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  1. The tax per passenger for flight between east and west malaysia had been increased to MYR106 recently, instead of MYR90.....they seems to implement it quietly aren't they?....
  2. Not only when you're trying to make reservation...but when you want to make changes to your itinerary as well, makes ure you read the fare rules first....it happened to me few months ago, where the penalties for the amendment is actually RM 65 but the 'not-so-friendly' girl from callcentre attempted to charge me RM 100... When pointed out by me.....she say :"WAIT, I CHECK"..... after a while, she came back and say :"Yes, 65....(without any apology)" I was not very happy due to the unprofessionalism and partially the impoliteness.....
  3. Oh no...so they're going to implement the snack box thing....OMG....i thought they'll at least re-consider it due to quite a number of negative feedbacks. But...sigh... So....no more hot food on board MAS starting JAN 2008??? for all domestic and indo china route.... I tried the snack box last month on board flight MH2534 from KUL-KCH.....the egg and capsicum sandwich taste awful....really substandard
  4. MH is no longer in league...there's no way they can compete with EK or SQ...
  5. SQ has the Executive Economy class (which is a premium economy class) onboard their A340-500... but ony on selected routes (to LAX & EWR) only...
  6. I thought excess baggage charges by airlines is to prevent passengers from bringing "too much" things together with them which will lead to extra fuel burn, that's when you can have another option like not to pack too many things into your luggage.....but this obese people have no choice but to carry around their "extra fat" with them everywhere.... Just for share....woman says she was bullied by Southwest employee: http://www.boston.com/news/local/new_hamps...ed_against_her/
  7. agree....a true LCC laughing at a self-proclaimed 5 star at LCC cost probably .....since they themselves so keen in applying the LCC into their operations....
  8. If this... can't beat this... then they truly deserves the "award"....but which one looks more tempting? i'm pretty sure bout the answer.... "For business class, MAS beat a field of strong Asian contenders such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines and Korean Air". How bout economy class????no award meh???....best snack box design probably... hehehehe....
  9. a 5 star LCC sounds better to me ....instead of some 5 star airlines with LCC COSTS....
  10. Regardless of what awards they were awarded...the truth is their cabin product is deteriorating....
  11. Well, I really doubt what kind of "Best Business Class award" is that, and what aspects were they looking at???....wouldn't it be the business class product of SQ more superior compare to MH.....
  12. ...or maybe the lovely FAs doing the same while pushing their trolley...
  13. Really!!!!....i mean if my RM 5K budget is for flight ticket and accommodation only (maybe +/- some transportation)????.....excluding other miscellaneous fees.....hmmm...those packages from CX seems to be a better deal isn't.... BTW....thanx alot
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