiing her way to the gate MH 734: Ahlan Wa Sahlan EK 388: Ahlan Beek EK 388 in KUL We are here! Err.. Where's our gate? EK pilots: Is this our gate? MAHB crews: *waves* Here! *waves* Ah, this is it! Captain: Enough with the flag wavin' and get the windows closed, hurry! FO: Aye, aye, Capt'! Oh, here they come! The customary shower for the inaugurals, thanks to our MAHB fire fighting boys Uncle Tony decided to "masuk frame" Drenched, but here at last! Regards, Syed
  18. From my recent experience, make it 4; MH, FY, AK and D7 - passengers are all instructed only to use their mobile devices once their inside the terminal building. NZ, EK, CX, 3K & JQ on the other hand permits passengers to switch on their mobile devices during taxi after touch down. As far as using other electronic devices such as iPod, DSLR or even smartphones that has been switched to flight mode, I was once instructed by a 3K crew (KUL-SIN) to switch them off while the plane was taxiing to the runway for takeoff (yes, I happen to have them all on my lap when the crew was walking along the aisle ). Question though, why are we still not allowed to use such devices during taxi prior to takeoff, even for smartphones that has been switched to flight mode?
  19. Oh, and in Kiwiland too I arrived 30 minutes before my flight at WLG, went straight up to the check-in kiosk, scanned my printed itinerary, got my ticket and baggage tag printed, tagged my bag and dropped it off at the baggage drop-off line (all done in less than 3 minutes!) and proceeded to my boarding gate
  20. The incident took place at RWY 20C, which explains my flight's pushback delay it was a single runway operation on 20R and the queue leading up to 20R was *yawn*.. long enough for me to doze off until the a/c thunders down the runway
  21. Boy, I sure hope this will be true! Pardon my Kiwi frenzy
  22. Ouch! That sure is bad. Glad the pilot manage to bring the bird down to PRG safely
  23. Thanks for sharing this link, Denny! Awesomely packaged and presented! Gigapixel photography indeed! :o
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