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  1. Amazing...they flew past my office 3-4 times. Love the sound of their jets.
  2. Sorry....thread hijack.......Eiling is a babe (as in a complimentary way, not babe = woman)! (blush)
  3. Kader, good luck in getting a reply. Jan's gone for good...
  4. Sigh...it's a good thing the likes of him do not represent all pilots, geez... Hey Jan, if you're reading this, chill out man....it's nothing personal.
  5. Which is stronger, teflon or the flame retardant suit?
  6. Not quite sure what are you trying to prove, Jan. You come in, posted this, then could not take negative comments and sulk. It really baffles me. So are you trying to tell us that you know a lot about airplanes or are you just trying to tell us that you are a pilot? Honestly, if I were in Airasia, I wouldn't know how to answer your email. What do you expect the captain to tell you? Bear in mind, not every passenger in the plane is aircraft savvy and most would just suffice by the explanation given i.e. "airconditioning problem". Why give them all the technical details and scare them even more? I am not belittling your post in any way but just trying to understand.... Now....where's my flame retardent suit....
  7. (note: I mean to put this in the last post but suddenly I "did not have permission" to edit. You only can modify your post once?) Just out of curiousity, are pilots obliged to give passengers the cold hard facts when emergency situation arises or just give what he thinks is appropriate? Maybe Capt Radzi can answer this one...?
  8. ...... sulking? No offence but isn't that kinda childish coming from an "airline-pilot"? I believe you mentioned that you are married, aren't you? Maybe I misunderstood, do correct me if I am wrong but that last statement does give me that perception.
  9. There are?? Goodness me....means I've not been out much
  10. Definitely not allowed on Malaysian soil..no no!
  11. Not sure if I stepped on some nerves there Nik, sorry if I did, but I was just trying to illustrate a point. Seems to me that you are also a person who stands by justice, judging from your "hostile" statement above so I'm sure you understand what I mean. Peace, man.
  12. Then I am sorry to say that whoever that was handling the case is not fit to be in the service sector. That's how it is being in the front line. You don't expect life to be a bed of roses. Being in the front line, you have to be prepared to meet people - different kinds. Lives are at stake here and it is the responsibility of the cabin crew and technical crew to ensure that and not to be cowed by an abusive passenger. Worse of all, an innocent lady is being sacrificed in the process. They should side the lady and not the abuser. If I were the IFS, I would pray that the abuser punches me in the face so that I can kick him off the plane instead of giving into his demands. The abuser has no right to act the way he does. I think in other flights, he'll be sitting in the lockup instead of being allowed to travel. If that is the case, maybe I will book economy class then when I board the plane, I will make a hell of a noise in first class hoping that I will get a seat there. It's just so wrong.
  13. 5* cabin crew who are not trained to deal with violent situations? OMG.. It really angers me to read about this. The victim is further victimised for the sake of the abuser. I cannot believe that the victim was removed "because she had to be removed from the situation". What kind of logic is that? It's like a hijacker enters the cockpit, it's better to have the pilots leave the cockpit so that the hijacker won't be able to cause trouble or perhaps let the hijacker pilot the plane and bring it back safely to ground. Does that make sense to you? So fellow MH pilots, this is your company's stand. Remember, God forbid, if the hijacker manages to enter the cockpit, to leave the cockpit and ask him to be gentle with the plane. W*F! (Sorry...cannot help it) Just my 2 cents..
  14. So sad. I would love to try to compete but I'm more of a bus flyer. If only AK can come up with such a competition and first prize is a chance to be a real AK pilot with no minimum age restrictions!! My time spent on Wilco Airbus will come to good use. Yeah.....dream on, Adrian Wake up!!
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