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  1. Hi folks, Anyone know what's happened to Malindo's 9M-LCL? Flew 24-26 Jan BFI-HNL-PNI-KUL as MXD01 and then flew out to BTH late on the 26th as MXD5002 but no movements seen since on FR24. Usually they go into service fairly quickly so I'm a bit suspicious something is afoot with this one. Any info? Also 9M-LCM is ready for delivery and should go any day now. Next one is 9M-LCP ln 6282 and should be making first flight any day too.
  2. Gentlemen, would it be possible to get a fresh update on the storage situation at Subang and KUL please, with pics if poss? Most of the old 727s, 737s, 747s haven't been noted for some time. I'm personally looking for fresh info on Nepture Air B722 9M-NEP which hasn't been seen for a long time but was offered for sale on a site in 2013. Are the Transmiles/Rayas still all sitting derelict or now scrapped? Last info I have was that 2 of the Raya 722s were still active for that's old news now and I expect they've been withdrawn now? So many spotters around Subang but this thread rarely sees any updates .
  3. Appears to be heading into KUL rather than SZB. Just landed KUL at 0942.
  4. Interesting! Perhaps 9M-FGA under the decal then = FlyGlobal ? Maybe someone will be able to get some nice pics when it lands.
  5. All white 777 VP-BEN arriving at one or the other destination in about 30 mins from Honolulu. Apparently for a new Malaysian start up airline. Has 9M-_GA under VP-BEN sticker reg. Any info folks? Showing on FR24 and Planefinder under hex tag 42433E, no callsign showing. Came over Riau island about 10 mins ago.
  6. I don't seem able to edit my post. Was Waco-Boeing Field-Vancouver yesterday, not Everett. It is tracking on FR24 by the way, too, but won't let you search for it by reg, strangely.
  7. Flew Waco-Everett yesterday then on to Vancouver. Left Vancouver 30 mins ago and currently heading westbound across the Pacific. Vancouver/Abbotsford stop is often used for BBJs on delivery for tax reasons so this is in likelihood probably the delivery flight to Brunei. Still not on FR24 I'm afraid but it's currently tracking on planefinder if you type in 8953DF in the box. It will probably disappear shortly when it goes out of radar coverage but I think the Philippines are covered by Planefinder so it should pop up again when it gets over that side of the world.
  8. The plane was out again today 11 October on another round-robin test flight Waco-Waco, TX.
  9. His new 748 is back at Waco, TX, and still there as I write. Flew back there on 30 September from Orlando. I did ask some time ago for it to be added to FR24 database but that site has really gone downhill over the past 6 months and they have some clown with an attitude problem maintaining the database who only adds the ones that personally interest him so it has been ignored.
  10. A few years yet. Only flew out for outfitting just over a year ago.
  11. No I think it was always destined for the Sultan. 4 years outfitting for big stuff like the 747s is pretty common. Oman's 747 is only a couple of months younger and that is still being outfitted at Waco.
  12. Pic of it at Orlando. A rather dull and unexciting livery after the A340 of the same registration, it has to be said. http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/001232338L.html
  13. Hmm, seems I was premature with my info, please disregard ! Appears not to be the delivery flight after all. It's re-appeared over Alberta Canada heading south so must be a test flight of some sort.
  14. Not 100% confirmed but looking likely from track log. Sultan's new B748 V8-BKH departed Orlando around noon Thursday local time heading due north up through Canada. I expect it is enroute BWN. Keep an eye peeled on FR24 for an unIdentifed hex 8953DF tracking down over the Philippines.
  15. Very interesting - thanks a lot, Sandeep! I used to enjoy listening to the SIN HF traffic, particularly the flights on those routes as you could hear some interesting planes on occasions. Sad for the hobbyist that we can no longer tune in to it from other parts of the world, although I imagine it's a huge relief for pilots as they no longer have to participate in the shouting match between SIN, MNL and other flights all jockeying for position and to get their SEL checks so they can hang up the headphones ASAP ! I guess flights MNL/SIN to HKG and China are VHF all the way now then and it's only flights to Japan, Philippines and Borneo that will touch HF with Singapore. What about northbound L625 LUSMO to AKMON? Is that VHF or HF? I know the other north/ne routes from LUSMO are HF.
  16. Are there any pilots here that fly north/northeast up airway M771 DOLOX-DUDIS into Ho Chi Minh FIR, or the southbound routes L642 ESPOB-ENREP, L644 DUDIS-MABLI, N892 MELAS-MABLI? Previously they all used to be with Singapore on HF but I've heard that this is no longer the case as that entire area is now covered by Singapore VHF on 123.9. That is a very large area, especially from MELAS which is approximtely 400 miles to landfall on the Malaysian peninsula. I have spent some time listening to 8942 and 6556 - the vast majority of the 8942 traffic is Manila while Singapore seems to prefer 6556 these days, however the only flights noted were those to/from Manila via LUSMO and those to/from BKI area along M758 TERIX OLKIT. So my question is : where does all the KUL/SIN-HKG (etc) traffic go once out over sea? Is it now all VHF into Vietnam or am I missing something? Thanks.
  17. Hi all, Can anyone ID the callsign in this clip at 15 mins 50 seconds please? archive-server.liveatc.net/hf/HF-CWP1-Jan-09-2014-1800Z.mp3 Sounds like ANKA 01 ? Don't think it's ANGKASA. Thanks.
  18. Are 9M-FFD and 9M-FFE still in service with MH? I just noticed looking in my logs that I've not noted either of them for many months, but the other 3 ex Firefly ones are all still flying. Anyone know their current whereabouts please?
  19. Hi MDsaleh, it is in fact N445DB, not 0. As you were there on the 8th, did you see any GLF5s parked? I'm wanting to know the reg of JPT552 that departed to Anchorage, acc to flightaware at 1449z, so that would 2249 local I guess (obviously dark). Anything seen through the day? Also don't know who JPT is either. Was once Jupiter-Avia of Armenia, but that company no longer exists so must be a new company using that identifier. Thanks!
  20. Anyone know what the 9M-reg is of the new AXM A320? It's formerly HS-ABU but I can't get any joy out of Ramani via email. Thanks.
  21. B-KTL is operated by Tag Aviation Asia. Flies as TBJ27 "Tag jet". All of their fleet are regulars in Malaysia and Singapore. List of ones I know if interested : TBJ01 CL60 N720AS TBJ02 CL60 VP-BJE TBJ03 GL5T N939AP TBJ06 GL5T B-LIM TBJ07 GL5T B-LRW TBJ08 CL60 B-LSC TBJ09 GL5T B-LRH TBJ11 GLF5 N818HK TBJ12 CL60 VP-CCE TBJ15 CL60 B-LSB (ex M-GENT) TBJ16 GLF4 N167AD TBJ17 GLEX M-RSKL TBJ18 GLEX VP-CHL TBJ19 A319 VQ-BKK TBJ20 GL5T B-KMF TBJ21 GLEX N777GZ TBJ22 CL60 M-AAES TBJ25 CRJ2 M-DWWW TBJ26 GL5T B-KEZ TBJ27 GLEX B-KTL TBJ29 GL5T N103ZZ
  22. Does anyone know what the ICAO operator code for this airline is/will be please? Ramani?
  23. "FlyScoot - say it with Scootitude" WTF?! I mean come on man, seriously? As for the uniform, the guy above who said it was a soccer team shirt is spot on. And that's before you get to the total colour clash of navy blue kecks with a black and yellow top. What the hell were they thinking? Very very poor...
  24. 9M-MLM still due to deiiver to MAS today 12th (flyaway usually 1 day after). 9M-MXH due to deliver on 1 Feb.
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