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  1. Thanks alot for the info guys ... Looks like I have a chnace if i ask ... We'll see what happens ... I will post photos when i get back ..
  2. Hi all, It is pretty obvious that cockpit visits will be granted on a case to case basis and after 9/11, I think most airline has introduced stricter rules concerning this. I have a few specific questions about cockpit visits. I will be travelling on CX next week to JFK via HKG. I would like to know how, generally, CX treat cockpit visit request from a passenger? I would usually think the request should be made through a flight attendant before the flight takes off. Is there any other ways for these sort of request can be made. e.g during check in ... etc ?? Lastly, for those of you who have had the chance to vist a cockpit, please share with me (or us) what was your approach to converyingthat request. I wanna get some tips and tricks ... Thanks for your replies ....
  3. Any chnace I will get it on my flight KUL-HKG on August 9th ??
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