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  1. Zest Air to Start Manila – Kuala Lumpur from late-Oct 2012 by JL Update at 0740GMT 25JUL12 Philippine’s Zest Air starting 22OCT12 is launching service to Malaysia, as it will start 4 weeklyManila – Kuala Lumpur service with Airbus A320 aircraft. Operational schedule from 28OCT12 as follows: Z2948 MNL1425 – 1805KUL 320 x357 Z2949 KUL1850 – 2230MNL 320 x357 SOURCE: http://airlineroute..../25/z2-kul-w12/
  2. Found this article just now, hope the flight will materialize. Would be cool to see another African carrier here in KLIA after the demise of Air Zimbabwe. Ethiopian Airlines to Fly to Kuala Lumpur Tuesday, 24 July 2012 10:07 Ethiopian Airlines will begin flight to Kuala Lampur, capital city of Malaysia as of November of this year. The flights will serve to connect the Malaysian business sector to Africa as well as servicing the small Ethiopian expat community in Malaysia, which mainly consists of students according to Tewolde Gebremariam, Chief Executive Officer of the airlines. It is also expected that the flights will support Malaysian companies engaged in Ethiopia, such as Petronas undertaking oil and gas exploration projects in the country he added. In addition the new flight will enhance networking opportunities with countries in South Eastern Asia such as Singapore and the Philippines. It is to be remembered that the Airline will commence flights three times a week to Sao Paulo beginning in December, using the Dreamliner aircraft that Ethiopian anticipates receiving in August and September from manufacturer Boeing. The Sao Paulo flight will be operated through Lome, Togo where the Ethiopian affiliate ASKY airline is based according to Tewolde. It is expected that Lome will serve as the West African hub for Ethiopian airlines and ASKY will serve as a feeder to Ethiopian on the Sao Paulo flights he noted. Ethiopian Airlines in planning a more significant emphasis on flight to Brazil, India and China as part of its growth drive under the vision 2025 strategy adopted by the airline explained Tewolde. The Airline also anticipates widening its reach in Africa with hubs in various parts of Africa, including Lome in West Africa, Zambia or Tanzania in the Southern part of the continent and a central hub in one of the Congo’s to serve as a complement to the main base in Addis Ababa added the CEO. SOURCE: http://www.2merkato....to-kuala-lampur
  3. AirAsia wants out END OF COLLABORATION?: Low-cost carrier will seek to terminate all joint-venture agreements with Malaysia Airlines, says source Low-cost carrier AirAsia Bhd wants to opt out of all joint-venture agreements with national carrier Malaysia Airlines (MAS), a source says. AirAsia decided at a board meeting last week that it would seek to terminate its agreements with MAS soon, according to the source. AirAsia group chief executive officer (CEO) Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said no comment when queried about the matter through text messages, while calls and text messages to AirAsia Malaysia CEO Aireen Omar went unanswered. MAS chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya did not respond to a text message to him. A termination of the memorandum of understandings (MOUs) between AirAsia Bhd and MAS would effectively wipe out the remnants of a deal between Khazanah Nasional Bhd and Tune Air Sdn Bhd that had gone awry. In August 2011, Khazanah and Tune Air signed a deal to swap part of its holdings in MAS and AirAsia respectively, in a move to facilitate a collaboration between the two carriers. In May 2 however, the deal was cancelled following an uproar by MAS employees. A supplemental agreement between AirAsia and MAS instead took its place as part of a move to salvage its initial collaboration plans. Two MOUs were signed on May 2 2012 whereby one was to focus on the setting-up of a joint venture company to provide aircraft component maintenance support and repair services. Another was for the establishment of a special purpose vehicle by MAS, AirAsia and AirAsia X to improve value for money and to increase competitiveness through procurement synergies. An analyst, who declined to be named, said the news of a possible cancellation of the joint ventures between MAS and AirAsia is not surprising. He said MAS employees are reluctant to cooperate with AirAsia, so it would have been difficult for them to work together. "The JVs would have benefited them both though," said the analyst. The agreements between AirAsia and Malaysia allow for a termination by mutual agreement anytime within a six-month period from the date of the signing. Such a termination however, will not release a lock up period of six months that disallows both parties from talking to, negotiating or cooperating with any other parties. SOURCE: http://www.btimes.co...icle/index_html
  4. I believe JT hasn't started these flights from MES, BDO & SUB to KUL. But these flights have been uploaded on their schedules online but it is not bookable yet. It's strange that JT doesn't even mention these flights on their official site yet.
  5. Found this article, it seems AirAsia is scheduled to launch KTM too, as well as this BB airways. NEW AIRLINES TO LAUNCH FLIGHT ON THE KATHMANDU-KUALA LUMPUR ROUTE While national carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is the lone carrier plying on the Malaysian (Kathmandu-Kuala Lumpur) route, competition is now heating up as three new airlines are about to join the fray. Budget carrier AirAsia, Malaysia’s flag carrier Malaysia Airlines and BB Airways are all planning to operate on Kathmandu-Kuala Lumpur route. AirAsia has planned to launch flights on the route by the end of June, Malaysia Airlines from Sept 1st and BB Airways by Sept 13th. The Air Service Agreement (ASA) between Nepal and Malaysia allows Malaysian carriers to operate up to 21 flights a week. SOURCE: http://globalnepaltours.com/2012/06/new-airlines-to-launch-flight-on-the-kathmandu-kuala-lumpur-route/
  6. Some people are so thick in their head, and always/only see (every) things on racial tones.
  7. According to this article http://www.thehindub...e?homepage=true Air India is resuming DEL-KUL starting 1st August. Wonder what aircraft they'll use? On another news, Lion Air is resuming SUB - KUL this month. The schedule is on their website but still not bookable yet.
  8. More intra-BIMP-EAGA flights expected to take off post MoU Posted on June 28, 2012, Thursday KOTA KINABALU: More intra-BIMP-EAGA flights are expected to take off as transport ministers from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines intensify efforts to expand air connectivity in the sub-region. A statement issued by the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) here said that in the recently concluded ninth BIMP-EAGA Transport, Infrastructure and ICT Development Cluster meeting in Brunei, transport officials finalised the amended Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Expansion of Air Linkages and focused on how to further improve air, sea, and land connectivity in the sub-region. “Connectivity has always been a big challenge for the transport sector, and we are happy and fully supportive of these new progresses in our air linkages,” said Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) acting director Florencia Creus, the Philippines’ Head of Delegation to the cluster meeting. Officials from the Civil Aeronautics Board and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines were also present at the meeting. Among key issues discussed were designating additional entry points outside EAGA (East Asean Growth Area) borders, coming up with incentives for airline operators who wished to operate EAGA routes and strengthening the recently proposed Davao-Manado-Kota Kinabalu route, which would be pioneered by MASwings. The triangular route was one of the major inputs of the first Equator Asia Air Access Forum and Airline CEO Summit hosted by the Philippines in April in Davao City. All these were part of efforts highlighted in the MoU on Expansion of Air Linkages within BIMP-EAGA. The prioritised EAGA routes as agreed in the air linkages working group meeting were Kuching-Balikpapan, Kota Kinabalu-Balikpapan, Pontianak-Miri and Davao-Manado-Kota Kinabalu routes. MASwings has also expressed interest in launching a Puerto Princesa-Kota Kinabalu route within this year. “While other BIMP-EAGA countries are connected through land transport, the Philippines is working on the establishment of air and sea linkages to be fully accessible to our EAGA neighbours,” said MinDA chairperson and Philippines Signing Minister for BIMP-EAGA, Luwalhati Antonino. Antonino said since routes from Mindanao and Palawan to other EAGA points were being gradually revived, the transport and tourism clusters would be coordinating more closely to come up with attractive tour packages for passengers and competitive incentives for airlines. “The best way to sustain these flights is to generate more traffic through tourism packages and campaigns, as well as provide a more friendly business environment for our operators,” Antonino said. The governments of the four countries signed the Air Linkages MoU in 2007 to promote and enhance trade, investment, tourism and cultural exchange in the sub-region. BIMP-EAGA was an economic cooperation grouping formally established in 1994 covering the entire Brunei; 10 provinces in the Indonesian islands of Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Irian Jaya; Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan in Malaysia; and Mindanao and Palawan in the Philippines. The Asean sub-grouping was primarily intended to spur development in the lagging sub-economies of member countries by boosting intra-EAGA trade, tourism and investments. MinDA serves as the Philippines Coordinating Office for BIMP-EAGA under the Republic Act 9996, otherwise known as the Mindanao Development Authority Act 2010. — Bernama SOURCE: http://www.theborneo...e-off-post-mou/
  9. I believe China Airlines as well as FAT and Mandarin offered chartered flights to Kuantan for years now. If i'm not mistaken most of the chartered flights were booked by Travel agencies for Club Med. Mandarin airlines used to offer scheduled services to Kuantan with their B738 many years ago but the service didn't last long.
  10. This is a good news for KLIA. I hope AI would resume MAA-KUL to fill up Jet Airways departure as well resuming Mumbai-KUL and DEL-KUL.
  11. I thought both Governments (Sabah & Sarawak) are already acquiring some stakes in MASwings.
  12. I hope those idiots won't dissolve Firefly brand. Firefly is a good and strong brand, they should retain it. and if they were thinking of reviving the Jet services, they should be a new entity, or maybe a division of Malaysia Airlines. they should name the new entity something like MAS Regional or MAS Liteflyer.
  13. This is quite surprising. Thought they were doing so well. whatever happened to the indian carriers these days, Most of them couldn't even make KUL work. First Air India, then Indian, now Jet. Not sure how Air India Express doing. KUL lost 2 nice airlines this year, GF and JET.
  14. MAS unions: ‘Hear us out’ By B.K. SIDHU bksidhu@thestar.com.my THE biggest fear the eight employees unions and associations atMalaysia Airlines (MAS) have after rushing for two days to prepare a 48-page document outlining a plausible way they think could reverse the fortunes of the airline is that their effort will count for naught. Their dismay is that the entire process would be just a display that the top management is willing to engage with the unions after the sensational unwinding of a share swap agreement between MAS andAirAsia. They want their input to count in the process of turning the airline around and are pinning their hopes that the top team at MAS takes their views seriously in tweaking its business plan. Where do you get a GLC employees fighting for the survival of the company they work for' It (top team) should get us involved in every aspect of the turnaround. Some of us have been with the airline for 20 years to 30 years and we can comprehend things better. Why are we not given a chance but consultants are hired and new people are parachuted into the airline to do our work. There is a big enough pool of talented people that can help MAS turn the corner and we want to ensure things done correctly, transparently and professionally and any deal with the airline is not lopsided, says a source. He went on to say that when Datuk Seri Idris Jala came in, the first thing he did in less than a month was to get us all inspired and harness the brains from within. He was no aviation expert but he knew how to get things done. He did not parachute consultants to do the job for him. Maybe, this management does not trust us or think we cannot do the job, it may be a trust and confidence issue. Two weeks have also lapsed since the share swap forged in August last year was scrapped. The unions were against the share swap because of several issues including the lack of clarity in details and lack of engagement with employees on the benefits of a share swap and collaboration and employees became jittery over job security and the direction the airline was taking. Though the share swap is off, the collaboration with AirAsia remains in areas such as engineering, training and procurement. Eight months and two weeks have lapsed and the question on many peoples lips is whats next' We are wondering which business plan we are supposed to follow and it is almost mid year but we still dont even know what our KPI for the year is, said a source. The 48-page dossier The day the share swap was scrapped on May 2, the leaders of the unions and association were invited to contribute their ideas as to how they can help turn the airline around. They had a preliminary chat with chairman Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof andCEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya two days later and it was at this meeting that the unions/associations presented their recommendations that prompted Md Nor to invite them to engage with the board on May 5. It was during this meeting with board members and the CEO that the unions/associations presented a 48 page document that outlined strategies that they felt can reverse MAS ill fortune. Now two weeks later they are still hoping for some acknowledgement that their proposals will resonate in some form or another. To Md Nor, the Saturday meeting was a very engaging meeting with the board...certainly a pleasant ice breaking get together for some of us. I believe some of those present had a specific matter meeting with the CEO and I expect this will continue, says Md Nor. He adds that the board is looking to enhancing internal inclusiveness and ownership in crafting and implementing company strategies without absolving its ultimate responsibly to providing direction for the company. Since that meeting, Ahmad has been making his rounds between the different departments and offices in MAS. He has spent about four days meeting up with employees of the airline in the past week, soliciting their feedback. And almost the same answers that were recommended in the 48-page document were told to him, according to source. Those in the know claim that a meeting with the chairman is being scheduled some time next week and it is at this meeting that the unions/associations hope they will get some answers on their proposals. MAS is expected to release its results by the end of the month and it said to be furiously working on a funding plan. It needs the money to start paying for the aircraft it has ordered. The capex this year could be well about RM6bil and for the next two years, the market is speculating MAS would need to raise RM3bil each year. The airline recently got a RM1.5bil bridging loan from CIMB and has about RM1bil in its coffers to take it through this year. Crank up sales One of the biggest problems cited in the 48-page document apart from the need to regain the trust of the staff is the need for MAS to crank up sales. The diagnosis is that what MAS earns now is not enough to support is expenses and no amount of cost cuts, be it staff or others, would solve the lack of income. But MAS does not even had a head of sales to lead a team, how could it possibly fight its rivals such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Thai International, Garuda and even AirAsia' asks a source. It is for this reason that the union/association has recommended that MAS appoint a head of sales as that position has been left vacant since the departure of Datuk Bernard Francis about a year ago. And the unions/association want to endorse the new appointment. MAS revenue per available seat km is 20 sen while that of Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific is 31.8 sen and 32.3 sen respectively. MAS cost per available seat km is 26 sen and this needs to brought down to 20 sen. The unions in the document, a copy was made available toStarBizWeek, also proposed that Dr Hugh Dunleavy be appointed commercial director to oversee the network, alliance, planning and sales and revenue management as to them, the position of the previous acting commercial head lapsed on April 15. What the unions/associations also found alarming is the doing away of six global sales agents (GSA) and downsizing MAS regional offices. This to them is not the norm of full service carriers and is a strategy adopted by low cost carriers. MAS, to cut cost, also wants to relocate its ticketing offices to airports which the unions/associations feel will drive passengers away. Are we operating on a low-cost model, or are we a full service carrier' How can you ask the full fare paying passenger to go to the airport to buy his ticket' We need to be in strategic places and we need to be where our competitors are, not where LCCs offices are' Have we missed a point here' MAS has to review this strategy, says a source. They also want the planned disbanding of GSAs unwound as they currently generate RM500mil in revenue for MAS a year. They also called for all contracts with consultants be purged and named the 12 companies which includes Plane Consult, Accenture, HCL Axon,Bain & Co, IBM, Ernst & Young, TMI, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Chimera, Intervista, Landor and Vantage Point. If you are talking about cutting cost, then purge the consultants first and only keep what is absolute necessary. Recognise the talent within, harness them and tap that experience. That has yet to be done, says a source. He adds that the whole share swap episode has rattled the trust and confidence and many of the union/association members are wondering if the core team really knows the value of existing employees as many consultants and new people were parachuted into the airline. The unions are asking that key leadership positions currently held by CCF linked AirAsia people be replaced with MAS employees who have proven track records and that MAS adopt the internal staff first policy and the deputy CEOs post to be also an internal employee with cross functional knowledge of the companys operations and a peoples person. The unions are still up in arms over the move of MAS headquarters to the KL International Airport from its existing base in Subang as they felt that will waste resources, though this project is said to have been deferred to July 2013. They also want the re-branding for MAS be put on hold as to them an airline cannot have two brands. The report also suggests that MAS keep its short and long haul operations under one entity and they also raised fears that ultimately there could be a plan to re-brand Firefly into a short haul carrier. The unions also listed out 11 areas which they alleged leakages were taking place and want a fully independent body such as the MACC to investigate to improve the corporate image and public perception of the airline. The controversial QPR sponsorship MAS also came in the crosshairs of the report which questioned the return on investment for MAS. They do not want the contract to be renewed. The feedback Even before they prepared the 48-page document, the unions/association got feedback from their staff and their thoughts were penned in six pages. The staff were against the spinning off and selling the airlines assets and business as that was the first thing they gave their feedback on. They were concerned with the collaborative tie up with AirAsia especially with engineering as this department was a seen as an important income generator for MAS. They also want the maintenance contract with AirAsia at US$33 an hour reviewed because the norm that MAS charges is US$46 per hour while the industry rate is US$80 to US$85 per hour. Staff also wanted job rotation, and faster decision making. As it is there are 17 layers in the organisation which some find too cumbersome and bureaucratic and there is also redundancy in governance. They also felt that MAS should have total control over all its functions and not contract out jobs which can be handled internally. It should adopt an open ticketing concept and do away with the no block seat allocation to travel agents. All business decisions should be made in a transparent manner and we should stop renovating or entering into sponsorships if it does not justify the returns. There should be no room for abuse, wastages and we should put a stop to any corruption in procurement, tenders and contracts. There should be simplicity in buying tickets and checking in system should be made seamless for customers if MAS wants to compete against regional premium carriers, says a source. No pay leave option On Thursday, MAS sent out a circular to its employees offering an option for them to go on a no-pay leave of up to one year. This is the second time in recent times that MAS employees have been offered the option. The first was during Idriss time as MD of MAS and then about 300 people took up the option. Will MAS get those numbers or more this time around' I doubt as people are worried about their jobs now. Until there is more clarity as to what the company direction is, many will hold on, says a source. That is one way to bring the staff cost down but right-sizing is not something that will be taken lightly if it is not done in the right manner. But if you just want to slash 25% to 30% of the work force without a proper separation package, then it will not go down well with the employees, says a source. SOURCE:http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/5/19/business/11321502&sec=business
  15. Is MASwings turning into BIMP EAGA true brand ambassador? Thursday, 17th May 2012 (Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok)- Regional carrier MASwings, a subsidiary from Malaysia Airlines, is increasingly turning into the “native” carrier of BIMP-EAGA. Ever heard of this acronym? BIMP-EAGA stands for Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines-East Asia Growth Area. It comprises mostly the islands of Borneo (Brunei/Indonesia/Malaysia), Sulawesi (Indonesia) as well Mindanao and Palawan (Philippines). A tourism brand was launched a couple of years ago to support tourism activities. Meanwhile, ‘Equator Asia’ – a Japan sponsored rebranding exercise- still did not achieved its target of bringing more awareness worldwide for the area. One of the biggest headaches for the growth triangle to be properly promoted was -and still is- the lack of international air connections as well as an efficient intra-BIMP EAGA air network. Brunei could be the natural international and intercontinental gateway to the region. However, the strategic decision from Royal Brunei Airlines not to have regional feeder services to its long haul network proves wrong. It disconnects rather than integrates Bandar Sri Begawan airport from the rest of the air movements in the region. Kota Kinabalu, which is already the largest airports in the area with over five million passengers a year and Kuching- both located in Malaysia- are due to take over the role of regional hubs which Brunei could have assumed. And they now will be helped by MASwings. MAS regional offshoot does not only link cities in East Malaysia but looks at increasingly offer international connections. Last February in its first development’s phase, MASwings started linking Kuching (Sarawak) to Pontianak (West Kalimantan) and Bandar Sri Begawan; from Kota Kinabalu (Sabah), the airline flies via Tawau to Tarakan (East Kalimantan) and to Bandar Sri Begawan. Success has been considerable, showing the relevance to develop intra-regional flights. Average occupancy for the new flights reached 65% in just a few months operations with some peak at 80%. MASwings consequently decided to move forward the opening of new international routes. The Kota Kinabalu-Tawau-Tarakan route will be upgraded to a daily frequency on July 1st while from October, it will also start a new route linking for the first time Kuching to Balikpapan, the centre of the oil industry in East Kalimantan. Negotiations are also going on to allow the carrier to operate a direct service from Kota KInabalu to Puerto Princesa, the main gateway to Palawan Island (Philippines). MASwings operates a fleet of 14 aircraft, including 10 ATR 72 with 68 seats. SOURCE: http://www.traveldai...and-ambassador-
  16. MASwings eyes jet operations by 2013 KOTA KINABALU - Regional carrier MASwings is looking at venturing into jet operations by 2013 if expansion of its operations remains on track. The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) subsidiary that currently operates 10 ATR-72 turboprop aircraft is eyeing the southern Philippine city of Davao as well as Manado and Ujung Pandang in the Indonesian province of Sulawesi as among its future destinations. For this, the airline would be requiring jets such as Boeing 737-400, currently being used by MAS. MASwings chief executive officer Datuk Capt Mohd Nawawi Awang said the company was looking at acquiring one more ATR aircraft, possibly from MAS' subsidiary Firefly. He said MASwings was optimistic about the prospects of its latest services between the city and Puerto Princessa in the southern Philippine island of Palawan and Kuching, and Balikpapan in Indonesia from October. Nawawi said this optimism was based on the average load factor of 65 per cent for MASwings flights to regional destinations of Tarakan, Pontianak and Bandar Seri Begawan since early this year. He said MASwings was also working with tourism authorities in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Phi­lippines for a special package for divers to Sabah, southern Philippines and Sulawesi. SOURCE:http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Malaysia/Story/A1Story20120510-344957.html
  17. Philippines AirAsia to start flights to Kuala Lumpur MANILA, Philippines - Philippines' AirAsia on Wednesday said it will begin flights from Clark International Airport in Pampanga to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June. "We are excited to announce that in the next few weeks, we will start operating our first regional route. Business travelers and OFWs will welcome this new service while it provides tourists exciting choices," AirAsia Inc. CEO Maan Hontiveros said, in a statement. After launching domestic flights last March, Philippines' AirAsia will start its first international route in June. The daily flights will depart from Clark to Kuala Lumpur at 15:15, while the return flight is from Kuala Lumpur LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) at 19:50. An existing Kuala Lumpur-Clark flight has been operated by Malaysia's AirAsia since 2005. AirAsia will use a brand new Airbus A320 for its new route. To promote its new flight, the company is offering one-way tickets from Clark to Kuala Lumpur at only P799, for travel from June 9 to November 30, 2012. The promo runs until May 13. The all-in fare includes base fare, fuel surcharge, processing fee and government mandated fees such as aviation security fee and VAT. "The additional frequency to Kuala Lumpur enables our guests especially Filipinos to have access to Malaysia’s awesome tourist destinations as well as to draw tourists from Malaysia to our amazing beaches and natural wonders in Puerto Princesa, Kalibo and Davao," Hontiveros said. The airline also has daily flights to Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao, Puerto Princesa International Airport in Palawan and twice daily flights to Kalibo International Airport. Philippines' AirAsia is a 60-40 joint venture between Filipino investors Hontiveros, Antonio "Tonyboy" Cojuangco and Michael L. Romero, and Malaysia's AirAsia International Inc., a subsidiary of AirAsia Berhad. SOURCE: http://www.abs-cbnne...ts-kuala-lumpur
  18. You mean HKG? or maybe Dragonair has the rights to operate between ICN and BKi?
  19. It seems KE has reversed the BKI withdrawal plan. They are resuming BKI twice weekly for summer season. Korean Air Resumes Kota Kinabalu Service in S12 by JL Update at 1000GMT 01MAY12 Korean Air on 28APR12 has resumed Seoul Incheon – Kota Kinabalu service, which operates twice a week on board mono-class Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Previously the airline planned to cancel this service for Summer season. Operational schedule: KE673 ICN1830 – 2250BKI 73H 36 KE674 BKI0020 – 0630ICN 73H 47 SOURCE: http://airlineroute.net/2012/05/01/ke-bki-s12/
  20. AirAsia tried both routes before, and failed. Maybe MASwings can try again.
  21. MASwings takeover talks still on Posted on 12 April 2012 - 05:37am KANG SIEW LI PETALING JAYA (Aprl 12, 2012): The Sabah and Sarawak state governments are still in discussion with the federal government to buy a stake in MASwings Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysian Airline System Bhd (MAS), despite talk that the deal has been concluded. "The talks are still preliminary and nothing has been finalised, including the size of the stake to be acquired," Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun told SunBizyesterday, in response to talk that the two state governments have already struck a deal to take over the airline under joint ownership with the federal government. Sarawak Tourism Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Openg also said it was too early to comment. When contacted, MAS' management denied involvement in the negotiations. "This was not in the Business Plan (unveiled last December) and hence is a surprise. Our main shareholder Khazanah Nasional Bhd may have the answers, as this is not in the Business Plan," a MAS spokesman said via email. A Khazanah spokesman said, however, the matter came under the purview of MAS, being the parent company of MASwings. Apart from a golden share, the federal government via its investment arm Khazanah, currently holds a 49% stake in MAS. The Employees Provident Fund owns another 9%. There's been speculation on MASwings' future since last year when MAS ceased Firefly's jet services from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching as part of a wider network rationalisation. Sources had told theSun then that the decision to end the Firefly service was taken poorly by the people in Sabah and Sarawak, prompting both state governments to lobby Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to acquire MASwings. MASwings was identified by the Sabah and Sarawak governments as the most suitable replacement for Firefly's jet services due to its existing network which presently covers 42 routes with 22 destinations in the two states. Last November, theSun reported Abang Johari as saying that the state may become a major shareholder of MASwings. He had said if all goes according to plan, MASwings will start operating as a regional airline by the middle of this year. In February, Abang Johari had said the prime minister had endorsed Sabah and Sarawak's suggestion that MASwings be made a regional operator instead of operating only rural air services in the two states. While it makes sense for the Sabah and Sarawak state governments to take a stake in MASwings, aviation analysts said a less than controlling stake would be "meaningless as it would only mean putting more money into the current MAS structure which is struggling to turn itself around". "The government is already subsidising MASwings some RM150 million a year to operate the Rural Air Services (RAS) in Sabah and Sarawak, so what's the difference if the Sabah and Sarawak governments were to just hold a less than controlling stake in MASwings? "Thus, the underlying principle of a joint-ownership agreement should be for the federal government to hold up to 49% in MASwings, while the Sabah and Sarawak governments hold a 51% stake. They must also separate the management of MASwings from MAS and allow the Sabah and Sarawak governments to grow MASwings themselves," said an analyst. MASwings operates a fleet of 10 ATR 72-500s. It carried 1.27 million passengers in 2010, a 36% increase over 2009. Its seat factor rose to 60% from 53% despite the increase in capacity during the period under review. SOURCE: http://www.thesundaily.my/news/347236
  22. is this for real? couldn't tell whether or not the ATR's livery is superimposed.
  23. Another good news for KLIA . AirPhil Express will launch MNL - KUL starting June 21st with 3 flights a week. No official announcement yet but they have loaded KUL in their schedule and open for reservations. Read somewhere that AirPhil Express also keen on launching CEB-KUL. Still waiting for Zest, SEAir and PQ to make their moves.
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