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  1. Looks like you have to wait another month for yours, Pieter!
  2. Concluding Amazing Sunday. As I said I cought a few 747s. This is MH Labuan . Putrajaya was over Putrajaya moments before. Amazing Thailand, yes that's what is written on its body. This Qatar Airbus aborted landing for no apparent reason. The right engine is smoking a bit. But it came back later, wobbling to the left. Wobbling to the right. It landed safely though. Last but not least, my last catch before going home, Cargolux. Bye for now. Btw I will be on leave till the end of the year. Hope to spot again.
  3. Ladang time. After the Oscar Hotel in the morning, its Ladang's turn in the afternoon. First catch, Indian Airlines in normal colours. Guess what's next? Alpha Foxtrot Maarof. Azahan is right, the words AIRBUS and MALAYSIA are missing. I think there must be a good reason for it. Then the rain came, so I thought why not experiment taking shots in the rain. It was tough, trying to hold the camera and umbrella at the same. The AF, not Alpha Foxtrot but Auto Focus, was playing havoc. Yemenia came first. Followed by AF Charlie. MH 330. Another Sri Lankan 340. CX 330. When this Myanmar came the rain was about to stop.
  4. Continuing Amazing Sunday.. Korean Air Cargo seen coming by Liau, now it is leaving. It's in the air. Jonathan is right, the Sri Lankan A340 is under powered. Another MH 744, Pangkor. Royal Brunei 320 For you Kevin Teh, Alpha Foxtrot Kevin taken over the pond.
  5. Sorry guys, I have moved the pictures to another file in photobucket without learning about its consequences. So I repost them here. Amazing greeted me. What is Mr. Deutschland doing here? SQ Romeo Echo. Cathay 777. Indian Airlines double bogey Alla Rakah on the right side of this Air India Express While Ravi Shankar is on the left side
  6. Can anybody explain why 7 of my pictures in post # 1105 are missing?
  7. The pictures taken so far were all taken in the morning. Expect more posts as I was at KLIA's Oscar Hotel and Ladang until 3 pm that Amazing Sunday.
  8. Continuing Amazing Sunday.. I'll continue my Amazing Sunday concentrating on my elusive Heliconia. Mr. H looking at me. Mr. H being blocked from my view temporarily by Azahan Feels Good. Mr. H joined the que. Front tyres up. First rear tyres up. All tyres up. Power, power, power... Mr. H and the tower top. Mr. H leaving me wondering when can I see him again.
  9. I see that my pics of Amazing, SV Romeo Echo and Heliconia are not complete. So I repost them here. Btw what are the 4 yellow objects at the bottom right of the picture? SQ Romeo Echo, teasing TK again! My elusive Heliconia, more of it later..
  10. Who knows I might have stolen them? Go ask MAB to check on me...
  11. I am sorry too Liau, never tought that one (or more) of you guys is an MW member. You all looked so young. Oh....maybe I am too old already. Next, I have waiting for months for this, the Heliconia. More of that later...
  12. Amazing Sunday 17th December 2006 Since my name was mentioned a few times these few days in the Glory Glory LCCT thread I feel obliged to return the compliments. Here are a few shots I took on Sunday 17th December 2006. AMAZING greeted me, so I thought this is going to be an Amazing Sunday. I had made earlier precautions by parking my car at the bottom of the hill. For further precaution I took these shots from inside the big drain at the corner of Oscar Hotel so to hide myself. Now what is Mr. Deutchland doing here? I got a few 747s. The first is Kuala Terengganu named after our new King's (and I guess TK's and Tango Alpha's) royal and home town. I think this CX 777 was parked overnight. The third time I got this SQ Star Alliance. What about you, TK? Indian Airlines double bogey. Alla Rakah on the right side of this Air India Express. While Ravi Shankar is on the left side. More to come....
  13. Sorry, I have claimed (9M-AFM) that.
  14. Forgive me for being naive, Datuk Seri. What's the first plane? Btw anybody caught the outgoing DYMM Agong on Monday 12th Dec. 2006? Or the incoming DYMM?
  15. Many thanks, I'm still stuck - just shifted to a new house, no Streamyx yet, so have to suffer a slooooooow 1515.
  16. When I go spotting at the Observation Hill a.k.a. Oscar Hotel in the mornings I always see both runways being used. I guess the traffic is heavier in the mornings, hence the two runways. But since the threshold (is that right?) at 14R is still under upgrading works the planes (must be small planes only) have to move further to start flying. Sorry, I am not an aviation man, so I am using layman's language.
  17. AFAIK it is still the world's tallest twin towers.
  18. Nice shots, Ku. Missed spotting with you.
  19. Pieter, Bomba = Fire Brigade, not Bomb....
  20. I really love to be there but cannot make it because I have to attend to a few weddings on Saturday and Sunday.
  21. I experienced that when AK flights were not full they kept the first front rows empty. So there's no way of getting the 1A seat.
  22. And I was there when it actually happened! Azahan, Mr. Soh really thought Y.. is Dato' S...N...!
  23. So it's Mr. Soh of Sg. Pelek and I stand corrected. As I expected his motorbike has a Negeri Sembilan number plate, like mine. So in a way Azahan was outnumbered that morning. Mr. Soh came with his only weapon, a Zeiss pair of binoculars. When I showed him my Sony has Carl Zeiss lenses he offered to buy it but I had to decline him. So when he said he has a Leica film camera I do believe him. So I took my Friday prayers at the KLIA mosque. What a pity, such a huge mosque but with only 25% occupancy for Sembahyang Jumaat. After that it was Ladang time for me. This single word tells all So I have to show it twice Miss Eva came us usual Long time no see this Lion This Sri Lankan had a brief stop as I saw it coming just as I was leaving the mosque Small Bus over big Bus Big Bus over small Bus Second Star Alliance for the day, from Singapore. Alpha 4 departure Last but now least Air Asia's latest Bus, Alpha Foxrot Maarof I had to leave after that as I saw clouds forming across the border. It turned out to be a wise decision as the rain came just as I reached Seremban.
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