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  1. Ive been receiving this ever since i was a Platinum member. Its a very nice gesture from Enrich.
  2. Just wondering i've just received my birthday vouchers from Enrich. Does Temptation's at KLIA still exist or are these specifically to be used for inflight shopping and excess baggage only?
  3. I believe that would be the tier that I was initially talking about. They might have changed the name to Platinum Plus instead of Platinum Prestige or i might have read the welcome letter wrongly but the benefits are certainly the ones i was talking about. A quick question though did you receive your renewal pack via courier or normal post. I seem to remember that Platinum welcome packs were sent by courier service but i had an overseas address last time. Im still waiting for mine to arrive after 2 weeks of seeing card upgrade on my account.
  4. The thing i cannot get is using Enrich points to redeem on MH flights will cost more from the 16th Feb than using Enrich points to redeem on a Oneworld carrier. Unless they are also going to be "enhancing" the oneworld redemption. Obviously on some routes one would certainly redeem with MH as they are they only direct flight, but for HKG and LHR(End May onwards) it would be cheaper to redeem on a CX or BA compared to MH. ] P.S thanks Suzanne for uploading. I haven't figured out how to upload images.
  5. Just received an email from Enrich regarding the new earning and redemption rates. Not too happy with the new structure Redemption rates have increased a lot and earning rates for Economy, some fares increased some decreased, those fares that earns 50% will only earn 25% and those earning 75% will be increased to 85%. Business fare Z is 125% whilst J is 175% and C,D remains the same at 150%. All these taking into effect 16th Feb 2015
  6. The latest promotion for this month is up to 50% off for Australia. http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/EnrichHeartsAustralia
  7. Like you my double elite and sectors has posted as normal. Any other members receive the same issue? P.S i did receive the email regarding the promotion.
  8. I think you need to have received the email to quality for double elite sector points.
  9. The T&C on my email says that miles are not accruable which like Ashley says is not attractive. The cheapest price offered to me from Y to I fare class which i assumes it books into was £640 for LHR-KUL. A quick call to the MAS call centre to ask to pay to upgrade to Z class (Business Promo) which accrues business class miles was £760. No brainer i took the later as it cost £120 more but i get the business class points. Although the lady did have to get the supervisor to approve the upgrade to Z class as she told me saying that usually one cannot pay to upgrade to Z class as its an internet promo fare. She said usually we can only pay to upgrade to D fare class and above but as they are having a promotion they allowed it.
  10. With MH you don't need to fly J or F to qualify for Platinum/Emerald status. Its Platinum P that you need to fly J or F exclusively.
  11. I believe they are offering 2x elite miles as like you we have not quite reached our level of elite miles needed to qualify for renewal. This is the T&C i got from the email I received: 2x ELITE MILES OR SECTOR BONUS PROMOTION PERIOD: 15 OCT – 15 DEC 2014 Terms and conditions 1. The promotion is valid for travel on Malaysia Airlines operated flights from 15 Oct to 15 Dec 2014. 2. This promotion is only applicable to selected members who receive this electronic direct mailer (EDM). Unintended recipients will not be eligible for this promotion. 3. This promotion is not valid on oneworld flights, Firefly, MASwings, all MH5000/9000 series, codesharing flights, charter flights or flights jointly operated by other airlines. 4. Flight is defined as any flight from point of origin to destination or as per sector. 5. Bonus Elite Miles or Sectors will be credited into the account of qualified members who fulfill the conditions listed and between six (6) to eight 8 weeks after this Promotion ends. 6. If Bonus Elite Miles or Sectors do not appear in the respective Registered Member’s account after the Elite Miles or Sectors Credit Period, Registered Members can submit their claim details before 31 January 2015. Find out more by logging on to http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/hq/en/enrich/about-enrich/terms-and-conditions.html. To qualify for the additional elite miles for this campaign, such claims for flight activities during the promotion period must be submitted by 31 January 2015. 7. This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. 8. By joining this Promotion, it is deemed that customers have read and have agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions may, result in forfeiture of the Bonus Elite Miles or Sectors at MAS’s absolute discretion. 9. Malaysia Airlines reserves the right to vary, postpone, extend or reschedule the promotion at its sole discretion without prior notice. 10. Malaysia Airlines reserves the right at any time to change, amend, delete or add to these Terms and Conditions and other rules and regulations, including the mechanism of the promotion at its absolute discretion without prior notice. 11. Malaysia Airlines may terminate or suspend the promotion at any time in its absolute discretion in which case, Malaysia Airlines may elect not to award any Enrich Elite Miles or Sectors. Such termination or suspension shall not give rise to any claim by the members. If the promotion is continued by Malaysia Airlines, the member shall abide by Malaysia Airlines’ decision regarding the continuation of the promotion and the disposition of Elite Miles or Sectors. 12. Other standard reservations, ticketing and Enrich terms and conditions apply. The only thing I wonder is if this is a one time thing or are we able to accumulate the 2x elite miles for every MH operated flight we take during the promotion.
  12. Same I've just recieved an email regarding double elite and double enrich miles. T & C states MH operated flights only. Suzanne there is nothing special between Platinum and Platinum P. Platinum P just gives you a 1k enrich miles bonus every 10k enrich miles flown. Rest of the privilege is the same even the card is the same as Enrich Platinum. I believe its 150 elite sectors not 130 to renew as that is the requirements currently showing on my parents account. Henry
  13. Looks like instead of a quarterly WOR we get a WOR every 2 months. Hope it stays that way as it means there are more promotions to look forward to in a year.
  14. I hope not. But just did some random checks and it looks like China destinations are 30% off redemption. Im secretly hoping that they are having 2x promotions for European destinations as I'm flying LHR-KUL-LHR 3x this quarter so it would be a nice addition to my mileage bank.
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