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  1. some excellent shots, keep 'em coming!!
  2. hahahaha, nice shot of raj there, SV
  3. awesome shot there leeCH, congrats
  4. just 1 more shot of the Cargolux/Atlas Air to add
  5. lol, i wish i had a D200, i'm using a crutty nikon coolpix 775, 3.1 mp, it's extremely basic..hoping to upgrade in the near future..
  6. just to add to the collection....went spotting with SV and Raj earlier today cargolux 744 getting ready to depart.. Thai A340-600 Air NZ 772...look at the size of that engine!! rotation got this red bird just before we got chased away by AV sec More to come from SV and Raj enjoy
  7. lol...i think he means the flight schedule itself..should have all the info on it
  8. isnt 70 cm a little bit too close?
  9. yea, i lovee the akl traffic...thnks, yup, more to come in the next few days
  10. thought i'd post more as i wasn't too happy with the previous posts ANZ.. 737 777 touchdown..had crutty weather most of the day..as you can see in the background of most of the shots Korean Air 777 Air pacific 767 Cathay Pacific A340-300 Random shot of Qantas 747..I like the contrast of the clouds in this shot The end
  11. nice shots of the DHL.....some of my own coming too
  12. traffic at AKL SQ 747 Atlas Air far shot of taxiing Atlas Air that's all for today guys...hope u like 'em
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