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  1. Two pilots of a Northwest Airlines flight Wednesday were apparently so distracted that they missed their airport and kept flying for 150 miles before landing the plane and its 147 passengers safely. For one hour and 18 minutes, the pilots -- flying at 37,000 feet above sea level -- were radio silent as air traffic controllers at times tried to reach the cockpit, according to a news release from the National Transportation Safety Board. As the event unfolded, concern was high among air traffic controllers, who repeatedly attempted to establish contact during the incident, using multiple methods, the air traffic controllers union told ABC News. Eventually, controllers asked other planes in the air to attempt to contact the Northwest plane, a method that the union said ultimately proved successful. The pilots of the Airbus A320 told the FBI and airport police that they were in a heated discussion over airline policy and they lost awareness of the situation, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The NTSB plans to interview the crew and is reviewing the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder of the flight, Northwest 188 from San Diego to Minneapolis. The NTSB will be investigating whether the pilots fell asleep, along with all other possibilities. "There wasn't any problem on board -- nothing," Andrea Allmon of San Diego told ABC affiliate KSTP. "We landed, everyone got ready to get off the plane and suddenly police were getting on the plane and telling us to sit down. They went into the cockpit, looked around and then told everyone to get off the plane." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ honestly, still cant figure it out. we're talking about 150miles and 1 hour ++ of discussion that totally isolate you from your surrounding. even if we put Mat Sabu & Khairy in the cockpit, I dont think those two gonna have that sort of discussion. anyways, out of curiosity, is it normal for pilot to sleep in the cockpit?
  2. Thanx bro, got the bucket up and just upload the pics. sorry bout the quality, took it only from my mobile cam. not sure if the pics can provide any info on what had happend, any guess?
  3. love the 732, especially during landing when the big reverse thrusters and the spoilers kicks-in. With all the exposed hydraulic and the noise level, it was such a turn-on when compared to the new engine 73s.
  4. Thanx on the welcome note . Btw, its good to see dat MH used proper tool(the airbag contraption) to lift/hold the wing. Good for the airline's image i would say. I'd seen some other airlines that just use makeshift device for maintenance/repair work ...technically it would probably work but it does bring a bit of skepticism.
  5. hi all, my first post here and very new to this forum btw. I'd experienced the same sort of accident on EK A330-243 in '07 MUC-DXB flight while taxiing for take-off. The plane was bout ~1.5km from RWY26L when it happened and we got delay for bout 24 hours. However, the damage wasnt as bad as MH732 (the wing was still above the ground)- may be cuz the A332 is higher than the 737?.i was carrying an excess baggage of 30kg dat day(but got free-waive by the emirate's staff, so i was thinking i'm definitely going to have to pay for that extra weight now when going through the re-boarding but luckily we were only allowed to take our hand luggage with us ). We got free nite stop and during dinner-the airport hotel had the dinner hall ad-hocly prepared just for the paxes and made all of us felt like some sort of crash survivors. One of the pax was a flight engineer (different airline) and he was saying dat he cud understand if the accident had been on BIMAN's a/c but not on EK, all of us would have been cooked 'well-done' if the accident had occurred after V1, the damaged could have been during hard landing, dat sort of thing. And next day before boarding, most of the pax were checking the a/c and making sure it wasnt the same one and making fun of the whole thing-EK shouldnt have used racing 'absorbers', did EK just used cellotape etc.. The whole experience was kinda cool to me (except the 'well-done' part) and this sort of thing can happens to any airlines or a/c regardless whether its a 1 star or 5 stars, the only that set the different is the way the airlines manages the whole affair-ensuring the passenger comfort. got couple of pics of the a/c during disembarking, but dont really know how to attach it in here (the pics are in my drive)
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