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  1. I think the IFE will like this:Thales i5000 series
  2. Can someone experts show the interior cabin photo? Thank you
  3. It's -8H6,not the leased a/c Since MLM featured boeing sky interior cabin and AVOD A-Z only get 26 capital,but MH will own 45 738 So 8H6 appears on ML* series are reasonable
  4. Good job MH! Regardless this policy success or not,at lease it attractive people on them
  5. Impossible,that PTV is 17inch is the largest size in business class
  6. Three years after a controversial launch, Singapore Airlines is reviewing its options to stem losses on its non-stop, all-business-class flights to New York and Los Angeles. Company sources say that the national carrier is likely to reintroduce economy-class seats to these flights in a bid to boost revenue. Reconfiguring its five A345 planes - fuel-guzzlers built for long journeys - to include economy seats will be an expensive undertaking. But rising fuel prices have made the status quo untenable, said sources. The two routes, the longest all-business-class flights in the world, have been consistently loss-making for the national carrier since their launch in May 2008. Still, they were kept on SIA's roster for their 'ultra-premium' status, even as business-class demand from the US plunged after the 2008 financial crisis. But historically high fuel prices are now forcing SIA management's hand. Source: straitstimes.com/BreakingNews
  7. What interesting is their IFE.MAS use Thales Top-series as the entertainment system on A380. Commonly ,Qatar airway also appoints Thales system on B787 like this: (focus on remote control) So totally like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-Uq55ZIMRI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3wjisvDKa0
  8. Not just Malaysia Airline.Totally,I disappointed to this country full of corruption,bureaucratic,incompetence. How can they loss 1.28billion in 90days?average 14 million loss per day.Where's the money gone? Every time their excuse is expenditure increased in fuel cost.Come on,the other national airline around us also faces the same problem but they can make tonnes of money every year. Now the FY13 will profitable heard likes a joke. We love this country but we don't want leave the debt to our son and grandson
  9. That's CX regional business class.Don't forget the Y+ configuration is 2-4-2 Actually the Y+ seats look like this
  10. Totally wrong,Datuk and Tan Sri will only buy first or business class How come these VIP will just goes to poor economy class
  11. A news from airliners net. B772 will operate KUL-AMS daily instead of B747 from March 2012,it seems like MH gonna retire their B747 as fast as possible
  12. Here a news!!! MH 3rd quarter net loss RM480mil
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