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  1. Commercially important person lounge? But does Malaysia Airport has one? Never heard of it.
  2. LCCTs seem to be de rigueur now. I'm pretty sad actually that such inane idea comes from a man in his position. Do you think TF was dead serious about this or just humoring the MB's pipe dream?
  3. Had a close shave myself while my flight was on approach to AMS from LHR. The plane I was on flew into a flock of birds on a nice sunny day, no strikes luckily. Managed to catch a glimpse of at least 5 or 6 white birds out of my window on starboard side. On disembarkation the captain confirmed we flew into a flock of birds.
  4. Now I know what airline to avoid if I ever find myself in Pakistan
  5. Brilliant idea! Finally they got something right! Personally I don't think this is even remotely discriminative. Judging by your post, your kids must be a bit of an aviation enthusiast to care about sitting in the upper/lower deck on the 380, following in dad's footsteps?
  6. Did it land on soft ground, or was it just a runway excursion?
  7. The sound of impact is just eerie. That combined with the confusing phraseology used by Tower brought the plane down. The controller said 'descend two four zero zero' which got misintepreted as 'TO four zero zero', if only he'd said 'descend TO two four zero zero' they might not have hit the ground. Amazing how the omittance of that little word brought the plane down.
  8. This makes me wanna travel back in time and bring all the money I have now with me. Alas, today's money isn't probably legal tender then
  9. I'm pretty sure that a person of her calibre speaking Manglish is unheard of.
  10. I'm confused, is the all-blue livery a one-off thing?
  11. Try making one with blue and green, like AK back in the day!
  12. The next thing you know, MH starts selling Crayolas onboard.
  13. The upside down backwards kite is upon us! Not liking it one bit, looks and feels weird!
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