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  1. i've cleaned a lot of blood stain of birds off the aircraft and engine but one time i removed chicken from landing gear off A320 flew all the way from Bangladesh and it still in one piece.
  2. tis is so damn awesome shot. thanks for sharing
  3. I was the one in the office who received the call from Engineering Mandala at MLG airport and my first question to him are there any casualties and thank God nobody is injured eventhough few news reported 3 to 5 passengers injured. Crisis management center is set up immediately in my office before permanent CMC is set up at the HQ office. Few info on the flight, aircraft registration PK-RIL Flight No RI 260 Route CGK-MLG carrying 89 passengers. Recovery team from Merpati Nusantara arrived at the scene approximate at 2330hrs last night and most probably recovery process will start early this morning awaiting for the first light (I'm already at my apartment). My camera is at the scene at the moment but not in my hands hopefully when i'm back at the office this sunday morning i'll be able to upload few photos.
  4. KC Sim those shots are really rare thanks for sharing.
  5. Great, great, great and great coverage guys.
  6. Soon with B737-200 Rego PK-CDA leased from cardig air.
  7. No problem as long as i am still here but preferebly weekend la bro. Nightlife also not so bad but can't beat Jakarta lorr. Thanks Captain, most of the Fokker 27/28 already sold as a 'besi buruk' but not the Fokker 100. I think the DC3 at the end of the runaway belong to Bali Air , but there is no access road for me take the photo unless i buy 600mm F4. Thanks Fitri. Will post final part when phtobucket gets to normal working order.
  8. WOooho nice coverage Arimi. Its too bad m still stuck in SUB.
  9. PART 3 - MMF (MERPATI MAINTENANCE FACILITIES) MMF is located in Juanda International Airport, Surabaya.Only one hangar which can facilitate up to 4 narrow body aircraft at one time.Most of their 3rd party customer are from local airlines due to unavailability of MRO Foreign Approval. Even most of their mechanics are very experienced ,I'll would say their MRO is way to far from the international standards due to limited resources,facilities and work culture. 1. The one and only hangar 2. A total of more than 20 aircrafts grounded 3.Rotten B732 4.More of Merpati 5. Bali Air 6. Mandala PK-RII 7.Adam Air - I didn't bring my 24-70mm so no full aircraft view guys. 8. Interesting traffic seen from the facilities. MERPATI 9.SRIWIJAYA 10. Pelita Air 11. Batavia Air 12. www.imtrec.com Next and final part i'll post shots from around JUANDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Thanks for viewing.
  10. Not that GMF can't do maintenance on Mandala Jurassics but MMF charges is very2 low compare to GMF. Total hangars in GMF are 3.The one in the photos is Hangar 3 where GMF do their 3rd party aircraft, I think Hangar 3 alone can accommodate up to 6 or 7 narrowbody aircraft at one time. Lambat lagi la SAM, this aircraft just finished its C6 chk and one more still in progress or maybe on their return to lessor chk it'ii be in SZB.
  11. PART 2 CONTINUED 16. Rusted heavy 17. Garuda DC-10 18. Lion Air 734 19.Jatayu 732 20. NURMAN Avia 21. The smallest 22. Oman Air B738 being push back after a photo session. 23. OneTwoGo in a fresh livery. On the tarmac for refuelling. 24. This Fokker came a long way from South Africa. End of the report from GMF. All of the sudden I've been asked to move to Merpati Maintenance Facilities (MMF) to monitor one of Mandala B732 undergoing C chk. Pack my stuff off I go to Juanda International Airport.(Surabaya). Transition photos from CGK to SUB, Ah Mois of Mandala. Stay tuned for Part 3, photos of Adam Air cracked fuselage.
  12. Thanks Pieter, PC Yuen and Kwek. All the aircrafts seen in the background are not flying and some even sitting there for more than a years already.
  13. PART 2 - GARUDA MAINTENANCE FACILITIES Garuda Maintencance Facilities is the biggest MRO in Indonesia. I was there for about 2 months monitoring 2 Mandala 737-400 undergoing C chk with my Boss and Mandala own Tech Rep. Camera is not allowed into the facilities thus most of the shots are hide and seek from the security personnel. Enuff talking these are the second part. Hope u guys enjoy. 1.Aircraft scattered outside of GMF hangar seen from above. 2.Mandala PK-RIT positioned outside the hangar for Photo Session. 3.Garuda preparing for EGR. 4.Garuda 3 Hollers 5.More Real Holes 6. 7. Garuda Airbus 8. Phuket Air 9. Phuket in diff. color 10. Merpati in racing spec 11. More in racing spec 12.Adam Air 13.Phuket annd Saudi 14.Saudi Close up 15.Another heavyweight Part 2 to be continued
  14. Thanks Azahan, Ignatius, Norman, Kevin and Raj. Thanks Arimi, I'll always wanted to join u guys spotting @WIII but since m stuck in Juanda for the past 2 weeks maybe in future ya. Thanks Seth. If i'm not mistaken SQ always send their A345 on Saturday and Sunday. The shots taken from departure hall m on my way back to KUL.Btw it was on take off roll. Dun worry Sam now we're trying to send 732 back to SZB for C chk. Hope to see them doing the maintenance like b4. At the moment they sent their Jurassics to Merpati.
  15. As i promised to Norman and Meor long time back, just like to share with you guys photos from Cengkareng and Juanda International Airport. Enjoy guys PART 1 - Cengkareng 1. Airport View from above. 2. Adam Air 3.Air Asia Indonesia 4.Value Air 5.Our own National Flag 6.SQ 7.More SQ 8.Mandala 9.More of Mandala 10.Taken during search and rescue demo 11. Garuda Airlines TO BE CONTINUED. PART 2 WILL BE SHOTS FROM GARUDA MAINTENANCE FACILITIES (GMF)
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