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  1. No idea, I've joined JL JMB instead. Cheap MH fares don't earn anything in JL though.
  2. Thanks, tried it and it shows Gold status valid till 03/2018. Will be my last year to enjoy the perks.
  3. Cool, cause I only had 49 sectors credited (1 was mis-credited to the operating airline). Glad I got renewed for another year so I can make use of the Priority perks + Lounge.
  4. Yep, it's clearly stated on the FAQ. There's a transaction in my Enrich account on 21/02/2017 that says 'Card renewal'. Does that mean I re-qualified as Gold again?
  5. Never smelled any smoke so far in all my MH flights.
  6. Well fares can be pretty cheap on MH as compared to other airlines ex-SIN.
  7. I've been an Enrich Gold member for 2 years now and this year will be my last (I purely fly for leisure). I'll still have Gold status for next year to use. I qualify for Gold yearly by flying 50 elite sectors ex-SIN. As a loyal Gold member who flies Economy 99% of the time, I noticed the following: 1) I can't choose exit row seats during booking but I can choose it when flying other Oneworld alliance airlines... I know I can only request for exit row seats during counter check-in. 2) Not that it's important but I've never been thanked or greeted for being a loyal Gold member while even in other airlines like Cathay or Japan Airlines, they thanked me as a Oneworld Sapphire frequent flyer who chose to fly with them. Since I mostly fly within the Asian region on discounted Economy tickets (usually O fare), I hardly earn enough flying miles to redeem a nice business class ticket to Japan (which is my favorite place). With the recent devaluation, it actually takes less miles to fly on partner airlines than on MH so I would probably save my miles for a longhaul to europe. However, as long as MH have significantly lower fares and have a reasonable flight schedule, I will still continue to fly them. However I just won't be renewing Enrich Gold.
  8. I actually prefer the check-in agent does the tagging cause I don't know how to do it.. I always do check-in at the KL Sentral counter though since it's more convenient.
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