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  1. IC still using the old A320s to KUL? Any idea where was this flight headed to? MAA? Nice pic Azahan - Vivek
  2. Thanks guys for your comments. KE operates an A333 to BOM. That 744 was KE Cargo, parked at the BOM Cargo terminal. - Vivek
  3. Thanks guys for your comments! Was really busy with work, and had no time to update this thread....But here are the updates Agni Air Dornier 228. A real classic - Nepal Airlines HS-748 Buddha Air - ATR-42 Yeti Airlines Twin Otter getting ready for departure I am sure you must be meeting this lady often at KUL Buddha Air Beech 1900D Unfortunately no photos from Lukla But, more from the Everest Experience mountain flight still to come - Vivek
  4. Hi All, Here are some photos from my recent trip to Nepal. Enjoy! Buddha Air ATR-42 9N-AIN Buddha Air only recently inducted the ATR-42s in their fleet. BTW, this is now the largest aircraft in their fleet Gorkha Airlines Dornier 228 Sita Air Dornier 228 Yeti Airlines Jetstream 41 Agni Air Dornier 228 - Vivek P.S. There's more to come
  5. Here's a cabin shot of 9M-AFC from my trip to Malaysia back in 2006. Nice, clean interiors - Vivek
  6. I think its best not to go there for some time considering the recent terror attacks. I haven't gone there since the past month or so. I'll wait till the security situation improves before heading there. Will let you guys know once I get first hand info. - Vivek
  7. Nice shot TK. If you notice in the top right hand corner of the image, you can see a Kingfisher A330-200 parked at a remote bay. This has been parked since quite a few days, as Kingfisher has delayed the start of their BOM-HKG service because of the present economic crisis. A Go Air (Orange) A320 can also be seen parked at a remote bay in the background (just above the AI A310) - Vivek
  8. Here are some of my latest A4 shots on Anet. Lufthansa A330-300 to MUC. This flight has now been shifted to a night-time departure BA 772 arrival from LHR Finnair A340-300 to HEL Air India A310-300 - Vivek
  9. Excellent shots TK. You seem to have made the most of your short visit to BOM! Next time, come on a holiday and not on duty, so that you can spend more time spotting Looking forward to more shots from you..... - Vivek
  10. A few cabin shots from me: Jet Airways 737-800 - new Economy Cabin - VT-JBB Jet Airways 737-800 VT-JBC Jet Airways ATR-72 VT-JCC Kingfisher A319 VT-KFJ - Vivek
  11. Beautiful night shots Azahan! Very crisp and sharp - Vivek
  12. I am sure you must have seen the new liveried Jet Airways 737-800s. Here is what the interiors look like: Both Economy & Business Class have touchscreen PTVs with full AVOD! The selection of movies & other audio and video programs was quite good. - Vivek
  13. Excellent shots Pieter! Good to see Soviet-era aircraft in action - Vivek
  14. Here's a couple more: - Vivek
  15. Nice catch of the EY 346 and 345 Chaity and KS Ong! The light was beautiful EY sends a whole variety of aircraft to BOM. You get to see anything from an A320 to an A330, A340-300, A340-500 or an A340-600. The usual is an A330-200. - Vivek
  16. Cornelis must have reached home last evening. I guess he will take a couple of days to settle down after all that hectic travelling
  17. A couple more! Saudi Arabian 747-300 HZ-AIR Air India A320 VT-EPK in the ACT'07 colour scheme - Vivek
  18. And here's an Air India 747-400 in the classic AI livery. Click on the image below for a full 1400 pixel view - Vivek
  19. Look what I got!!!! Iron Maiden B-757 "Ed Force One" - when it had visited BOM for their concert back in Feb 2008 (Click on the image below for a 1200 pixel view ) - Vivek
  20. Thank you all for your kind comments! Thanks to Canon "L series" Here's another one: SQ 777-312 9V-SYB - Vivek
  21. Latest ones on Anet: (Click on the images below for a larger view} Spicejet Boeing 737-900ER at Bangalore (BLR/VOBL) Air India Express 737-800 VT-AXR at BOM Saudi Arabian Boeing 747-100 at BOM - Vivek
  22. Nice shot Chaity! BTW, VT-AXW and AXX have already landed in India. Looking forward to see shots of these birds :-) - Vivek
  23. Well, Kingfisher is already a 5-star airline as rated by Skytrax. In fact, it is one of the six five star airlines in the world. Here is the list: http://www.airlinequality.com/StarRanking/5star.htm MH is also one of them - Vivek
  24. Yes, they have enquired for slots at AMS, although they seem to be looking at other airports in Europe as well. I am not quite sure whether they have made a formal application for slots at AMS. Kingfisher's international product on their A330s looks absolutely fabulous (although its a bit too much of red IMO ) Their premium class (Kingfisher calls it "Kingfisher First") looks really neat. Here are the highlights of their International offering: The "Kingfisher First" cabin has 30 full flat-bed seats with a 180 degree recline, in a seat pitch of 78 inches, and a seat width of 20 to 24.54 inches. The inflight entertainment in Kingfisher First uses 17 inch IFE screens, with AVOD touch screen controls and offers a total of 357 hours of programming and content spread over 36 channels. Other "Kingfisher First" cabin features include: * An in-seat massager on every seat * Touch screen controls * Mood lighting * Service for jacket ironing onboard * Spectacle cleaning * Shopping on board * Merino wool blankets * Noise cancellation headphones by BOSE * In-seat chargers and USB connectors for every seat * 5-course meals * Finest wines, spirits and liquor The Economy "Kingfisher Class" cabin has 187 seats, offering a seat pitch of 34 inches, a seat width of 18 inches, and a seat recline of 25 degrees (6 inches). Other "Kingfisher Class" cabin features include: * Business class meals in economy (larger portions) * International cabin crew * Full length modacrylic blankets * Full size pillow * KFC in seat chargers * USB connectors 1 for 2 * Mood lighting * Web chat & E-mail The inflight entertainment in Kingfisher Class uses 10.6 inch IFE screens, with AVOD touch screen controls and offers a total of 357 hours of programming and content spread over 36 channels.
  25. Hi Sanjay, Thanks for your comments! I am based in BOM. - Vivek
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