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  1. Will MAS accept cadet pilot if he/she is having "hapetitis B" ? ( i dont know how to spell..sorry)
  2. Is the F/O in MH124 from PER a chinese? I heard the conversation between pilots and tower..it seems like a chinese..haha..
  3. Any spot to see aircrafts taking off and landing in Bayan Lepas Int'l Airport, Penang ? Oh ya..Korean Air will touchdown in Penang every Mon, Wed and Fri. On Mon, it touchdown at midnight...Wed and Fri, touch down at 10.30pm...Correct me if I'm wrong...
  4. I visitted cockpit when i was very very small ..just about 6 years old...it happened when i was travelling with my family to Australia..which airline..which aircraft..i totally forgot about that..so sorry...and this why i am and i was aspiring to become a pilot...The C/A came and asked some children including me whether wanna vist the cockpit or not..and that time my dad agreed. and i just follow her...then we queue up before entering the cockpit...then afterwards i went in for 5 mins only and the pilots are friendly....I will NEVER forget it...Thanks to the Pilots and C/As
  5. Yeah..A good idea...but we must make sure Captain Radzi and F/O TK are always active ! haha....hope to have that Aviation FAQ in MalaysianWings Forum?
  6. HERE IT IS! Sorry..a bit long http://images.airliners.net/open.file?id=8...&next_id=882020
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