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  1. I dont think this is the plan. The press release showed that the LCCT complex to be next to the main runwaay. Relative to your photo, it will be at the bottom not the left. The new runway will be parallel to the main runway with the complex in between.
  2. A very expensive experiment or toy at the expense of the rakyat which looks more like a tactical move to create a thorn in the side on a thorn in MAS' side.
  3. I wouldn't be too sure about that. Improvements in standards and innovation comes at a cost, with private sector management , relaxation of pricing "controls" and forsaking the national obligations, the price increase will inevitably be passed on to the Consumer. Some of the price increase will also go towards higher payroll and remunerations of a private sector management team. privatization does not necessary benefit us.
  4. Has the bubble finally burst......
  5. I think the correct rule is as follows: Infants and Children must be accompanied by an adult. Airlines would define Infants and Children as those flying under the infant and child fare eligibility. Most Airlines would define Infants to be below 2 years of age and not occupy a seat. Most airline would define Children as below 12 years of age (at the point of booking). YPTA facility is airline dependent i.e. whether the airline has the organizational infrastructure to accept unaccompanied minor for travel and even if they do, this is limited to Children and not Infants. I dont think the title that "Firefly - kid below 18 cannot travel alone?" to infer that one cannot fly if one is below 18 year of age is correct. I have flown my teenager children on their own many times with no issues. I also believe that some online booking engine does not allow booking for infant or children but allows this over the counter. Don't know if this is the case with Firefly. I know once we cannot book infant thru MH Online Booking Engine. Why not call Firefly and ask.
  6. By pulling out of KUA, TF is just keeping his word he once uttered vehemently (shhh after taking the incentives).
  7. More flights? My suspicion is that she is going to press for the "excess rights" (termed as "extra flights") to be reassigned to another carrier. Somehow, I feel ada prawn behind the stone or this is done under the instigation of an interested party.
  8. Fuel surcharge as it appears in the ticket is removed but what is done to recover the shortfall in revenue, increase in base fare and/or less number of seats are available in the lower fares and more are put in the higher fares. Net net, Consumers may end up paying more, AK will not end up less or may even be more. Consumers (incl Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Minister) have eggs on their faces thanking TF for such a kind and bold gesture. Consumers get screwed unknowingly and they are smiling.
  9. There is that nagging feeling that these incidents and it coverage are: 1. Either deliberate acts perpetrated by their own engineers to discredit QF management and external partners. Rememebr MH has a spate of wire cutting. 2. Or purely coincidental and ceratin interested parties has capitalized it deliberately to achieve teh same result. Or Both. Ponder.
  10. What about the many other "pen pushers" who start at 9am and typically end their work days at 8pm, and many times much later, say 2-3am. Comes to the office on every other Saturdays and sometimes also on Sundays whene there's deadlines to meet. Even takes their work home and even have to attend to problems after office hours. From what I've observed, I see a lot more of these people in MH. I am sad for them. For they are the ones who will now have to take the additional weight left behind by those who takes up the offer.
  11. Oh dear. There're almost all made up of postings from MAS staff. Only 2 Customer feedbacks cut and pasted. More like MAS beating their own drums. or A prefect example of a flop.
  12. Here we go again. The embers are still alight and they are already at it. Lets help AK, ask them
  13. "...AirAsia's r branding in the English Premier League was jointly sponsored by the the airline and Tourism Malaysia, and was not subsidised...." Insult to anyone's intelligence "...Why is MAS focussing on AirAsia routes?....." Cry baby little brother (who claims to be bigger than...) crying foul when the shoe is on the foot. have a little bit of the medicine you have ben dishing out for many years. Since when did AK copyrighted red and lay claim to these routes that MH has been operating for a lot longer. AK should stop whining.
  14. All girls should stop wearing rouge or red lipstick cos red belongs to Airasia. Remove all red traffic lights cos red belongs to Airasia. etc etc "Red belongs to us" - Words of a bankrupt mind.
  15. Great but I wonder how much of MH revenue was lost from these missing sectors since the change-over. There used to be a calendar feature showing the departing and returning availability of the promotional fares. I thought this was a very useful Customer friendly feature when searching for the promotional fares. This is also now a standard feature with our client's booking engine and some other airlines. This is missing in the new MH booking engine. Given the terms and conditions, finding the promotional fare combination is like searching for a needle in a haystack. I got a call from my travel agent before the MATTA Fair offering SQ fares which is lower than MH. As it turns out, many other airlines are offering better fares at the MATTA fair. My friends are also saying that the travel agents are pushing other airlines, probably because of commissions. This and the above reduces the attractiveness of the self-booking. Online booking for the MATTA fares would be reduced to some sectors of the public that hates crowds.
  16. If I were IJ, this makes for a great retirement plan: 1. Write management book/s. 2. Lecture circuit. 3. Consultancy.
  17. I can still recall sometime not so long ago, TF was singing the tone, rather loudly, of how AK has been victimized by big brother MH and how AK has been put in a severely disadvantaged position because of government policy favoring MH and how MH is getting government subsidy. We all believed him and still do. Maybe someone should remind him (and ourselves) of these words he declared in public and the many other promises where the situation is today either completely reversed or conveniently forgotten.
  18. The booking engine is now showing the availability of the lower fares. But the earlier missing destinations are still not there. I heard the booking failures are stll happening. Tried to check the new enrich online but was unable to login. Called the call center. Gave up after 10 minutes of listening to the piped music. I was told by enrich staff that this is new enrich outsourced call center that is expected to bring about a huge improvement. Go figure
  19. It seems that things have gone from bad to worse with the website. A message is posted on the main page that domestic booking is not available from 11am Saturday 8th March. I was waiting for a fix cos I needed to travel next week. I tried and did managed to get to the first step only to find that there is only the highest fares. All lower fares are sold out for as far I tried into teh future. I went to Air Asia instead. The attempted fix the earlier problems seems to make add more problems. This must be a very expensive experiment by the MH team.
  20. Oh dear. That mean there is a possibility she could fly for free. Since the booking is made and she got her eticket but her account is not charged. Is MH trying to counter AK with a new "fly for free (in secret)" promotion?
  21. I was on the 777 business class on company travel, and I didnt see any noise cancelling headphones. Instead I got some very bad ones and had to change it twice when one side was not working and the last had some sharp protrusions around the speakers.
  22. Yes the "mistakes" are the translation errors. The others are inexcusable blunders.
  23. Whilst, these "mistakes" do not necessarily impact the revenue generating capability of the site, it does reflect badly on MH. It show a very amateurish effort on their part. It looks like the translation is the work of mat salleh con"slut"ants. MH seem to think locals are not up to the mark. I am more concerned with the general unfriendlines of the new booking engine. There are more steps than the others airlines and it is very badly presented. It is very confusing and some simple basic techniques are not applied. Simple rules like font size, use of colors, mouse overs and click buttons. It seems that the developers have no clue to the Customers needs and wants and behaviour. This can only come from a group of people who have never done such work or have done what they perceive is what the Customer wants. (oops this is also tru of MH as awhole isn't it). I am also concerned with the inability of MH to fix the booking engine. I heard from the call center agent that she had to call hundreds of Customers complete their online bookings that has failed to be ticketed. So it looks like an online booking but in reality it is an offline system. I think this and the missing sectors has resulted in not only current loss of earnings but also loss of future earnings resulting from Customer loss of confidence.
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