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SS Lee

Penang (WMKP/PEN) 2015

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New Year, New Thread, New Planes, New Places. Have a great year ahead.



IMG_8257 by sslee86, on Flickr

Thai Airways International A320 (HS-TXA) - They now use A320s to replace the A330s



IMG_8303 by sslee86, on Flickr

Dragonair A330-342 (B-HLB)



IMG_8312 by sslee86, on Flickr

Caught this MAS soaring overhead. Quite a lot of planes flying around in the morning. Even caught SQ's 330.



IMG_8325 by sslee86, on Flickr

Malindo ATR72-600 (9M-LMO)



IMG_8340 by sslee86, on Flickr

Air Hong Kong A306F (EI-EXR)



IMG_8361 by sslee86, on Flickr

This is a first for me. RMAF Beech 200T (M41-03)

It took such a short length of the runway and lifted off pretty fast. Even at full zoom, it was small.



IMG_8372 by sslee86, on Flickr

Ahhhh an AirAsia (9M-AHH)



IMG_8399 by sslee86, on Flickr

Korean Air Cargo (HL7449)


Glad to have got this on its delivery flight to Kiwiland


IMG_8408 by sslee86, on Flickr

Air New Zealand Link (ZK-MVF)



IMG_8419 by sslee86, on Flickr

China Southern sent a shorter aircraft, the A319 (B-6209)



IMG_8443 by sslee86, on Flickr

Saving fuel for a better tomorrow, reducing weight by removing the gear door (9M-FIB)


The beginning of the year is such a great time for spotting with blue skies and bright sunlight.


Happy New Year to all.





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Thanks Raymund. I have not had the chance to ride on TG yet. Hopefully sometime in the future. I see their A330s lifting of the ground fairly early, which suggests very light load. Chances might be a little slim for them to send the 330s back here, now that their 320s are operational.



More from that day.



IMG_8447 by sslee86, on Flickr

FedEx (N572FE) on the runway



IMG_8454 by sslee86, on Flickr

And now on the taxiway.


Then it was time to try some closeups.



IMG_8464 by sslee86, on Flickr

AirAsia (9M-AQV)


Missed a closeup opportunity on the first FedEx. Lucky though that FedEx sends 3 freighters to Penang on Saturdays.



IMG_8471 by sslee86, on Flickr




IMG_8492 by sslee86, on Flickr

9M-AQM still in old reds



IMG_8500 by sslee86, on Flickr

N723FE - Pity that nose



IMG_8504 by sslee86, on Flickr

Shot from the left.



IMG_8508 by sslee86, on Flickr

9M-FYL - Second one without the gear door



IMG_8515 by sslee86, on Flickr

9V-TAO - Turbotiger


And finally, ending smoothly with SilkAir


IMG_8526 by sslee86, on Flickr



First session of the year checked. Many more to come.




Edited by SS Lee

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Short session with -MUD as the main catch of the day with China Airlines Cargo being the secondary catch.



IMG_8722 by sslee86, on Flickr

Firefly ATR72-500 (9M-FYG)



IMG_8734 by sslee86, on Flickr

Firefly ATR72-500 (9M-FYA)



IMG_8745 by sslee86, on Flickr

Malindo ATR72-600 (9M-LMM)



IMG_8770 by sslee86, on Flickr

Malindo ATR72-600 (9M-LMQ)



IMG_8786 by sslee86, on Flickr

AirAsia A320-216 (9M-AHM) - The one with the special Taylor Swift livery



IMG_8833 by sslee86, on Flickr

MASKargo A330-223F (9M-MUD)



IMG_8842 by sslee86, on Flickr

Malaysia Airlines B737-8GQ (9M-MLD)


Thankfully it is the beginning of the year, where the sun doesn't set that early, and also that MASKargo arrived on time.


Short trip. (China Airlines Cargo never arrived though)




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Thanks Laurie, had a great time spotting. Looks like they could be from Singapore, but cannot confirm as they were a distance away when I saw them. Wonder if it has anything to do with the coming LIMA exhibition.

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hmmm... then gotta leave to luck then. i din get the chance to make a detour to airport.... i tried to look around the company fleet movement through FR24 but no luck... not even FR24 able to tell me something. Maybe they make a stop over in Penang? It sound kinda awkward stop as well as AN124 able to fly from Shanghai Pudong to Seattle non stop. Probably they shipping something bulky over here to Penang maybe? :D

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Cargo aircraft don't usually stop for too long unless it is due to crew limitations. They normally spend enough time on the ground to load and unload. Then they go off.

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These aircraft are quite often used to transport equipment from the UK for FPDA exercises. Normally have the first of these exercises early-/mid-April. Could be tied into that.

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I think can track on FR24, no?

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Time to get this thread up and going again.


Some shots pre- and post- LIMA 2015. All from within the terminal / plane.






Sunrise, Tower and a C-130


And here are some shots arriving to Penang



Silkair holding before takeoff



9V-MGA is now back in normal colours



9M-AQH at the gate



9M-LMO - My ride from Subang



That's all for this session




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A fleet of helicopters departed PEN during the afternoon. Looked like a pair of Pumas, a pair of Chinooks and a pair of something I could not quite make out. Gave me the impression of Apache, but somehow could have passed for the UH-1 series.

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the RMAF A400M cruises passed Penang island in wednesday evening and thursday night, at 18000ft altitude (i check it from FR24 after i wonder what aircraft that sound so peculiar). what my ears tells me is this A400M doesn't sound like a typical prop plane like ATR or Fokker fly through high altitude, not even like C130H as well. It's more to a mixture of A320 does it's fly pass while climbing + some bits of prop plane. hmmm.... if it comes by PIA then i wanna snap it's pic and hear the noise of it. :acute:

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He came?? In THAT??? WOW. The last time, the 747 was used.


Know if he is still in town? Cause if he is, there might be a good chance to catch it tomorrow?

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I went down yesterday morning for the first time in about 6 months. No sign of an A340 then.


There was a GIV, B-LAS, parked on the pan between the tower and the fire station though.

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A few from yesterday morning at the bus stop.


17376349631_4afa314abf_c.jpgTigerair Airbus A320-232(WL), 9V-TRH. by Janner88, on Flickr


17188895768_3b9f5be49c_c.jpgMalindo Boeing 737-9GP (ER) (WL), 9M-LNF. by Janner88, on Flickr


17190473249_a98ebb1e1b_c.jpgAir Asia Airbus A320-216, 9M-AHM. by Janner88, on Flickr


Just after I got there, three fire engines deployed along the western side of Rwy 22. Thought there might be a problem but after five minutes or so, they returned to the station. This was one of them.

17189115940_9ebdb71c54_c.jpgAt the ready. by Janner88, on Flickr

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