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  1. It's time to create a new thread for Penang International Airport in 2019. Let me starts off this thread by sharing some unique traffic that captured earlier. The chronological order of photos are not in sequence(by date). I will put the date (and time that taken, whenever possible that I know). 1. PK-GAS - ATR 72-600 - Citilink Note: This aircraft transferred from Garuda Indonesia months earlier. Direct flight from Jakarta Indonesia (CGK) to Penang, Malaysia as flight QG8201. There were total of 2 aircraft landed at Penang International Airport which was this aircraft, PK-GAS and PK-GAR around 24 January 2019. The PK-GAR was parked right in front of CAAM (previously known as DCA) Penang Tower. Both of them departed back to CGK on 29 January 2019 midnight (Local Time 0005). 2. PK-UHW - Bell-412 SP - PT.National Utility Helicopters Note: Arriving at Penang International Airport from KNO airport, Indonesia. Landed at WMKP around January 29, Local Time: 1715. 3. 9M-NCU - Cessna 172P - Air Adventure Flying Club Note: First time to see her appearance at Penang. Usually this aircraft use for flight training and OneDayPilot programme at Subang airport. That's all for now. Hope you enjoy reading!
  2. Some of the recent spotting photos:- 1. 9M-LEO - Airbus Helicopter H125 (formerly known as AS350) - Private This is brand new helicopter. Never seen before. 2. 9M-AQF - Airbus A320-216 - Air Asia Touched down on wet surface runway 04 from KUL with its new livery. 3. 9M-VEV - Piaggio P-180 Avanti Evo - Private Always wanted to spot this aircraft but it's hardly can be tracked in FR24. Finally I managed to spot it in FR24 and with some luck it was landed at Penang Int. airport. Quickly grab my camera and took this amazing shot. The Piaggio P.180 Avanti is an Italian executive transport aircraft with twin turboprop engines mounted in pusher configuration. It seats up to nine people in a pressurized cabin, and may be flown by one or two pilots. [Wikipedia source] 4. B-18712 - Boeing 747-409(F) - China Airlines Cargo Majesty Boeing 747 arriving into Penang International Airport, on wet surface runway 04. 5. 9M-FRR - Piper Warrior II (PA-28) - FRAS Flying Club Annual flying club activity? Flown from JHB to PEN I believe. 6. RDPL-34140 - Mil Mi-17 Hip - National Disaster Management Authority Finally saw Russian made helicopter with own bare eyes. Landing at Penang International Airport which make it even rare!They were on technical stop before continue heading to Thailand. 7. V8-MHB - Boeing 767-27G(ER) - Government of Brunei Awaiting next flight to AOR for picking up VIP pax.
  3. Nope. It was parked within Strait Quay ship port area. It was here for attending Penang Rendezvous 2018 event.
  4. Recent traffic:- 1. 9M-KNS - Beech 200 Super King Air - Sabah Air 2. C-FTGI - Bell Geospace Aviation - Basler BT-67 3. 9M-EBX - Edra Aeronautica Super PĆ©trel LS - Private 4. N601GG - Learjet 60 - Private 5. 9M-PHG - AĆ©rospatiale AS 355N Ecureuil 2 - Polis Diraja Malaysia 6. 9M-MUD - Airbus A330-223F - MasKargo 7. 9M-SAW - Robinson R66 Turbine - Private 8. VH-PFS - Learjet 45 - Pacific Flight Services 9. 9M-FRM - Piper PA-28 Cherokee - FRAS Flying Club Johor 10. 9M-DRA - Eurocopter EC 135T3 - Airbus Helicopters (Aerial Power Lines Sdn Bhd) Thanks for viewing!
  5. Yeah, I noticed that too. However, not sure why they did that. Maybe that's the good timing after offload cargo and less traffic compare to afternoon flight? And soon need to busy for evening departure...
  6. Finally spotted her today. Clean and nice looking Qatar Airways Boeing 787 landed at Penang International Airport around 2.00pm. Oh isn't ? They will taxi and park their training aircraft at GA parking bay there? That's really interesting! I guess they only operate during weekdays where it is hard for me to spot them. Anyway, thanks for info, Lee!
  7. Yet another private business jet was spotted on 1 February 2018. D-ANGB - Bombardier CL604 Challenger - MHS Aviation GmbH
  8. Yes, that's correct, SS Lee. The aircraft was parked just in front of the Tower. N181CW - Diamond DA42 NG Twin Star This diamond 42 VI NG landed at Penang International Airport around 12:10pm today - 31 Jan 2018. They will visit to WMKP every few months. Quite rare traffic.
  9. PK-MYZ - Boeing 737-330(QC) - My Indo Airlines Note: Rare traffic at Penang. According to Neptune Air Facebook page, "Neptune Air's sister company, Indonesian-registered, MyIndo Airlines (PK-MYZ/B737-300F), covering for Neptune Air's scheduled flights (utilising N7 callsign) while 9M-NEF goes for scheduled maintenance C-check at AAT SZB Hangar for approx 4-6 weeks. It comes with a set of 4 crew from Indonesia." I spotted this aircraft last week and she was parked at Cargo bay (far end of the terminal. Cargo side area). I think she will be here until Mid of February 2018.
  10. That will be really exciting moment for PEN spotters! Looking forward for more foreign airlines come to PEN one day.
  11. Awesome photos as always, Lee. Thanks much for sharing with all of us. I was aware of the approach of A400M (as I was tuned into WMKB radar freq). I think they were here for low flyby before continue their journey to somewhere (most probably to Butterworth AFB). The belly shot of MH A350 9M-MAC totally awesome. Thumbs up
  12. Hi Lee, I believe they will operate 9M-MAC for the early flight and the following MH A350 flight will be operate with 9M-MAB. Managed to capture its arrival today as well as departure. 9M-MAC - Airbus A350-941 - Malaysia Airlines 9M-MAC - Airbus A350-941 - Malaysia Airlines Note: First commercial flight from KL to Penang on 27th Dec 2017 as MH1138 and departed back to KL as MH1143.
  13. Usually when the MAS A350 light load , they certainly will rotate around taxiway Charlie. Looking forward the second A350 (9M-MAC) come to Penang soon. Not sure when it will be. Special guest today (25 December 2017) - MasKargo, Airbus A332 from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Penang International Airport as flight MH6163.
  14. This shot was taken on her first flight from KL to Penang on last Sunday (10 December 2017). [i
  15. Hi all, United Kingdom of Royal Air Force Airbus A330-243MRTT with registration ZZ336 landed at Penang International Airport this evening around 8:03pm. Prince of Wales, Putera Charles, is here. For those who are around WMKP, go catch her before they depart to next destination.
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