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  1. hi!! can i join too?but im in langkawi...im really interested though...when is the next session?
  2. thanks guys!i think now i can make my decision.i'll choose the path my heart always wanted!thanks for your votes & precious advices& also thoughts....appreciate it a lot!arigato gozaimas,dankeschon!
  3. yea,maybe i'll be the oldest student there.but i guess i'm surely not the only one to be.anyway,thanks mate!
  4. nice!so kiranya awak ni pon ada gakla nk cabut lari waktu buat degree?saya rasa kalau saya sambung buat degree pun saya akan buat macam tu.mana bley tahan....x sabaq gila nak jadik pilot neh!huhu....."backup" yang saya maksudkan tu bley jadi degree@diploma atau maybe master.mungkin jugak kapten yang awak kenal tu cuba buat macam tu,backup la maksud saya...ala,belajar ni sampai bil pon x abes...Rasulullah pun pnah bersabda,tuntutlah ilmu hingga ke liang lahad & tuntutlah ilmu higga ke negeri cina.see?x kirala umo kita brapa pon,study still go on.mungkin jugak saya akan ikut jejak awak,sambil buat degree cuba apply cadet.would be nice also.tapi mungkin jugak saya join cadet dulu,then after dah jadi pilot baru lah sambung blajar kat U,macam kapten yang awak kenal tu.....how is that?kalau x silap saya,pilot punya duty maximum pun 14 days a month kan?rasany maacam ada masa untuk belajar lagi....tapi x pe,still thinking....after all,my result will only come out next year.still got lot of time to make decision..... i understand that...really,but,can the degree comes later?would it be possible? hey,that's cool too!but how long does it takes to complete all your degree and your CPL there?but,if you obtain a foreign licence,you will have to convert it later right?and it cost more money & time for that purpoe isn't it?
  5. well,actually,my major know would defenitely be pilot rather than making up degree.its ok for the offence,it opens up my thought though.i didnt even plan to further my study since my interest lies only in pilot...gosh,cant wait loh >< you know what,i dont think i have the interest in making up degree which i doubt will spoil my degree later due to my "reluctantness" in that field...anyway thanks,please keep your thoughts coming.need to sum them up to make a wise decision...
  6. WOW!great!your mind is just like mine!hahaha......i did thought of doing the same as what you did....boleh ke mcm tu?seriously,i'm so obsess to become a pilot.one question,once i've become a pilot and working,do i have time to do "part-time" study?if can,mayb i can use that time to do my "backup"....
  7. thanks,i'm still thinking of it,doesnt want to make wrong decision later...keep your thoughts coming,i'm eager for it.
  8. well,i'm really interested in joining MAS cadet pilot programme.better if i got the chance to join HMA,then easy loh,just near my house...quite interested with SIA's,but if i'm not mistaken,they dont take "lepasan SPM'".right?
  9. its really a pain in the head to think about this,some say better get a degree first before becoming a pilot and some say just go straight ahead for pilot.really put me to the wits end la...can you guys help me out?just want to know you guys' opinion & choice if you are in my shoes...thanks!
  10. pickaboo!my last post was vanished,so i start a new one,can?haha....still blur about the life of a pilot,an airline pilot.so,how do they work?how their life goes?what about their salary? need to know lot more.much as it can.got real pilot here right?story la sket......
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