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  1. The video is totally awesome.. Good job Edwin
  2. Look at Singaporean cabinet, then our's. wow.. Btw I agree some of MAS' employees are underpaid, but overworked? hmm not so sure about that
  3. Hmm anyone watched Tuesday's ACI? Attack over Baghdad if I'm not mistaken. I wonder where did the 2nd missile hit, missed that part.
  4. I might be going to UK for studies this Sept, going to book my ticket early as that period is quite a peak period. Thought of taking TG,QR,EK or SQ. Any suggestion? Most likely I'm going for a 1 year ticket.
  5. Seen before but not sure if it's the same. Btw.. the race against storm was good.
  6. Sounds nasty. I thought arab people are Muslims, and I thought alcohol is forbidden under Islam law.. Hmm..looks like I'm wrong here
  7. Haha very true..! Thanks Raj for providing us the pictures..
  8. I'm not too sure raj, my chinese isn't that good. As this news is taken from a chinese newspaper's website.
  9. Do you have the news in english Liam Gibb? Mind to post it here?
  10. 时报讯(记者陈永华)昨天中午,一架从马来西亚飞往广州的飞机在降落的时候,其中一个飞机主起落架因轮毂脱落导致爆胎,白云机场西跑道因此暂停关闭约3小时。机场东跑道承担起整个机场的飞机正常起降的责任。16∶35,白云机场恢复正常运行秩序。事故并无人员伤亡。 目击:飞机滑行中掉出东西 昨天中午大概1点40分,正在白云机场附近的伍先生突然听到了“砰”的一声,他马上转过身,看到机场西边的跑道上有一架马来西亚航空公司的飞机正在降落。根据伍先生描述,在响声过后,他看到有东西从飞机的轮胎处掉下来。在外围的目击者也告诉记者,他们看到飞机在降落后大概滑行了几十米才突然发出“砰”的声音,然后看到有零碎的东西从轮胎附近掉下来,接着飞机继续滑行了大概20米就停下来了。整个过程并没有意外发生,飞机也没有由于轮胎发生意外而偏离跑道。 证实:马航航班轮毂突脱落 记者从白云机场方面证实,昨天下午13∶36,一架来自马来西亚的马航MH376航班在白云机场着陆时,主起落架2号轮轮毂突然脱落,飞机停F7快速脱离道。接到报告以后,白云机场有条不紊,立即关闭西跑道,并紧急启动“应急救援预案。机场领导坐镇现场指挥协调。 飞机停在机场西跑道的中间。约10分钟后,机场公安、消防、急救、地面保障等部门迅速赶到现场“原地待命”,把这架飞机团团包围住。但由于整个过程并没有发生意外,因此不少工作车辆只是在旁边随时待命,并未派上用场。机场表示,因为白云机场已经实现了双跑道同时起降,即使西跑道关闭,东跑道依然正常运行,因此不会对航班有很大的影响。 幸运:一个轮胎爆裂不严重 13∶51,机务人员检查2号主轮情况,发现飞机本身完好,没有什么危险。有关部门立即通知原地下客,卸货,派出客梯车和摆渡车,把旅客直接从跑道上接走。同时,还把装货的小卡车也拉到跑道上,把飞机上的货物全部卸下来,用“小火车”拉走。 有技术人员告诉记者:“如果在降落时有一或两个主轮胎爆裂都不会对飞行安全造成大的影响,一般都能正常降落的,也不会偏离跑道。而旅客只会感到比正常更激烈些的刹车感,而且会听到一些声响。”据悉,昨天发生轮胎爆裂的A330飞机,共有8个主轮胎,左右各4个。 影响:西跑道关闭约3小时 机场方面表示,目前,导致这此事故的真正原因尚在调查之中。有技术人士告诉记者,昨天马来西亚航空公司的这架飞机发生轮胎爆裂,是因为在飞机降落时,飞机对跑道有巨大的冲击力,造成飞机起落架的轮毂破碎,引起飞机轮胎爆裂。因此,在飞机起落架掉下来的应该是轮毂的金属碎片。 直到下午4点35分左右,一辆被称为“大水牛”的牵引车将这架“卡”在跑道中间的飞机拉走,停放在最靠近西跑道的西边205登机桥附近。随后,工作人员依然在检查跑道是否符合起降标准。15∶40,机场方面清理完西跑道,并于16∶35对外开放。约4点50分,一架德国汉莎航空公司的飞机从白云机场西跑道腾空起飞,西跑道解除封闭状态。至此,白云机场西跑道约关闭了约3个小时 News In Chinese I read about this news on Nanyang newspaper this morning, tried to search the internet for a english version of this news, really can't find. Not even on Reuters and AP. Sorry for those who can't read Chinese, I'll try to get an english version of this news ASAP, or I'll try to translate. It reads something like this: There was Malaysia Airlines A330 from Kuala Lumpur landing at GuangZhou Baiyun Airport, China. During landing, the 'wheel rim' of the main landing gear came off. More than 200 passangers onboard got evacuated safely. Sigh I'm not that good in chinese either, somebody please find an english version of this news or help to translate.
  11. Another miracle was that the captain managed to land the DC10 with almost full fuel load. Wow such a heavy one with the cargo it carries.
  12. Hmm Edwin you're not on Astro apparently Its really amazing how the co-pilot maneuver the plane, with only one side of the body functioning.
  13. Wow.. the suicide attack was.. nasty Its really a miracle that the 3 crew survived the attack. True heroes
  14. Airfleets.net ( airliners' fleets database ) Seatguru.com (this is amazing, teach you which seat is the best and which to avoid in a particular aircraft)
  15. The Eva Wind is to mark the first B773ER if I'm not mistaken. Kitty jet.. hmm to attract more Japanese passangers? Dynamic blue, its a Boeing's special livery, saw it on some Ryanair's 738 and some other airlines as well.
  16. The suicide one? You mean the pilot himself shooting his colleagues using a .. speargun? Looks really interesting, mustn't miss any single episod from now on.
  17. Hmm anyone watched Sunday's ACI? Flight 811's cargo door just opened.. sigh.. sometimes sitting in front isn't a good thing. Would you rather get sucked into the engine, or..... have a free fall into pacific ocean and drown. Hmm tough choice
  18. Malaysia has 2 Hibiscus, 1 Heliconia, and a man utd as well Malaysia Boleh!
  19. Nice..! Orchid, and now.. fruits! Another model added in wishlist.
  20. I missed the programme again. Checking astro website for the time of repeat. I found this : AIR CRASH INVESTIGATION Channel: National Geographic(52) Date: Sunday, May 21, 2006 Time: 10:00:00 PM Synopsis: Flight 811 cargo door opened suddenly. This caused 5 rows of seats and 9 passengers to be flanked out. Mayday investigates the cause of the tragedy. I thought this week is JAL123?
  21. Wow... amazing....... poor truck got blown into the sea..
  22. Nice...looks like a brinjal, and the baby bus is cute! Btw I saw this picture on A.net few days ago, and I was wondering how this baby bus fly from Hamburg to China?
  23. Lol... Thunderbird.. I used to watch that show everyweek, wake up early, sit in front of tv with a bowl of koko krunch with milk. Wah.. my childhood
  24. He was demoted not fired if I'm not mistaken, but I think thats a little.. too much..
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