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  1. Some commonly uncommon traffic in BKI thanks to Typhoon Lekima. Shanghai Airlines B-1151 arrived on the 10/8 and was stranded here. She departed on the 11/8 at 0840LT Double Spring in the afternoon as both B-1627 and B-9986 arrived and departed within 1 hour of each other.
  2. Well they were rumored to be one of the 4 as pointed out by Jani.
  3. Nothing against the hantus. If they bring the cabin up to mark it should address the complaints.
  4. Maybe yes, remember our national day logo debacle?
  5. There is no telling they would not introduce other form of taxes, including this, had they retain GST.
  6. Another bad press for Boeing and this time involves US's strong ally and neighbour. Apparently this is big news there. Boeing falsified records for 787 jet sold to Air Canada. It developed a fuel leak https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/boeing-air-canada-jet-fuel-leak-1.5193550
  7. Maybe for him he was looking at KUL - PEN, KUL - BKI etc, but let's not forget the less fancy route like BKI - KUD, TWU - SDK etc that are struggling.
  8. Any mention of the number of seats on those A321Neo? And are they the same as BA's A321-271NX? Those have 205 seats if not mistaken and listed as "domestic" on seatguru website. Still Hokkaido is 6 - 7 hours from KUL.
  9. I disagree. It's all in the planning for your trip. If you are concern with delays then plan ahead, a bit more if necessary. Back then when AK service was dodgy you always plan for delay/cancellation etc. Bear in mind that flight delays is not a thing of the past, still happening today. Sometimes even AK or MH cancel their flight "Due to operational requirements".
  10. They should invent a single machine to scan body, luggages and body temperature. Saves a lot of space and manpower.
  11. Yes indeed but I realised that the more people travel, the less likely you will use the cargo luggage, at least from my experience. 4 pax means 28kg carry onboard. That's a lot. Plus the slow luggage delivery system at KLIA is something worth considering. My original flight ETD 0800 was cancelled so they put me on the next flight at 11am. No biggy, flight cancellations happens all the time. Oddly enough, they have 2 flight on my return to BKI departing at 0705 and 0800. Mine was on the 0800. Aircraft re-positioning perhaps.
  12. I took Malindo both ways for BKI - KUL for just below RM400 just 2 weeks ago. That's about the same price on AK minus luggage, seat selection etc. In fact i would suggest OD as the first option to look at if you want space plus luggage but not at MH price, although sometimes MH price is reasonable too.
  13. I did managed to skip the queue with 1 small bag on my shoulder, 1 backpack and 1 small trolley back from Singapore. Officer's instruction.
  14. 22/4 I did a search on the net and found the tail logo belongs to New Central Airlines (NCA) based in Japan. However there is an additional Germany flag next to the tail logo and the pilots seems to be European.
  15. Then u are not being fair. RM10 for 1/2 portion means 20 for a proper meal. This is same practice as not including all prices/taxes until when you check out. Typical AK practice. No fret. For me it's expensive. I'll fly AK last if I have to. Again let the pax buy from McD for less than 5 euros no problem. Be it MH or AK.
  16. A small portion serving with small bottled water ya, and I think is RM12?
  17. AK food choices aplenty but ain't cheap. Just buy from McD and allow pax to bring on-board. That's all.
  18. The status is tied to company or individuals? If tied to company and your travel is paid by the company then the changes in fares should not affect you. Still 1 of 2 fastest way to LHR.
  19. Boeing CEO 'sorry' for lives lost in 737 MAX accidents https://edition.cnn.com/2019/04/04/world/ethiopian-airlines-crash-preliminary-report-intl/index.html News like this was all over the internet yesterday after the preliminary report was released. The question now is how long will Boeing take to patch the software and re-certify the Max 8. In the meantime those who have their delivery slot affected, or have grounded the aircraft pending investigation will they get compensation? As a business some sort of compensation might be struck to regain their support.
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