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  1. Dear members, Thank you very much for all the enthusiastic reply. To give you a background of the proposed trip, I work in furniture industry, so the purpose of the trip is to visit some of our customers in Dubai, Kuwait, and Doha (and also to attend the trade show there). For your information, I will travel on Y class, as I always do. I will be spending minimal time at the airport, as most of my time will be on the road visiting customers. I have heard good things about QR and EK, but I too also heard some not so friendly comments about EK. Does anyone know what the temperature is going to be like in the Gulf States around mid November?
  2. I am planning a business trip to the Middle East (Doha, Dubai, Kuwait) around mid November, and basically down to either Emirates or Qatar. I have not flown both, so is there any recommendations? Regards
  3. I had boarded the plane twice many years ago, both on the HKG - KUL leg. I think I still like her before her enlargement.
  4. Thanks Waiping for the tip. Sorry Mushrif for off topic. I try to find PM button but could not get it.
  5. Waiping, Can you tell me more about this CX offer and where I can find it? I may be heading to HKG sometime between now and end of December. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY INTERESTED IN THIS.
  6. Flee, You really should look yourself up at the mirror and repeat everything you wrote, and tell me you agree with everything the man in the mirror said.
  7. I have been using Expedia for my US domestic travel and hotel for the past few years, and everything has been fine. Journey mercies to you, and remember to post many Lexington photos on the site. I miss UK.
  8. Please tell me you are going to attend the University of Kentucky. Finally someone going to the same school as me What's your major?
  9. Don Muang of course, thank you very much SV. By the way, I missed out on Guangzhou and Saigon airport too on my list.
  10. Wow, very impressive list from a lot of members. My is as follow Malaysia Subang - T1, T2, T3 KLIA - MTB, LCCT Kuching Miri Sibu Bintulu Penang Asia Hong Kong - Kai Tak, Chep Lap Kok Seoul - Gimpo Shanghai - Hongqiao Shenzhen Beijing Bandar Seri Bagawan Changi Jakarta Bangkok - the old now (what's its name?) Taipei Macau Xiamen Jinjiang Europe Amsterdam Paris Stavanger Frankfurt North America San Francisco Los Angeles New York - JFK, Newark, Laguardia Philadephia Pittsburg Lexington Las Vegas Greensboro Charlotte Dallas - Fort Worth Houston Atlanta Seattle Cincinnati Chicago Minneapolis Denver Richmond Anchorage Toronto
  11. Thanks for the correction. Anyway, that was old story. The mission of that trip, to join the Hong Kong handover party. Those were the days before marriage where one could do whatever whenever one wanted.................
  12. I remembered, back in 1997, taking a MH flight (MH69 or something) KUL-PEN-HKG. The flight was operated by A333. Didn't know why MH cancelled this flight.
  13. So what's the routing like? 1 directional (eastbound all the way) or ?
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