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  1. Airlineroute made a route rundown for KUL-TPE-OKA. Seems like D7 is pretty much targeting TPE-OKA traffic only (as I suspected). O&D traffic demand for 2018 was slightly less than 4,000 pax (which if I understand correctly, that's 10-11 PDEW for 2018).
  2. According to reports, NH+UA+AC will only operate the following TPAC flights from NRT wef Summer 2020 schedules: US: SFO (NH+UA), LAX (NH+UA), DEN (UA), IAH (UA), ORD (NH), JFK (NH), EWR (UA), HNL (UA), GUM (UA) CA: YVR (AC), YUL (AC), YYC (AC) MX: MEX (NH) I guess that should capture most of MY-JP-Americas market to keep NH 815/816 (NRT-KUL) alive.
  3. I don't know about you, but if Air Asia (or any airline for that matter) announces to me whilst waiting either at the gate or on board that my flight is delayed 6-7 minutes due to air traffic congestion, I wouldn't think that that airline is trying to save cost by getting further back in the queue. Have you been to LAX, JFK, LGA, FCO, CDG T1, TXL, CGK T2, KBV, HAN, SGN, DMK etc.? Those airports are far worse if you are there for an extended delay. And well, if you are delayed en-route or on the taxiway, then it doesn't make a difference anywhere. But I like how you compare SIN to KUL but yet we cannot compare their PSC to ours 🤷‍♂️ From the MAHB Press Release: Maybe you know better than all the stakeholders or airlines 😀. Sounds like AK agreed with the schedule (again, AK being one of the main operators at KUL and Runway 3, I really doubt MAHB just disregard their opinion). They would have known a year in advance about the scheduled disruption along with the capacity cut if necessary but they didn't voice their concerns then but now when the public can see the construction and runway closures, they start complaining. Opportunist much? Now you know why they never complain in a foreign country? Other countries can see right through it and ask them to pound sand.
  4. From the report: 6-7 minutes per flight. It adds up for sure, but petty much? Again, there are way more congested airports in the world that only operates with 2 runways but you don't see the main carrier(s) there complaining about it (have you heard about JT/GA complaining about CGK, SQ/3K complaining about SIN or CX/HX complaining about HKG)? They have a choice - close the entire runway (not sure if the construction is feasible/required) but AK Group will not be happy too and they will ask why don't they do it in phases and at least keep it open during peak hours (which is exactly what they are doing now). Why would pax complain to the airline if it's ATC delay or weather?
  5. But Heathrow is different. Heathrow isn't as high yield as KUL is and time is of the essence at KUL 🙄 CGK, an Air Asia Group base/hub and much busier airport than KUL, was also operating with 2 runways only until they opened the third runway a few months back. Didn't see any complains from AK Group there. Runway delays at JFK are so common due to runway constructions that it can literally take 2-3 hours just to clear the backlog but yet you don't see JetBlue or Delta complain about it. First they complain that KUL's runway was bumpy and MAHB needs to repair it and now when they are fixing it, they complain that they runway is closed for repairs.
  6. From what I read, it seems like MH Group is placing its codes on SQ flights to Europe, South Africa (ZA makes sense) plus other beyond (unnamed) destinations. SQ Group on the other hand is placing its code on MH flights within Malaysia. I read it as MH can funnel their Europe bound traffic via SIN/SQ where as SQ will funnel their Malaysia bound traffic via KUL/MH. If anything, the up gauge will only be on KUL-SIN for MH/SQ (SQ is not placing its code on MH services beyond Malaysia). MH-SQ frequencies don't really overlap that much for either KUL-SIN or SIN-KUL (the bulk of it is either early morning or late afternoon/early evening in both directions for the business market between the two cities as well as connection banks on both ends). If you combine all carriers operating between KUL and SIN (TR, ,OD, AK, 3K etc.), there's a flight almost every 15 minutes or so between the two cities.
  7. That actually exists a lot in the modern world, especially in developed countries. Canada and Australia for example are highly protective of their market from foreign carriers (and US currently regret opening their skies that much). A PER-SYD or YVR-YYZ ticket can cost more than say a PER-DPS or YVR-TYO ticket! Malaysia on the other hand encourages a lot of foreign carriers into Malaysia. As far as government controlling foreign carriers into their own country, here are a few examples: SG/QA (Qatar) can't operate more than 3 weekly flights into Canada. QA/MY has a frequency/capacity cap into AU. I wasn't sure if you are referring to Malindo or Lion Air (Lion Air is not under MAVCOM jurisdiction unless they flood the ID-MY market). But in any case, MAVCOM rejects ATR (air traffic rights) applications if they think a carrier is trying to flood market and get rid of competitors. They have rejected some of AK/OD/MH ATR applications before. Now if you are asking for MAVCOM to remove a previously approved ATC because of overcapacity, I don't think this is possible. And I don't think MAVCOM has the right to see each carrier's route performance (yields, connecting pax, revenue etc.); they can request and I am pretty sure they already have access to the number of passengers between two cities and its demand. They are also responsible for approving ATI/JV for foreign carriers operating into Malaysia. They recently approved the LHG/SQ JV for MY-DE/CH/AT market (previously the JV was only valid for SG/AU-DE/CH/AT). Currently they are evaluating whether to approve MH/JL JV and how much capacity both carriers will hold in total in the event that the JV is approved. If you think MAVCOM is slow, the Japan's equivalent hasn't even approve the JV yet either, so 🤷‍♂️.
  8. Many many moons ago, a LHR-KUL-SYD/MEL ticket cost almost the same as a LHR-KUL ticket with free stopovers in KUL. So my plan was always to buy a ticket to Australia with 2 stopovers in KL. I am not aware that Malaysia does not have enough cheap foreign workers, do you? So these regional flights you are speaking of, to connect to MH 09:00 bank, they need to depart before 06:00 to get in around 07:00 (or even earlier since Malaysia is GMT +8 whilst most neighbors are GMT +7), yes? Which business traveler don't value time for a regional flight that they'll take an even earlier morning flight with a connection? Not many business pax is going to fly SIN-KUL-BKK or BKK-KUL-CGK. And in case you are wondering, MH does have early morning departures from SIN, BKK, CGK, MNL, HKG (the major business cities around the region I'd say) and you can guess why they have a RON aircraft at those stations even at HKG/SIN with exorbitant parking fees and not others (e.g. SGN, PNH etc.).
  9. Again, how does MAVCOM help in this issue? None of us are saying it shouldn't be improved.
  10. So your suggestion is to lower the foreign worker fees/levy to import cheap labourers from say South Asian or Vietnam/China to Malaysia and then companies who want cheap labour invest in Malaysia by hiring those non-Malaysian cheap labour? And what makes you think MH is not attracting business travelers from other countries? I mean MH don't just sell SIN-MY from Singapore you know 😉
  11. Malaysia is not a huge business destination to begin with and IIRC, MH was commenting that their 350 do not have enough J seats for their current 350 destinations (LHR, TYO, KIX). Amongst other destinations that I know it's hard for me to find Z class: AKL, SYD, MEL, and the occasional TPE/PVG. MH714/715 to DPS is also surprisingly hard to find J seats.
  12. I still do not see how it is MAVCOM's responsibility to make MAHB clear the duty free for immigration (I am aware it's a problem whether in T1/T2, but I don't know if MAVCOM is the right agency for it). I understand MAVCOM is to protect the consumer but how are the consumer rights affected from long immigration queues. It happens everywhere (even in uber efficient SIN, my family member waited over an hour to clear immigration there). I've seen queues at SFO/JFK recently where it's backed up all the way to the gates and let's not even talk about BKK /LHR- if it's bad, it can take 1-2 hours. If you arrived last in an arrival bank, then you are a SOL.
  13. I am glad you brought this up. Hot off the press today from the World Bank. Malaysia is ranked as the 12th easiest country to do business (2nd in ASEAN after SG, ranked second worldwide). Thailand is 21 and Vietnam is 70. Ever wonder why they moved to Vietnam instead of Malaysia? Hint: cheap labour I think you are the pax MAB identified as the problem 😃. You are not willing to pay more for a nonstop (most nonstop flights are way more expensive than a connection). You should see how much SQ and CX charges in their home market. You should see how much MH charges for business class ex-SG/TH, most of the time way cheaper than ex-MY. I think MH serve most business cities with a decent schedule and most of the time, at a higher frequency than foreign carriers, catered for ex-KUL market. Look at schedule for HKG, BKK, SGN, TPE, SYD, TYO, PVG. Are you sure that's the case? MH 318/319 has 2.5 hours turnaround time. They could have left PKX at 08:00 if they really want an hour turnaround.
  14. I don't think the problem is limited to KLIA2/T2. My friend arrived from SIN on MH last week and he told me it took him an hour to clear immigration (he doesn't hold a Malaysian passport). Having that said, I really don't know how Mavcom is responsible for solving or to be blamed for long immigration queues. This is almost like UA/AA/DL complaining to the DOT for long immigration queues. I didn't know that consumer rights involve short immigration waiting time.
  15. From The Qatar Source and Flightradar24, it seems like A7-BCA operated the first (but not inaugural?) flight to LGK. A7-BCG operated the second flight to LGK. But the video is good tho
  16. The good news is that NRT will reduce their curfew hours to 00:30 and 05:00 later this month. MH71 will now depart NRT at 22:30 and a much better KUL arrival at 05:25. MH 140 (along with MH 866 from DPS and MH848 from Solo) are those with ungodly hours arrivals. Btw, I am not sure if PKX has curfew (or maybe temporary curfew).
  17. Guess how long till CA suspend their PEK-KUL flights again 😬
  18. New schedule: 0040KUL - PKX0700 MH318 333 D 1430KUL - PKX2050 MH364 333 357 0930PKX - KUL1600 MH319 333 D 2155PKX - KUL0425+1 MH365 333 357 Are there really no 1-2 hours later slots left at PKX for MH365? That's quite an ungodly hour arrival into KUL (and also 55 mins turnaround seems tight for A333).
  19. Most of these announcements arent made on a Saturday. Bad announcements are usually Friday. Good announcements usually earlier in the week. Are we playing Wheres Waldo. I mean MH crew?
  20. I have IDNotify (part of Experian) which was ironically provided to me either by Starwood (RIP) or CX or BA leak
  21. The way Malindo handling this is abysmal. I have not received any notifications from Malindo whilst I have received at least 10 notifications from my ID monitoring company that my passport number, full name, full address, and phone numbers are all over the dark web.
  22. And Indonesia takes the news top spot today for outlawing sex outside marriage. And just to add to my comments before, the government or political party should know or at least realize that most gay travelers have a lot of disposable income (gay couples are mostly DINKs - dual income, no kids), so if they don't want their pink dollars, countries like Thailand are more than happy to accept them. You do know that in order for Malaysia to count it as a visitor, that said visitor needs to spend at least 1 night in Malaysia (that's how Malaysia count visitor numbers)?
  23. Ermm who are they trying to attract with that schedule?! And did they announced these new flights about a week or two before they are going to fly it?
  24. Malaysia has PDPA, in some ways, a weak version of EU's GDPR. No fines or notification to affected individuals within a certain time frame to speak of. This is under MCMC's jurisdiction. Depends if they want to take Lion Air / Malindo to court (maybe a better way to generate income for the government instead of taxes?).
  25. 1) I didn't say Bali is unpopular, what I said was Bali is not more interesting than Malaysia. As popular as Bali is, their tourism numbers are decreasing too. Their numbers are down to 2.29MM from 2.35MM for Jan-May period (with fewer tourists from Australia, China, and India). As interesting as Bali is, I'd never want a Bali/Phuket in Malaysia. 2) I am pretty sure other tourists visit Cambodia and Laos in addition to Western tourists. If you look at Tourism Cambodia's website, you'd see a huge decline in "western tourist" numbers when comparing 2018 to 2017. Europe dropped 5.8%, Americas (both north and south) dropped 6.5% whilst visitors from AU and NZ dropped 11.4% and 18.1% respectively. 3) You can spend a week at either KBV or KCH but they are both very different. There is almost no beach to speak of close to KCH but KBV is almost all beach/islands. I paid RM120 for a MH flight, bought 2 days before departure including bags. I'd like to think that's extremely reasonable 5) If you look at hotels in BKK and the strong THB, it's much less of a bargain now. Back when RM1~10THB, it was great. Now that RM1 ~7.30THB, not so much. We are known for our natural attractions (national parks, beach, caves). Now if people will just stop cutting down trees, that'll be great Malaysia Tourism Board stats for Jan-Jun 2019. And why are you excluding China? They aren't our neighbors . ID, SG, TG, and BN (for Jan-Jun 2019) makes up around 66% of our visitor arrivals, but that's relatively common for most countries. Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam aren't booming (in regards to European visitors). See above for Cambodia visitor arrivals SIN and HKG are financial/corporate hubs with strong outbound market. BKK has a strong inbound market. I feel like the Tourism Minister position is like a consolation prize. I don't think I've ever seen a competent Tourism Minister, both past and present. Marketing isn't great and Malaysia as a country to calm down on the anti-LGBT and anti-Semitism - there are way more important issues to focus on (or rather these issues are brought up to coverup other incompetencies). Malaysia news rarely make it to BBC/Guardian etc. The last big one was probably the missing, now dead, Irish girl. And it's always the case for any foreign media to portray negative image of other countries to make their own country looks good in respect to others. But don't worry, we have US and UK who pretty much takes the spot for incompetent government for now
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