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  1. LGK cancelled already? That was quick. At least they tried... I remember maswings had 2 flights a days to PNK at one point. Maybe that's seasonal.
  2. Oh wow! That's good news. Maybe they should do KCH PNK too, or they have given up on starting new routes ex KCH?!
  3. Yes you are right. I did check the route a couple of months ago, the surcharges were a lot lower. I wonder if this is allowed, I always thought YQ ex-HK is regulated...
  4. Hi I wonder if anyone knows how are the taxes and surcharges (YQ in particular) calculated on a redemption ticket? It appears to me that MAS is imposing a higher fuel surcharge on certain routes, especially on countries where YQ is regulated... I was looking at HKG - KUL, it seems that a redemption ticket attracts higher YQ whereas revenue ticket follows the YQ set by the HK Civil Aviation Department.
  5. Yeah when I did BKI BWN many years ago, the drink run was done before push back. The cups were also collected before take off. IIRC we were given cold towels on the ground too. During the flight the crew only came round with a tray of full of sweets...they were popular with the kids!
  6. Is PR currently using the MH golden lounge at Heathrow T4? I wonder if the Etihad one is better?
  7. Interesting. How do you check the load of a particular flight? I always thought this kind of info is not made available to the public...
  8. Wow 1 June is the start of school holidays in Malaysia and most people in Sarawak also take extended holidays due to Hari Gawai. I guess the load must have been pretty bad then for AirAsia to make such decision. The other reason could be they can deploy the plane to other route whcih makes a better return?! I wonder if the media has been late in reporting this or AirAsia actually took the decision to axe the route in less than 2 weeks from now. Slightly off topic, does anyone know how's Kuching - Langkawi and Kuching - Kota Bahru doing? I hope they are facing the axe too...
  9. True... now you've mentioned it does sound more appropriate that the initiative comes from the immigration department rather than an airline.
  10. Wow that's good news. I guess it does send the message to the public that they do take the effort to improve security, especially in the aftermath of the MH370 disappearance. Am I the only person who feels that MH is getting a slap on the face for not being the first airline in Malaysia to implement this...
  11. Hmm... I wonder if there is a more cynicial plot behind this? e.g. the klia2 fee may follow the footsteps of fuel surcharge and balloon into something that is completely out of proportion to the overall ticket price? In 2004 the fuel surcharge for Singapore - London Heathrow return is USD20. Today it's a whopping USD350...
  12. Good news! I really hope that SQ will come out with a product that has a 'wow' factor, unlike the CX premium economy... On the other hand I am also hoping the introduction of the new PE cabin won't see any dilution on the economy class products.
  13. Wow so SQ also inherited their tagline 'A great way to fly' from MSA?
  14. Is this DPS or KLIA2? I arrived DPS a couple of weeks ago on TG. I didn't recall having to walk past the duty free to the immigration... Nice airport architecturally but they don't seem to know how to run it properly. Lots of staff hanging around but not doing much. I also had to wait almost 2 hours to go through immigration. The queue for taxi was a bit of a mess too... I am hoping that KLIA2 will be better.
  15. Interesting... how does that work? I assume you just need to pay the difference in fuel surcharges/other charges between J and Y cabin?
  16. You made it sound like it's the government's fault. FAX was never meant to be a commercial and profit making entity in the first place. It's main purpose is to serve the rural folks of Sarawak and Sabah, plus some secondary routes which do not have sufficient demand to be operated by larger jets
  17. Time flies! I can't believe it has been 7 years!
  18. Wow Amsterdam for RM1990? That's amzingly good value I guess if you do an open jaw like KUL-LHR and AMS-KUL, the fare should be similar. The RM600 difference is mostly due to the APD and a more expensive airport charges at Heathrow.
  19. Congrats MAR! Looks like you dont make your FM public anymore?! I'd say you made a good start for 2014 - it's only February but you have clocked up 15k+ miles!
  20. I see... I shall wait patiently I hope they can make it lasts longer this time round!
  21. Does anyone know what happened to the KUL-XIY flights? Doesn't seem to be bookable on the AirAsia site anymore...
  22. There are EY, TK, LH, KL, AF, CX and CZ too... sometimes you get pretty cheap fares even close to the departure date... but MH has the advantage of being the only airline that flies direct into KUL, I guess thats one of the main reason their fares to Malaysia aren't as attractive as the other airlines.
  23. Thanks for looking this up... I'll be flying on their A343 in Y soon... lets see if I can feel any difference in the legroom. IIRC the pitch is 34" ... a rarity these days.
  24. Can I ask if anyone has recently flown Silkair on SIN - KCH, LGK or PEN? Just curious to know if they have up their game in catering by providing something more substantial, or they are still serving the cold sandwiches or hot chicken pie that looks like a kari puff....
  25. Great news! Are they changing the aircraft to A333? I remember they have some A332s too which offer very similar products to their A343.
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