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  1. on last Sunday, 03nov, we got a false alarmed by the IL76, which give us a hope of she will depart in the noon after hours of waiting, she reply us, "Happy Sunday" 😂 only close up shots taken few traffics taken while waiting for her, shot more in day time before she change back on night flight the grass is too wild anyway
  2. im not really paying much attention on the pie of marketing, but at least they doing some good work on the "unique routes" which still under protection by the government or say, Limit by the infrastructure. BKI-LDU is monopolized, unless OD eventually come step a foot in Borneo Land. SDK-TWU via LDU also doing good, until AK eventually got the rights to fly this route. needless to mentioned about the DHT flights, as mostly wont surplus any cost of the flight, even a "full" flight, especially flights via KUD. as of promotion, IIRC the government do not give any green light to do promotion before January. but at least now, they doing flat rate for SDK-LDU at RM68/pax, which is around 30-40% of the full-Y fares. (for 20mins flight )
  3. im not sure about other routes, but from my observation MASWings actually increasing the BKI-LDU frequency. and mostly it can be like 70-90% loads. SDK-LDU still a bit low, but still manage to secure at 60-70% on my flight, last week. another flight i notice is BKI-MULU on ATR72, the load is like 50%?
  4. some common traffics taken on 27Oct
  5. http://www.malaysianwings.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21221-bkiwbkk-2018/&do=findComment&comment=379940
  6. well... flight cancelled and after reschedule, eventually reach the destination and missed the event. enjoy it ya next time. i skipped
  7. 9M-LGC on their Inaugural flights to Sandakan as BI6813 on 28Oct. but unfortunately i missed out the most important part of the event, the water canon salute ceremony due to my earlier flight got cancelled due to technical issues (wiring problem, which took half day for the identify it and another few hours to repair. 9M-MSE however re-certify to fly after 11hrs AOG in BKI). :drinks:
  8. due to the unforeseen circumstances, i got a short spotting session to spot from the terminal in the morning of 28Oct, before i decided to walk out from airside back on landside another shots of AGB, the 2nd NEO 9M-SSC, off for her flight to Kudat and Sandakan 9M-NEY layover after the morning arrival 9M-MWE being towed out to the bay 13 from hangar to prepare for her next flight to Mulu.
  9. isnt early this year or late last year also have such day-light flights?
  10. today we got a special livery of Jin Air 738 visit us in day light HL-7564 painted in NINIZ-Kakao Friends Livery, arriving as LJ65 and later depart back to ICN as LJ64 and finally, AK deploy their Neo to be based in BKI for the first time first we have 9M-RAK, since 19Oct Second is 9M-AGB, since 25Oct and third is 9M-RAH, Since 26Oct. But not captured her today
  11. im not sure how's the immigration counter over KLIA2, but from my recent flight, week ago, i notice that the immigration counter is upgrading here in BKI T1, from the common-bulky one counter left right 2 window, to a rather simple 1 counter 2 window front-right and back-left. didn't physically count eventually may increase how many officer/window. but visually is improving.
  12. basically BKI is lack of International gates at night when 10pm-12am. other than this hour i barely can notice all gate2-6 can fully utilized. remote bay is quite an instant rescue plan.
  13. as of my last updates Ak currently based 9 aircraft in BKI, and additional will come maybe. in T2, only have 9 bay, which one bay reserved for raya. another bay for other movement like Private jets, off-shores hellicopter, military. unless at least 2-3 of their aircraft must be flying somewhere
  14. is needed T2 to accommodate AK volume, i think they need double up the current one, or 2/3 of T1.
  15. hehe... BKI T2 departure lounge is spacious enough if holding 2-3 flight (normal 70-80% loads) in same time. but i ever experience 4-5 flight of passenger squeezing in the departure lounge, with the single wash room (forget about the smell, just the queue will kill lots of your time), only 4 or 6 immigration counter... as of Arrival is another horrible nightmare, if night peak hours arrival is "fine", at least when the queue out of the immigration hall still wont feel the warm welcome, but if during 12-2pm, the peak hour have to queue for immigration out of the building under the hot sun. i ever experience is before we could queue in the building, the same aircraft is prepared for push back. for picking up passenger at T2 also another nightmare, the long traffic queue to in and out of the terminal, the parking space available. imagine packing up all kind of vehicle from personal motor vehicle, taxi/e-hailing vehicles, tourist van & bus, in the tiny 3 lanes.. if let say one full flight required 120 vehicle to clear the crowd, when 4-5 flights arrive side by side mean up to 600 vehicle around there... 😂
  16. 9M-LCK preparing for her next flight and 9M-MLT
  17. for instant, MAS move to T2 and AK remain in T1. LOL.... 😂 anyway, i just couldn't accept they create another confusing/hard-to-pronounce name for the Terminal 2 as KKIA2! better just stick back to T2 or Terminal 2.
  18. just found this in google the link for some traveler wont bother much with the direct flight or no, like 3 years ago, when i still work in travel agency, there is few inbound tour agent who only focus on Russian market, almost everyday they got pickup guest at the airport. of course, there is unlikely tourist from China or Korea as we see always arrival in group. these Russian group mostly come in family or couples, normally via KUL, ICN as i notice. same goes to Japan tourist, there's certain amount of tourist from Japan, either direct flight from Narita or via KUL. and side note, never fetch Russian traveller, or else you will welly baked in the car. as they will request you to turn of the air conditioning, and wind down the windows and enjoy the warm air (for them) under the 12pm sun for an hour. for my case is from KKIA to Rasa Ria. *sorry for being off topic from the A330Neo orders.
  19. days ago, missed the action of N121TG operate by International Air Response, flights from Guam to BKI and continue her journey to Senai the next day. and today 18Aug, her siblings N119TG depart from Senai to BKI for a short tech-stop (Initial plans), but eventually stranded here due to technical issue after the first attempt to depart around 1pm. by 4pm, she's ready back to Guam. arrive around 11.20am from Senai under the top-lit lights later in 4pm, engine start with rather acceptable sunrays but someone decided to switch of the light moment before she depart she should be arriving in Guam soon, around 0030~
  20. some regular test shot from the same spotting session on 11Aug Malindo Air 9M-LNH 737-900ER performing endorsement flight around BKI and MYY touch and go session RB link, Malindo ATR72-600 9M-LGC from her daily routine BWN-BKI flight, Malaysia Airlines 9M-MLH, the jelly fish still prefer this livery
  21. after a long awaits, we finally manage to catch someone the usual-late night traffics, which gone through several delays due to the typhoon around Shanghai China-Spring Airline, B-9986 A320-214 as 9C8594 back to PVG second to depart, China-Spring Ariline, B-1627 A320-214 as 9C859D back to PVG and the usual Xiamen
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