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  1. for Pan Borneo highway completion, it just not matter about from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu only. better road condition will eventually benefits user within Sarawak as it's very demanding also, same as Sabah; and connecting from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu/any part of the state is a bonus for someone needed to travel by bus.
  2. bye bye 9M-AFC, the Red-Devil one of the photo taken during my early day of spotting~
  3. back then only 6 or 7 aircraft based here only. now they have 9 aircraft based in BKI, how they moved back to T2? not sure how much left after the Virus
  4. i just remember my guest from HK say they nearly wan go back to the aircraft halfway the immigration queue, during the peak hour arrival at 1pm. during the time, flight back from KL, JB, HK & TW, and the sky nearly cavok...
  5. remember the scene of 3-4 flights (from peninsular, Sarawak or international) arrive front and back, and when in the departure hall during peak hours...
  6. seems like they actively reposition the aircraft. RAN is active today
  7. 3 already? yesterday evening only spotted 2 on ground. which is RAT and RAN. anyway, should be aircraft relocation only, to spare some bay at T1?
  8. China also sending a Xiamen B738 for the rescue mission to BKI here.
  9. Garuda A332 186Y+36J, total up 222. unlikely it will be enough for 200pax plus extra medical team and crew, right?
  10. if we put the range in side topic, is there any other aircraft in their fleet (Indonesia) have aircraft with 200+- seating capacity? if have, do the aircraft manage to do it direct flight? beside, bigger aircraft will bring more cost and affords to do the Sanitize the aircraft.
  11. why our 738 unable to reach Wuhan? while our 738 still can do BKI-NRT, BKI-PER non-stop?
  12. too bad for Loong Air started at the wrong timing. baru inaugural one week, then stop serving the route from 01feb...
  13. heard insider say yesterday night the airport gone chaotic with the immediate suspend of China flights via the press conference only yesterday, without official letter to the airlines and passengers time to back home.
  14. this better, without her in the picture. hope to see more flights~
  15. next to the celebrities chartered private jet~
  16. isnt months ago they say the airlines in Malaysia is over supply? or over-demands?
  17. days ago she's here in BKI. with the visit of few mega-celebrities from Taiwan and local.
  18. good start for the year
  19. finally, the A321 is schedule for a day-time Arrival for BKI, or shall say with sunlight. AirAsia A321-251NX 9M-VAA arrival AK5140, arrival with 6mins ahead of schedule but departure (AK5139) is 30mins behind schedule. she doing pretty good loads for her under belly anyway the sun is nearly gone a birthday gifts by AK this year.
  20. nice coverage guys~ cant wait to see more for others visitors
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