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  1. Tahniah bro..... so have to wait for another impromptu dinner in Paris! Take care n rajin rajin la kerja ... n do enjoy the food!
  2. Myn punya sector.......... Malam ni aku punya nak tunjuk kat dia 10mls final 235 kts/2000'....... heh heh heh Tu pun kalau ATC kasi......
  3. Master Yoda, Aku nak pinjam Myn nya 200-400 sambung pakai adapter..... dia tak kasi heh heh heh........ dia tengah sibuk nak tunjuk greaser landing ha ha ha ha Pass tu dia takut aku switch camp errr by the way any photo from the spotted planespotter by the planespotter of the planespotter or in a simple word any photo of us from you guys do post or pm me for the files, thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys & gals Just wandering who is spotting who here? PS. Sorry I it was not planned! A6-EYG 22 Feb 09
  5. Nice shot The N751PR bring good old memories............... When we were young and free Mat Gan, Jonah, Kenny, Alan, Sam, Razif & PR103 MIA/SFO/MIA
  6. My first photo posting on MW errr excuse me for the low IQ's need to read more and get bigger lens.......... my camera not as powerful as the other guys so can only take slower moving object only like and the photographer or when they slow down the action by nailing it onto the wall Rasidin
  7. Hi all Just joined the MW Nice shot you guys got there........... If u all going for other event don't forget to invite me ok ps Bats i'll sms u the hotel address later ........ ni going for the wimberly ke?
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