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  1. thanks bro~ continue with recent cargo activities here MASKargo 9M-MUD Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines B737-3H4(F) PK-MGI charter for clearing backlogs cargo for Pos Malaysia if not mistaken. a classic 737-300 fitted with NG Winglets, an ex-southwest aircraft. Ukraine Air Alliance Antonov An-12B UR-CGW, arrivng from Kolkata (CCU/VECC) as MEM3071 for a techstop before heading to Papua New Guinea (POM/AYPY) *Callsign: Mike Echo Mike Three Zero Seven One next target would be 9M-NET
  2. on 03Oct HM decided to fly his big toys, V8-BKH over for a touch and go at BKI, and continue low fly pass at SDK, TWU before back home. finally nailed her performing TnG here in BKI, thanks for the headup information airborne again how i wish he will request several more TnG before head to SDK. 9M-AGO manage to land before HM approach runway vacated, and the crew busy with the procedure without bother me. 😂
  3. sharing some photo taken on the spotting event organized by MAHB on 30Sep, named "Wake me up" Spots and lights is good enough, only traffics disappointing, due to the Pandemic back on the hike 9M-NEF 9M-RAI M54-01 sending back the generator back to KUL after the election, to prevent blackout 9M-LYG Sending a patient from Lahad Datu (if not mistaken) 9M-JOY M54-02 9M-RAH 9M-MWI Being towed out from hangar and wait for her next flight. days later she ferry to SZB for maintenance 9M-MWF 9M-MXJ
  4. clear the log for September before proceed for October feast~ A320 and 738 which nicer front profile? 9M-AGP with Mt Kinabalu in background and finally nailed her... 9M-AQZ
  5. yesterday got the cut-through livery
  6. finally nailed her, after months of haunting 9M-POS, a 28 years old B737-4Q8(SF) operate by Asia Cargo Express B734's have a better front profile, short wings. 😁😁 after spending 40+mins time on ground unloading all the cargo, and loaded only a small pallet into her belly to next destination bonus of the day our main intention to catch this anyway, AirAsia 9M-VAB A321neo
  7. i see yeah notice the flight too.
  8. 9M-MTJ spotted on 12Sep, marked her maiden flight to BKI after getting the refreshed livery, from usual "Sworsh?" livery to Negeraku landed as MH2612 Happy Malaysia Day and later, she depart as MH2621 back toKUL
  9. finally something special coming, after months of A330 around, yesterday MH decided to warm up their A350 on BKI route for the flight MH2614 and MH2607 "Long time no see, Raccoon" after nearly 2 years and 9months after 1hr and 45mins on ground, she's ready for her return leg to KUL as MH2607 with 147POB 😲 still very clean the blue cones still visible.
  10. 9M-RYA 9M-RXB, Maiden flight to BKI 9M-AZP, Sabah Flying Club
  11. thanks guys~ anyway, here come another series of photos, dedicated for the MH A330's aircraft which become quite "common" recently, some are extra/charter flight, 2in1 flight or purely for belly cargo flights to HKG mostly. 9M-MTF 9M-MTH 9M-MTO 9M-MTU 9M-MTV 9M-MTW 9M-MTZ too bad, couldn't complete the fleet wasn't hardworking enough
  12. 9M-MWA coming back from SZB as MH5198, after a short vacation there for body check and change new dress new taillight? starboard side 9M-RAR 9M-AHS
  13. some spotting pixes taken recently 9M-PTA 9M-MLT -before touchdown -after touchdown, Heavy downpour Brighten up/Shine by the downpours 9M-MWJ, Strive to Excel livery. taxiing for Rwy20 departure eventually taxi back for Rwy02 departure 9M-TAN 9M-RAH, drying up the runway 9M-AGS, another blows 9M-AGF
  14. the "Rural" area with airport served by Twin Otter right?
  15. not sure who handle for the ground tour, but they stay at Four Point. from one of the profile i found, they went to Sepilok Orang Utan Rahabitation center, and another day went to kinabatangan rivercruise. IIRC their tour reach here days earlier as they skipped Chengdu, due to the outbreak
  16. yes, both are cargo flights.
  17. for Pan Borneo highway completion, it just not matter about from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu only. better road condition will eventually benefits user within Sarawak as it's very demanding also, same as Sabah; and connecting from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu/any part of the state is a bonus for someone needed to travel by bus.
  18. bye bye 9M-AFC, the Red-Devil one of the photo taken during my early day of spotting~
  19. back then only 6 or 7 aircraft based here only. now they have 9 aircraft based in BKI, how they moved back to T2? not sure how much left after the Virus
  20. i just remember my guest from HK say they nearly wan go back to the aircraft halfway the immigration queue, during the peak hour arrival at 1pm. during the time, flight back from KL, JB, HK & TW, and the sky nearly cavok...
  21. remember the scene of 3-4 flights (from peninsular, Sarawak or international) arrive front and back, and when in the departure hall during peak hours...
  22. seems like they actively reposition the aircraft. RAN is active today
  23. 3 already? yesterday evening only spotted 2 on ground. which is RAT and RAN. anyway, should be aircraft relocation only, to spare some bay at T1?
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