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  1. Hehe was there~ the cake was nice. =) Got some pics from the annual dinner but the quality is... disappointing. was just using my n70 btw, happy birthday kevin!
  2. cool... will try to make it there~
  3. naahh.. wasnt trying to translate what SV said.. im sure he meant sthg else.. i was just saying... in general. u nawmsaying? plissssssssssss dont get me wrong~ k k??
  4. pardon me. does 'el cheapo' airline mean low quality pilots? im just saying. n is it really necessary to be with so called high class airline to be recognised as highly qualified pilots? again, im just saying. peace~
  5. cool~ btw, NWA? as in, Nashawn Wade Airlines in Soul Plane?
  6. *extreme newbie speaking here~ So... this 32R is the latest runway we have. Is it? How i wish i cud join u guys go spotting... btw, those pics are absolutely gorjasss~
  7. Sigh... another crash.. and another "see..." from my mum
  8. LOL tot it was gonna be something bad.. hahah my bad~
  9. haha didnt touch it~ so yea been to the second interview... im just so glad that this whole thing is over. being selected or not, that doesnt really matter anymore. (it does actually) but hey.. done my best. Tho my presentation didnt really go that well. one of the interviewer really made me nervous! hahah with the stare...suicide questions.. u noe.. hahahah of koz i'd be frustrated if i dn get selectd. but evrything happens for a reason.. there's a lot of other opportunities for me outthere.. i believe. so all the best to other candidates!
  10. my frens said the airport looked like medan selera. hahahahah (wut do we call medan selera in english?LOL)
  11. hey i live in KL but hv never seen such plane u guys r talking about! owh.. were in negeri sembilan for the past few days.. haha my bad~ btw was it really... 'something'? like.. owh i missed it, it's my lost. ?
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