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  1. I encountered this error too a couple of days back but I switched to www.malaysiaairlines.com.my and it was ok.
  2. Hoowee...just booked BKI-HKG-BKI in September for RM588 for 2 pax all in! Can choose seat online some more!
  3. Wah, start using already without agreeing on the pay. Boleh tahan!
  4. Good point! This almost caused the total collapse of the Mulu tourism industry.
  5. Oh, ya. I thought airbus and minibus are the same.
  6. So it like you are supposed to service your car every 5000 kms but you waited until 7500 kms.
  7. Is there any LCC serving Japan route, whether is domestic or international?
  8. Yeah, the impact was so strong that the can food became compressed with food still inside. Imagine doing that to a cola can with contents still inside!
  9. No doubt MH is picking a fight with AK by intruding into the low cost segment, but AK is taking the bait. If AK is confident of their own thoughts (i.e. the lowest cost/km, people just want to fly from point A to point B and other issues including getting a window seat does not matter) then they shouldn't be bothered about what MH do.
  10. Action speaks more than words lah. Give more discount/free seats!
  11. Come on Malaysia Airlines!!! Give us free flights to JAPAN, UK and US!!!
  12. Actually can put a big * next to the text and put very small print on the bottom.
  13. Cannot book between Feb '09 - June '09 on AK website!
  14. Hey Iggy, the pirated movies you can download lah.
  15. An added bonus! Did you check it's made in which country?
  16. Is it on selected days only? Because I picked a few dates during the early stage of the promo and they all have "0" fare. Now of course some of the seats already been taken. I think the best is they actually tell us how many seats on each flight is allocated as special fare. I believe a few years back MH did announced on newspaper how many seats for a certain fare to LHR and SYD.
  17. A number of my partners actually told me there are different tier in terms of quality in China. Maybe the guys who imported them choose to import "el-cheapo" instead of going for a better quality ones. Some of the electronic items these days brought in by reputable companies are all came from China anyway.
  18. Preparation: Always pack the night before the flight but still occasionally forgetting essentials such as toothpaste, comb and hair gel because the next morning still have to use mah. Anyway, not that fussy about myself when I reach the other side. Just bring enough cash lah. Baggage: Prefer 1 cabin size luggage. If travel to work normally I bring along another backpack with notebook, hopefully can surf MWings while at hotel. Getting to the Airport: Self arrange. I personally like to ask my wife to drive me to airport so that I can have her company before I fly. Choice of Airline: Airlines not yet flown before and wide-body. In that order. Choice of Airliner/Airport/Frequency etc: 99% of my ride till date is on MH so can't really comment on this. Booking: Normally will check schedule on my own before deciding on this but since my company has switch to AK there is some difficulties in getting approval to fly on a particular flight and that flight actually took off. Prefers window seat as front as possible. Check-In: At least 1 hour before. Wanted to enjoy some spotting before flight. Behavior On board: Like a child when on board a MH B777. Mess around with the seat, LCD etc. for the whole 2.5hrs flight. Other aircraft depends but most of the time staring out the window or take pictures. Duty Free Shopping: Only 1/400 diecast aircraft models that I don't have yet. Traveling in Group: No problem. It's fun. Other Habits Call my wife before I board and after I disembark. Always brings my house keys. Dislike Passengers with huge hand-carry bags. Footnote Flying is more than just flying!
  19. Has anyone managed to book for March 2009? Seems like the whole month nothing is on offer lah. But April got wo... Edit - Seems like got crash lah. Even earlier months also not available.
  20. Huh? So you are expecting to waste one ticket?
  21. Hmm...so it is possible to lower fuel surcharge eh?
  22. The RMAF Nuri was given the flying coffin nickname last time. And they fly them to rescue other people!
  23. So the problem might be the guy who bought those apples and sandwiches.
  24. Would other airlines like SQ given the chance to fly BKI-KUL or KUL - PEN under the open sky policy come 2009? I thought I read somewhere that a fully liberalised open sky policy will be introduced in 2009. If that so, does that mean we will not see a premium airline for Malaysia as MH choose to fight AK instead of maintaining quality and service and fight airlines like SQ and CX?
  25. For me taking a flight is an enjoyment, and good food relates to good experience.
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